Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Professor Cannon Will Die

By Jeremy Carden

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So we know that someone is confirmed to die in the HAHN finale that will come on in less than 20 hours. How do I know this? Well I’m sure I can speak for anyone who is addicted to the show and has been looking at ALL of the episodes since 10 AM yesterday morning to the present (2:30 AM)!

Despite a lot of characters being pointed at as the one to die, there is one who is getting a lot of votes; Professor Cannon.

My mom is one of those people who believe that he will be the one to die. I respectfully disagree, but she came up with a legit theory which I thought was worthy enough to write a blog about. Although when I started writing this blog, I noticed a plot hole or two that would keep this theory from being 100% believable. I’ll get to that towards the end of this blog and you will see what I mean.


Amanda’s first intention of murder was directed at Professor Cannon as revenge for him raping her in Season 1. As time goes on, Amanda has stopped taking her anxiety medicine which has caused her to have a great deal of mental instability. The last time that see was face to face with the professor was when she stabbed him with a knife in the park. Aside from that, the last time that he was even mentioned was when she went to the pawn shop to get a gun and she asked the cashier if the gun could shoot through a professor.

From there, her anger and murderous intentions were directed at her family (Wyatt, Katheryn and Jim). She went out with Quincy to get a tattoo with the names of her family members. The reason for the tattoo is to represent the people that she has killed because she wanted one after seeing Quincy’s.


She is going to be running around the mansion at night with her gun and playing her deadly game of Eenie, Meenie, Miny, Moe. Due to this scene in the preview for the finale, most people believe that the victim will be someone from her psychotic game.

However, my mom thinks that the person who will be declared as dead is Professor Cannon. Here’s why;


After being stabbed, Cannon ran off screaming in agony because he had a knife in his back! Amanda was laughing psychotically as the man who took advantage of her sexually was running off leaving a trail of blood behind. I’m just guessing that at some point he was bleeding out because well that knife was in there pretty deep.

Now after the scene is over, we don’t see or hear from him again. My mom believes that at some point while he was running, the blood loss he suffered from the knife wound caused him to pass out. If he was not discovered by another person for a long enough period of time, it is possible that he could die from massive blood loss from the knife.

If that is the case, Amanda’s desire for murdering someone would have been realized without her knowing it. Remember she said that she wanted blood, but her intention with the knife was not for murder but to hurt the professor. If she knew that the knife wound killed the professor then she would not have went to purchase a gun in the first place. Again, she bought the gun to kill the professor so that means she figured he did not die from the stabbing.

My issue with this theory which I addressed to my mother was that it did not seem likely because how would anyone know that he was dead? She told me that was the whole point; for the viewer to know, not the main characters. That is a legit point she brought up, but I figured that if he was discovered by someone in the park…who would find him? For the most part, it would not be one of the main characters of the show because it is very unlikely that any of them would be in or near the park in the finale. She said it could have been an average citizen who reported a dead body and that it would be reported on the news. If that were true then the news report would most likely be announced during the dinner party at Katheryn’s house. I doubt that anyone will have a TV on at dinner.

The only reason I could see this happening is if there was a repeated news announcement about Norman confessing to hitting Benny and Little Lizzie which would cause the party-goers to cheer because it once again proved that Wyatt was not the one to commit the crime. During that news report, it could appear on the TV screen that a dead body was found in the park from an apparent stab wound; Professor Cannon.

I think that the police would report that it was a possible mugging attempt because the knife would NOT have Amanda’s fingerprints on it. Why is that? She was wearing gloves when she was in the park! She might be crazy but she isn’t stupid (for the most part).


The part about the gloves was something that my mom brought up, but I watched the clip again on Youtube and she did NOT have gloves on when she stabbed the professor. That means that if the police investigated and dusted the knife for fingerprints, Amanda would be busted!


If you’ve been reading my other HAHN blogs then you know my mom is as good as I am when it comes to creating these theories! When I told her that she wasn’t wearing gloves her response was; while the professor was running off, he tried to remove the knife from his back. That would mean HIS fingerprints would now be on the knife as well. To take it even further, when he removes the knife from his back it is very likely that he would toss the knife off somewhere and continue running away.

Due to the knife hitting a nerve in his back or too much blood coming out of his body, he’d eventually pass out somewhere. That would lead to him being discovered (at some point) and reported dead because the knife wound killed him! Since the knife would most likely be at a location far from his body (assuming he removed the knife, tossed it on the ground and put some distance between him and the knife while he was running), that would allow Amanda to NOT be considered a suspect because that knife was the only sign of evidence to prove she was the one who did it.


With that being said, my mom does have a sound theory on why the professor would be the one who dies. Now you could argue that the gunshot that we see in the preview for the finale is the thing that kills the victim of the series, but I’m not 100% convinced. It is all about misdirection with this show and I’m sure that any regular viewer of the soap opera would agree with me.

What do you think is Professor Cannon the one who will die or will he still reappear at some point when it is discovered that Amanda is pregnant or she says he raped her?

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2 thoughts on “Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Professor Cannon Will Die

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