Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Did Amanda Shoot Katheryn?

By Jeremy Carden

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Well the shot has been fired and everyone is wondering who the victim was and what will happen next!

I think it all goes down to someone getting shot and how it will influence Season 3. If Amanda DID shoot someone and they got killed it would have to be someone whose death would bring a huge plot to the story in the next season.


That’s right folks; the topic of this blog is how the story would continue on if Katheryn Cryer was the one who was shot by Amanda.


It all goes back to the video will Hanna has of Katheryn before she went into surgery where she talks about the updated version of her will. Jim gets nothing, her children will get their $12 million inheritance but if they contest or fight the stipulations of the will they get nothing. Since Amanda attempted to sue her folks for her money it seems pretty clear that she is written out of the will; not to mention if she did kill her mom, that crazy nut is going to jail/nuthouse…


So at the moment it seems that Wyatt will be the ONLY one to get his money, but if I am correct; Katheryn said that if her will isn’t found within 24 hrs of her death or found upon her death (don’t know if she said there was a time limit or something) then ALL of her money would go to a cancer foundation.


Now if this is the case and she really was killed; Jim Cryer is done for…

If Katheryn dies then he doesn’t get a cent, he was kidnapped and I KNOW Candace wants him alive because if Jim dies then it means nothing to her in terms of profit. She is going to most likely get money from him in terms of ransom.


She promised $100,000 to Warlock for kidnapping Jim, and since she is nearly broke (aside from the $5,000 Warlock gave her) the only way for her to get that money is from Jim.

Alright, let’s say hypothetically that Candace holds Jim long enough so he DOESN’T announce that he is running for governor. That might mean David will either look for him OR he (or Maggie) might announce that he is running for governor (after they slept together the night before!).


Remember she asked if David was comfortable living in Jim’s shadow along with the U.S. having a black President but the state of GA “wasn’t ready” for a black governor. Since it seems that David went into her hotel room to sleep with her, who is to say that she doesn’t pump his brain up to announce that HE is running for governor instead?


I bet Veronica will want to stand by her husband at that moment to be in the spotlight after NOT answering his phone call the night before! Remember Jim said that Veronica lives for the spotlight. Considering that she will do anything to preserve the Harrington family image, I can agree with Jim on that statement.

Jim is going to be done for because if he can’t get the money that’s all she wrote…


The Malones (according to David) are going to someday want “payment” for the favors that they have done for Jim in the past (abducting Candace, Norman and who knows what else they have done for him) and that is one of the TOP things that come to mind in terms of Jim not being able to pay his debts. Mama Rose has been asking him when he’d come to visit “the restaurant” (no clue what that means), but Jim kept saying that he couldn’t anytime soon due to the circumstances he was in.

It all goes back to Celine and Carlos. Remember all she wanted was for Jim to be a father to him. It was not because of the money. What I find interesting is that Jim kept saying “It’s all about money…it’s ALWAYS about money!”


I think that this particular scene being the opening scene of the finale was done so for good reason.

With that being said, Jim might go from being a HAVE to a HAVE NOT and I bet that will be the wake-up call that he desperately needs in order to finally see that life isn’t always about people trying to screw him over. Not everyone around him is like Candace! It is sad to say that he might lose everything before realizing that he HAD everything in front of him but never realized it.

So if this is REALLY what happens then I can see the plot of Season 3 being about Katheryn’s will.


Remember she did NOT go to Hanna’s house for the party to meet Benny for the first time. Most likely, it was because of the fight between Jim and Quincy that caused the dinner party to be called off and with all of that going down she wouldn’t be in a good place to go visit Hanna. I bet Hanna will be worried about why her friend did not come by. Hope she doesn’t find out on the news, a phone call or a visit from the cops (or Bryon) that Katheryn is dead and her husband is missing…

Another thing to remember is that Katheryn told Hanna that if anything ever happened to her; Hanna should show Veronica that video of her will.


I know Hanna would be heartbroken over Katheryn’s death. Not only had their friendship been restored before the dinner party, but she was offered her job back as well. Thankfully, Katheryn said that she had forgiven Hanna for accusing Wyatt of hitting Benny and testifying against him to the D.A. However, Katheryn knows and we know that this was not the case due to Jim’s tampering with Norman to get Wyatt off the hook. I just hope that Hanna won’t be eaten up by guilt that she should not be feeling because Katheryn saved Benny, but she almost ruined Wyatt’s life!

A lot of fans speculate that somehow Hanna will be the one who will end up owning Katheryn’s estate. I’m not sure how that would happen exactly, but it might go back to how Jim said that he did not want Hanna stepping one foot into HIS house again after Katheryn offered Hanna her old job back. That would be a way to turn things upside down for Jim! Pretty much, Jim’s life is over if his wife was killed.


There are a lot of other things that could happen in Katheryn dies, but we shall see what unfolds in Season 3!

What do you think is this a good theory or what?

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8 thoughts on “Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Did Amanda Shoot Katheryn?

  1. […] Now if Katheryn was the person who was shot then trust me that would create a huge plot for Season 3 to go off of. I cover that entire scenario in this blog called “Did Amanda Shoot Katheryn?” […]

  2. Aretha says:

    Very interesting, but keeps you wondering. I think she my have tripped and the gin goes off. Maybe Wyatt?

  3. Darrius says:

    I think that Amanda shot herself

  4. […] One theory is about how the plot would change if Katheryn was shot and you can read that here. […]

  5. Mrs. Gosa says:

    I think Celine got shot. She doesn’t have a major role and she wouldn’t be missed. I think that is why her son was introduced in the season finale. I think everyone is about to learn about him. I’m sure she has something shocking in her Will.

  6. shelkwon says:

    I think katheryn got shot or maybe stupid ass shot herself

  7. sandra says:

    Amanda probably shot herself but didn’t die

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