Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Amanda Shot Herself…but Is She Dead?

By Jeremy Carden


HAHN fans everywhere are now able to countdown the days until the Season 3 premier on one hand! With that being said, it is time for a new theory blog before next Tuesday.

The topic of this particular blog is going to be on my final theory about who got shot in the Cryer Mansion. If you’ve been following my blog since Season 2, then you would have noticed that I’ve written MANY blogs on theories about which Cryer was shot in the mansion.


One theory is about how the plot would change if Katheryn was shot and you can read that here.


Another is about Amanda’s game of Eenie, Meenie, Miny, Moe and who would get shot based on the game and you can read that here.


I even wrote a blog about Katheryn being the one who shot Amanda! You can check it out here.

The focus of this blog is about the theory that everyone has been speculating about ever since the end of Season 2 when the gunshot was fired; Amanda shot herself.

It was the most obvious theory from any other sort of theory on this subject. The potential victims included: Amanda, Wyatt, Katheryn or someone in the Cryer Mansion that should not have been in the house to begin with.

Why would I say that?


Remember when Jim was kidnapped by Warlock’s crew, he was standing outside of the front door to meet Candace. It appears that he did NOT lock the door behind him so it stands to reason someone like Carlos, one of War’s crew members, etc. might have entered the mansion and Amanda shot them on the upper floor. However, these are theories outside of the Cryer family and for the sake of this blog I will stick with Amanda shooting herself.


The most obvious theory is that while running between Wyatt and Katheryn’s room with the gun pointed at her head; Amanda tripped and shot herself.

Alright now that we’ve established the most obvious theory, it is time to elaborate on why this happened and where this occurred. In the most recent promo, I’ve come across some evidence that may strongly suggest that Amanda shot herself in her own bedroom. In order to form this deduction, I had to watch the new promo about 15 times!

There are a few blink-and-you-miss moments in the promo that may indeed reveal who got shot and where. With that being said, let me breakdown how I think things will occur in the Season 3 premier based off what we’ve seen so far;


  1. For starters, it would appear that Hanna returns to work at the Cryer Mansion the next day. Keep in mind that in the episode before the Season 2 finale, Katheryn gave Hanna her job back. She told her to come back to work after she is sure that Benny is alright. Based on the photo and the look on Hanna’s face, she comes into the kitchen and encounters Celine. With a new wig and a new attitude, I can’t wait to see what these two will do when they come face to face again!


2. At some point, these two will go upstairs and discover a frightening sight; someone bleeding out in one of the rooms. Hanna is in the room and tries to help out the person who is on the floor in the pool of blood.

3. Celine comes behind Hanna and is in shock. This is clearly expressed on her face and we see blood all over the doorframe.


4. Hanna races to the kitchen to find a phone and calls 911! I think #2 is a likely theory because Hanna would not have blood all over her hands unless she was trying to give CPR or something to whoever was shot.

So that is a breakdown of 4 different scenes that we see in the trailer. That does not mean it is the literal order of how things occur, but I think it is a good hypothesis.


In any case, I don’t think that Katheryn was shot because of the scene in the photo above. It would appear that Hanna is talking to someone in Katheryn’s closet area. She is saying “That boy is deadly…” in the trailer. My theory is that she is talking with Katheryn about Quincy. It is likely that Katheryn told Hanna about how he came to her dinner party the night before.


Yes, this is the pattern in Katheryn’s closet because we see it back in Episode 2 when Hanna and Candace were arguing about her being there trying to con the Cryers.

Tyler Perry was clever by keeping Wyatt, Katheryn in Amanda out of the new promos aside from them appearing in flashbacks from Season 2 to keep us guessing.

However, there seems to be one piece of evidence that might expose where Amanda shot herself; the wallpaper!!!


Look at the wallpaper in the photo above with Hanna.


Now look where Celine is standing. I’m referring to the wallpaper near where we see the blood not the wallpaper in the back hallway. You really have to squint in order to notice the pattern on that blue wallpaper.

Does it look familiar?


To me it does because it is the SAME wallpaper that is inside Amanda’s room!!!!!


Check out these photos of Amanda’s room and the wallpaper inside of it.


Wouldn’t you say that they all look alike?


Wyatt’s room does not have walls that look like that.


The same can be said about Katheryn’s room.

Did Amanda shot herself in the head? Did Amanda shot herself in the stomach where her baby is growing?


There are so many questions that have yet to be answered. One other theory is that even though Amanda shot herself that does not necessary mean that she is dead. Keep in mind that to me Tyler Perry’s projects are a breeding ground for talented actors and actresses. It is obvious that if they are in some of his plays, movies, TV shows, etc. these people will have many new opportunities open up for them. With that being said, perhaps Jaclyn Betham is on this list because on her Instagram and other social media sites she has posted pictures of different projects that she has been working on.

It stands to reason that it could be a likely assumption that Amanda shoots herself, goes to a hospital until she heals up and if FINALLY placed into a mental institution.


Keep in mind that she is still potentially carrying a baby due to her being raped by Professor Cannon. She has a death tattoo with her family’s name that she got when she left with Quincy. Not to mention the plot involving Candace using her to get her $12 million inheritance has yet to be resolved. So it is not unlikely to assume that even though she was shot that does not mean she is dead.


Amanda would not be the first person on the show to be held up in some kind of way. Think about how Benny was in a coma for the first part of Season 2, Candace was held by the Malones for a good portion of the season part of Season 2, Wyatt was told to stay in the mansion, then placed in jail and then released back to the mansion for pretty much all of Season 2 and now Amanda will most likely join the list of characters who fall into that category. Not to mention Jeffery is in the outside world, but is in the bondage created by his mother.

The children on this show really don’t have a lot of good luck do they?

Since this show lives off of nail biting cliffhangers, I believe that we won’t discover who was shot (well Hanna and Celine won’t discover) until the last 5 minutes or so of the first episode. The reason I say that is because it will keep people on the edge of their seats until the following Tuesday! Just because that promo was 1 minute does not mean that everything it contained will necessarily happen in the first episode.

Think about all of the different plots that need to occur before we actually get to “the next day” when Jim is supposed to announce that he is running for governor;


  1. Candace has to leave Hanna’s house when Benny doesn’t notice so she can meet up with Warlock since they caught Jim.Screenshot_11
  2. Jim is finally brought to War’s neighborhood to await Candace’s arrival.


3. Of course the David/Maggie affair will take up some screen time as well.

As you can see there is a lot of ground to cover before the story moves onto when the victim of the shooting is finally revealed.

There is much to be said about Katheryn and Wyatt in regards to Amanda being shot; if she shot herself then why didn’t either of them call for help?

Now this goes along with something that I wrote in a previous blog concerning why the Season 2 finale was not as good as it should have been and you can read that here.


After finding out that Jim had been sleeping with Candace and he lied about it to her face, we don’t know how Amanda reacted to this news. I mean her “boyfriend” stormed out of the house in a rage, Amanda wants to kill her family and she just found out that her “best friend” Candace has been sleeping with her father! I mean that is a lot to take in for someone who is already mentally unstable. Katheryn and Wyatt rushed back into the mansion after Amanda ran in.

They really should have showed us how Amanda handled all of this new information. That is what made the ending of Season 2 so “meh” in my opinion. It would have made more sense in the buildup of someone getting show revolved around Amanda’s reaction to the news regarding her dad, best friend and boyfriend.

I mean if Katheryn and Wyatt noticed Amanda flying off the handle like she did at dinner then it makes sense that they would just “let” Amanda shot herself. Alright that was a bit harsh, but Katheryn (unlike Jim) was not ignoring the fact that Amanda had a gun and wasn’t mentally healthy. This was clearly the case because she was looking for the gun in Amanda’s room in the episode before the finale.

I’m really anxious to find out why no one called 911 because it is obvious someone heard the gun go off! The only explanation would be Amanda shooting both Wyatt and Katheryn (though they don’t die from being shot) and then she shoots herself which is why no one was able to get to the phones.


So that is my theory about who was shot and why. As mentioned above, there are plenty of other blogs that I wrote regarding the shooting which you can check out by clicking on the links towards the beginning of this blog.

Only a few more days until we find out the victim. Who do you think it is?

Like what you read? Then be sure to follow me on Twitter (@jccarden) because on Tuesday nights at 9 PM I’m on there tweeting during each new episode of the #HAHN! Also follow my blog so you can enjoy my new articles when they are posted. Until January 6th my faithful readers!!!! 

10 thoughts on “Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Amanda Shot Herself…but Is She Dead?

  1. Erin "Lady E." McLaughlin says:

    WOW!! Must say you have a lot of theories going on here. I am still not 100% convinced myself that the victim of the gunshot will die but I am at least 80% convinced that Amanda did in fact shoot herself. My reasoning for thinking no one dies is that HAHN is essentially a prime time soap opera. I cut my teeth on soap operas as a young adult because my mom was a fan of a couple major ABC soaps, so I ended up watching with her. Soaps often use a premise of someone dying as a hook to get people to continue watching the show, and often times the someone who does die (if anyone) ends up being a minor character that the show can live without. That said… Jacklyn Betham (Amanda) has been VERY mum on whether or not she would be back to the show… she has only recently spoken about the show on twitter by using her character to advocate for people suffering from mental illness, and she never posted a pic of her door as the other actresses did when they returned to filming, nor has she been seen in cast photos. We’ll see what happens!

  2. BOY OH BOY says:

    someone else is in the house. I don’t think the deed has taken place yet. I think Wyatt gets the bullet from the intruder (Carlos)

  3. […] think it is unreasonable but again the shoot occurs in Amanda’s room. I explained that in another blog because the wallpaper reveals where the victim was shot. However, that would mean Wyatt would have […]

  4. Reblogged this on JTunesMusic and commented:

    Will we find out tonight at 9 PM if this theory is right?

  5. Aneya says:

    Is she dead in real life

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