Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Will Wyatt fall for Jeffery?

By Jeremy Carden

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Will Hanna fall for Michael or Byron? Are Amanda and Quincy a legit couple? Will David fall for Maggie’s advances? These are a few of the many “couples” that fans have been speculating about throughout the series.


Ever since Season 2 came to a close, a lot of fans have been discussing whether or not Jeffery and Wyatt will ever be a thing.

I’ll tell you upfront that I think Wyatt and Jeffery should NOT be a couple. Overall, I feel that if the two do become a couple it would be way too forced. However, there is a possibility that Tyler Perry could somehow write the script so they do fall in love but really I don’t think that it should happen.


Starting off from the end of the evidence, we need to take a look at the Season 2 finale when Melissa appears as Jeffery’s date for the evening. The look on Wyatt’s face is one that fans feel is surprise, shock and potentially jealously.

Wyatt pulls Jeffery aside while Melissa is talking with Veronica and Katherine to thank him for doing this. Now Wyatt thinks Jeffery is doing this for him because his mom wants him to date women because if he doesn’t then she will turn him in. So even though Jeffery is dating Melissa it really is not for Wyatt (remember Jim got Norman to take the fall) but for himself. Well at least until David could get the car from Veronica but that does not seem like that will happen anytime soon. Even though it might look like Jeffery is doing this for Wyatt, I think his fear of Veronica is overpowering any feelings he has for him.

Now it seems that Jeffery and Wyatt are back on friendly terms and I enjoyed seeing that. I would really like to see them as friends and nothing more. Wyatt needs a true friend in his life and Jeffery needs someone to accept him for who he really is.


I think that Jeffery is to Wyatt what Landon is to Jeffery and here is what I mean by that; Landon is the person who tells Jeffery what he needs to hear even thought he doesn’t want to hear it. The same thing can be said about Wyatt who needs to deal with his anger issues and repressed emotions. Jeffery was his rehab coach and was trying to help Wyatt get over his substance addiction and come to terms with his past. Landon is trying to get Jeffery to get over his fears and rejection of his mother due to being a homosexual.

There seems to be a bit of a love triangle going on here in a sense but there is unrequited love going all the way around. Wyatt is straight and is not in love with Jeffery who is in love with him and even though Jeffery is gay he does not have any sort of feelings for Landon who seems to have feelings for him (well he at least wants to get to know Jeffery better).


Now going back to Season 1, it was clear that Jeffery was in love with Wyatt and he found out he was gay in Episode 2 after he set his webcam to catch Jeffery admiring him while he was in bed pretending to be asleep. Throughout that entire season, Wyatt knew that Jeffery was making advances on him whether it was keeping him away from Laura or sneaking into his bed with him at night when he was pretending to be asleep.

All of this came to a head when Wyatt pretended to be gay in order for Jeffery to officially out of the closet to him. In anger after Jeffery hit him upside of the head with a golf club, Wyatt stormed out of the rehab center with Jeffery’s car keys and went to a crack house.

So at this point, Jeffery revealed his love for Wyatt but was rejected. Not only because Wyatt was hurt because Jeffery lied to him about Laura but because Wyatt said to Jeffery’s face multiple times that he was not gay and he wasn’t.

At best, Wyatt said that he considered Jeffery his friend after Candace laughed at him for asking her out while helping her and Amanda move into their apartment.


Season 2 saw a huge strain in their “relationship” because Wyatt was in dire need of Jeffery but he wasn’t having it. Due to unrequited love, Jeffery said that they were not friends and left Wyatt on the front steps of the Cryer Mansion in a taxi.

In Season 1, Wyatt pretended to be gay and it looked like he was about to kiss Jeffery. Now in this season, Jeffery was going to make Wyatt kiss him in order to keep the secret about him hitting Benny and the little girl. Some fans think that Wyatt really did want to kiss Jeffery, but in my opinion the only reason he was “willing” to do it was because well it was either one little kiss or he was going to jail!

From that moment on, Jeffery said that he did love Wyatt but he wasn’t the type of person to force people to do things to his will like Candace. So he and Wyatt were back on good terms and he was there for him throughout the rest of the season.

When Wyatt was in jail, Jeffery came to visit him and encourage him to stay strong. True Jeffery loves him, but at that moment it was what Wyatt needed; a counselor and friend.


Then we learn that during the “drunken sex” that he had with Melissa, the couple of seconds that Jeffery was able to “keep it up” was when he was thinking about Wyatt.

Again, it is clear that Jeffery loves Wyatt and nothing will ever change that. The main question is whether or not Wyatt feels the same ways towards Jeffery or if despite their struggles they are truly friends.

Since this show is a drama full of twists, turns and cliffhanger endings I will say this much; when and if Wyatt does fall in love with Jeffery and it seems that they will become a couple there is certain to be something to jeopardize that.

What would happen so drastic that would keep these two from being together you might ask?


I am willing to bet that as a product of their drunken sex, Melissa is pregnant with Jeffery’s baby!

Despite the fact that Jeffery could only get it up for a few seconds that doesn’t mean it is too far-fetched a theory to think Melissa won’t become pregnant!

There are also a lot of other factors that would come into play if they did get together involving other characters. How would Landon feel about this situation?


Jim knows that Jeffery “loves” Wyatt because he knows he is gay and he even told David this. However, he also says that because they have been friends since they were kids that could be another reason Jim thinks that Jeffery has innocent “love” for his son. After Jim brings Wyatt home from prison and he and Jeffery have a “moment” where they just look at each other before Jeffery leaves, Jim wonders what that was all about.


I’m really interested in seeing how Veronica is going to handle things in Season 3 because she might be in “control” for right now but what if her mother shows up in Season 3? David has made a couple of calls to her so there is no telling what is going to develop from that. I wonder if it has something to do with releasing Jeffery from Veronica’s icy grip (she is the ice queen after all).

As Celine put it, Laura was the best thing that ever happened to Wyatt. While they were in a relationship that was the longest he went without getting into any trouble. He seemed really happy when they were briefly together in Season 1. It was kind of like Benny and Darcie, a couple fans wanted to see happen but they were ripped apart due to plot. Not to mention the fact that Darcie is playing on “If Loving You Is Wrong” now.


This might seem a bit messed up, but Wyatt hitting Benny and Little Lizzie was what brought him and Jeffery closer together. That is one reason why I just don’t see this couple happening because it just seems forced rather than natural.

In conclusion, again I really don’t think that these two should be in a relationship because they would be better off as friends. Jeffery is what Wyatt needs in his life in terms of being an actual friend who he could confide in without Jeffery’s romantic feelings for him. The same can be said about Landon and Jeffery.


Do you agree or disagree with me? Should these two be together? If Wyatt does return Jeffery’s feelings, would there be something unforeseen that would keep these two from being together?

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