Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Who Stole Katheryn’s Ring?

By Jeremy Carden

haves_premiere_s2-600x331 (1)

A new season means new theories and Episode 1 of HAHN Season 3 has opened up a can of worms!

The focus of this blog is going to be about a missing item that could potentially shed some light on who got shot in the Cryer Mansion!


During the Season 2 finale, we see Amanda running between Wyatt and Katheryn’s bedrooms with her gun.


However, when we see Wyatt walking into his mother’s bedroom there is something missing that was there when Amanda was in the room earlier; the ring on her finger!


Most fans have speculated that the ring was stolen by someone that night. Others simply say it was an error during the recording of the show because Katheryn may have forgotten to put it on before shooting the scene. However, the fact that there was a close up on her hand that made the ring missing noticeable; I feel that it was on purpose and it was stolen by someone.

Now this blog will list out the characters who would be the most likely to steal the ring. I feel that the #1 suspect for stealing the ring is…


  1. Amanda

Yes, the psycho running around the house with a gun pointed at herself and her family! She is the prime suspect mainly due to the fact that it makes the most sense for her to be the thief. My reasoning for this goes back to when Quincy drops her off after she gets her tattoo. The first thing he notices when Wyatt and Katheryn come out of the front door is the huge rock (ring) on her finger.


Amanda says that she and Quincy will have some “real fun” after the dinner party that night, but it is never elaborated on as to what she was referring to. Quincy asked if it had to do with her gun but she says it didn’t and that it would be even better. He asked what was in it for him and she asked what he wanted but he retorted “You don’t wanna know what I want.” Then he goes on and says that he will show her what it was at 7 PM when he comes to the party.

With that being said, I feel that she took the ring for Quincy because he never said what he wanted, but she noticed that the ring got his attention. Not to mention that she said he was her boyfriend that she one day hoped to marry. So, she might have taken the ring off while her mom was sleeping, ran back to her room and the gun went off.

Other characters that might have taken the ring would include: Quincy, Carlos, Celine or someone else that was not supposed to be in the house that night because Jim left the front door open right before he was abducted so someone could have walked right into the mansion.


However, I cannot think of any solid reasons why someone would come into the house just for a ring and then leave. True, Quincy was interested in the ring but for him to come back to the mansion just for a ring after all that went down during the dinner party does not make sense. The same for Carlos because even though he was upset at Jim for abandoning him as a child, I don’t think stealing a ring would be something he’d do. Celine might have taken it because of how she was jealous of the extravagant gifts and vacations that Jim has never taken her on, but again it just would not make sense for her to do that. Some speculate that one of Warlock’s gang members could have walked into the house to steal stuff. I’m not writing that off as something that couldn’t happen but it just doesn’t appear to be likely.


Aside from Amanda, the person would I think would be skillful enough to come into the mansion and take the ring before exiting again undetected would be Quincy. Keep in mind that he snuck into Hanna’s house because the back windows/door wasn’t protected with bars. The first time he got into Veronica’s house was most likely thorough a window. Now the second time he snuck it was truly impressive because after he left before, Veronica made sure the security system was on. In the finale of Season 2, we see her putting in the security code before going to bed and ignoring David’s phone call. The fact that Quincy broke in a second time with the system running was something worth mentioning. It wasn’t the system going off that made Veronica notice his presence but his smell. Though if he left his “lingering smell” you would think that Wyatt would have noticed it when he walked into his mother’s bedroom. Must be something that only Veronica could pick up on I guess.


In any case, whoever took the ring had to have done so in between the time Amanda was running around the house, the gun going off and Wyatt waking up to investigate. With that short amount of time, I really feel that the only logical person who could have stolen the ring was Amanda.

Who do you think snatched the ring off of Katheryn’s finger?

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