Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: David Runs for Governor

By Jeremy Carden

haves_premiere_s2-600x331 (1)

This is one theory that I’ve been itching to write ever since Season 1, but I feel that now is as good a time as any to write this blog. Mainly due to the fact that Jim is captured at the moment so his chances of making it to the press conference are slim to none at this point.


If you ask me, the only way that Jim will be able to make it to the conference in order to announce that he is running for governor is by signing the documents that Candace wants him to sign. The photos and video that she is making is going to be insurance in the event that he turns on her at some point. If he doesn’t sign then I wager she will threaten to reveal the sex content to the press to ruin his image. As to whether or not she will let him go to announce he is running for governor has yet to be revealed but we shall see how this turns out soon enough.

Now let’s say that Jim isn’t freed in time to make it to the press conference, I think that David will be the one to announce that he is running. I think it will be Maggie’s idea initially because everyone will be in a panic that Jim and his family are not at the campaign office before 8 AM.


Maggie is the campaign manager and it is her job to make sure the campaign runs smoothly. However, if Jim is not there then she has to do something because there is a lot of publicity at the conference and for Jim to be a no-show would be a horrible reflection on his bid for governor.

The next best thing she can do would be to get the person running for Lt. Governor to say he is running.

A lot of hints have been dropped to this occurring ever since Season 1! After giving Jim a speech about sacrificing his wants for something even greater (his lust for Candace over running for governor), Jim pointed out that David should be the one to run for office.

Maggie tells David that she wishes that he was the one who is running instead of Jim while they were in David’s hotel room right before Veronica caught them walking out of it together.


Now I feel the BIGGEST piece of evidence was in the Season 2 finale when a drunken Maggie asking David if he felt jealous of always playing second fiddle to Jim. She goes even further to say that even though the U.S. has an African-American President, the state of Georgia still did not have an African-American Governor.

David was quick to shut her down by saying that he is proud of his accomplishments and his skin color. However, you have to admit that sometimes it seems that David butts heads with Jim especially the time when he tried to make it seem like Jeffery was the one to hit Lizzie instead of Wyatt. David tells Jim that he is a good friend, but he can be a better enemy.

I don’t know how, but at this point it might seem like Jim’s absence will make Maggie come up with some sort of plan. Remember in the preview for this episode, Landon says “You’re brilliant!” and that makes Maggie smile. That could be because she tells him a plan of action to make up for Jim not being there. Since she is the campaign manager it is possible that she will be the one to give the opening statement before introducing the candidates running for office and that is when she says David is running!


Now I’m not saying that David has clean hands because as we’ve seen so far in the series he has quite a few incidents where he does some under the table sort of activities on the bench. However, I will say that his hands are a bit cleaner than Jim’s.

I think one of the biggest obstacles that he might face in the run for governor would be his feelings about gay rights. Amanda told Candace that one time he attempted to run for office and the platform of his campaign was against gay marriage in Georgia. Since his son is a homosexual that could conflict with some of his beliefs, but as we’ve seen in the show he accepts his son for who he is.


Another thing to think about is how Jim will feel about all of this if his “friend” takes his place as the man running for office instead of him.


Will David announce that he is running for governor? Will Jim show up in time to make his own announcement that he is running? Will Maggie be the one to make the announcement that David is running? If David is running then how will Veronica react to that? Will she eat up the spotlight?

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