Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Did Jim Work for Mama Rose?

By Jeremy Carden

haves_premiere_s2-600x331 (1)

Let me just say that this blog is a “Part 2” from one of my previous blogs on the possible theory of Mama Rose being the mother of Jim Cryer.

After talking with other fans of the show (including my mom of course), it has come to my attention that if the theory about Mama Rose being Jim’s mom is wrong then in the past it is very likely that Jim was affiliated with the Malones or once worked in their organization.


This blog might be on the short side, but if you want the full theory involving the possibility of Jim being the son of Mama Rose then you can click here.

Now when it comes to the HAHN there are a lot of “mirror plots” as I call them because one character is very similar to another. When you think about it a “Have” could have a similar past or personality like a “Have Not.” I see this to be true for people like Benny (Have Not) and Amanda (Have); trust me this itself could have its own blog but I’ll get into that at another time.


I compare Candace and Jim in this particular theory because of their backgrounds. Jim’s hired muscle is the Malone group while Candace has Warlock and his crew.


The scene between Warlock and Q along with Candace swinging by the next day really adds depth to this theory. Warlock tells Q that Candace is no longer involved with “this life” and is now living large in law school and with “a judge with deep pockets.” However, that does not mean that Candace does not forget about her roots and can call on her “former family” when needed to help her solve a problem.

Jim had a similar background like Candace because he didn’t come from a privileged lifestyle growing up. It wasn’t until he married into Katheryn’s family did he come to know the life of the wealthy.

Considering that Candace was once affiliated with Warlock and his crew, it would not surprise me if at some point Jim was working with the Malones or knew of them on a personal level.


I see Warlock as Candace’s brother in the criminal underworld. True she has Benny, but I feel that War looks after her like a little sister. This is shown when he gives her $5,000 without question and is very protective of her especially when it involves Q.

Mama Rose is like a mother to Jim because of the way he can count on her when he needs assistance and she is one to give advice. Keep in mind that she says that he was better off letting them kill Candace instead of letting her go. Considering that she now has him where she wants him…Rose was right! She is confident that he will win the position as governor and even the White House! Now doesn’t that sound like a mother wanting the best for her child no matter what?


This “restaurant” that we know little to nothing about might be the key revealing the true connection between Rose and Jim. Perhaps in Season 3 we will finally learn more about this and who the Malones really are.


I really think that Jim might have been working for the Malones at some point because of how one of his first cases on the bench was allowing one of the Malone boys to walk free even though it was clear he was guilty. This might have been one of those “for old times’ sake” moves for his “former family.” Similar to how Candace would give War $100,000 for kidnapping Jim for her!

What do you think about this theory? Do you feel Rose is Jim’s mother or was Jim once in her employ? Also do you think that Candace and Jim have similar backgrounds and tactics which might explain their little game of chess between each other?

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