Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Byron Will Find Hanna’s Grandson

By Jeremy Carden

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As we saw in the most recent episode of The Haves and the Haves Nots, the show is back for a new season and Hanna is back with a new attitude!


She wasted no time tearing Byron to shreds after he arrived at her house for Benny’s party. Byron stood no chance of getting on her good side because she did not want to listen to one word coming from his mouth.

Was Hanna too hard on Byron?

You have to look at this situation from her perspective; Hanna went through A LOT of things in Season 2. It seemed like everyone in her life betrayed, lied or wanted something from her.


I mean her “friend” Celine was now her enemy, the reverend wanted her to speak out on behalf of Benny to help find the man who hit her son and Little Lizzie, the Cryers wanted her to remain silent about Wyatt, Candace was well…Candace, Michael wanted something from her alright not to mention Tony wanted “their son” removed from life support!


With that being said, Season 2 was truly a season that tested not only Hanna’s faith in God but her faith in other people. I’ll go into more detail about Hanna’s drastic personality change from Season 2 to Season 3, but for now this blog will focus more on the man who betrayed her trust the most in Season 2; Byron.


As viewers, we know that Jim hired him to get close to Hanna in order to find out her every move to see if she would turn Wyatt in for the hit-and-run charges. Even though he came across as an officer/detective who would try to find out who nearly killed Benny, he was really just a snake in the grass. Hanna was not quick to let him into her life so easily. It took a few episodes before she warmed up to him.

That made the betrayal cut her all the more deeper when she heard Celine in the background when she called to invite him to Benny’s coming home party. It was then that she put things together and figured out that he was working for Jim!

It really made things more difficult for the both of them because I truly believe that Byron began to have genuine feelings for Hanna and vice versa. At one point, it seemed like she was going to pick him over Michael! This was seen when she declined a kiss from Michael, but had “a moment” with Byron when they were hugging.

Now when she was chewing Byron out before telling him to leave the party, I just wanted Hanna to bust out with, “Now you need to get on up out of here because I have another man stretched out in my bed right now!” Remember a drunken Michael was resting in her bed, and Hanna could care less about Byron at that point.


You are probably wondering what all of this has to do with the title of this blog. The reason behind the title is because of one scene that these two had while she was riding in his car; Hanna asked if he could help her locate her grandson because Candace wouldn’t tell her.where he was. Byron said that he would look into it to see if he could help locate Hanna’s grandson.

He most likely lied about a lot of things in order to get close to Hanna; his wife being killed by a drunk driver and the list goes on because he gave her a convincing back story so that she would let him into her life.


When he left the house after Hanna told him off, Byron gave a look that shows that he was truly hurt but realized that he had hurt Hanna. The ONLY way that I think that she would even give him the time of day again was if he kept his word on one promise; to help find her grandson!


This would be the only way that I think he could get on her good side again and to add more depth to his character in order for him to still have an active role in the new season. I was kind of interested in hearing what he had to say to Hanna about when he first met Jim Cryer. She cut him off before he could tell his story. Of course, it was most likely about how he was just a regular detective in his field until Jim gave him a job to do which caused him to get his hands dirty. However, when he was assigned to Hanna he began to really have feelings for her or something along those lines.

What do you think about this theory involving Byron potentially finding Hanna’s grandson? Will Byron come back to the show or was he pretty much written off of the story after the last episode?

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