Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Katheryn vs. Candace

By Jeremy Carden

haves_premiere_s2-600x331 (1)

Once again, my mom has brought up an interesting point that might reveal what will happen in the final moments of the finale!

The title of the finale is called “Checkmate” and the reason it raised suspicion from my mom was because of what Katheryn talked to Candace about in the first episode of Season 2. It had to do with her telling Number 9 that she was playing a game of chess and that it was her move. The Cryer Estate is the chessboard and it seems that the two of them are the players.


I have to admit that this made a lot of sense, so I sat down with my mom and once again it was a matter of going back and forth in order to make this theory concrete!

See in the game of chess we know that two players have a battle of the minds. It is all about cunning and strategy to knock away pawns, knights and bishops in order to get to the royal family; the king and queen.


If you ask me I think that Candace is the “Queen of the Have Nots” while Katheryn is the “Queen of the Haves.” Candace is practically using everyone in her life as a pawn. I think that despite being a friend of Jeffery and Amanda, it is clear that in the long run she is simply sowing seeds of discord. I mean she hit the Harrington and Cryer families below the belt because she corrupted their children.

She talked them both into being who they truly are by standing up to their parents. Now this might seem like good advice from a real friend, but that advice had a bit of “Candy Cane” on it and this made the two pawns rebel against their families. Amanda was going to sue her parents for her $12 million inheritance while Jeffery was going to stray from the path that his parents (mother) has set for him.


With that being said, Candace was the puppet master over these two and sending them back to their families after she was done with them spelled disaster. It was like she was tearing their families apart from the inside!

It seemed like Candace was finally losing the game when the “King of the Haves” (Jim) had her abducted by the Malones and when she returns home, she found that everything she had was gone.


Candace plans to make a comeback with her knight (Warlock) to steal the king (Jim) and make demands of her own. Now here is where we believe the showdown will take place when one of the players of this game of chess will declare “checkmate!”

Since Jim is announcing that he is running for governor the next day, Candace told Warlock that she wanted him taken that night. It could mean that Candace will show up for revenge that night with Warlock and some of his gang members to take Jim away.

Summer OWN

This will possibly result in a face to face encounter between “The Beast” and “Number 9!”

The gunshot that is seen in the window could be from Jim and Katheryn’s room.


It stands to reason that Warlock and whoever else is with him with have a gun in their possession. Considering that there were nearly a dozen guns pointed at Quincy, I’m sure that they have at least one gun on them when they go out somewhere.

One of them might die from the encounter and we won’t know who until Season 3. My mom thinks that Candace could die because she does not have anything left. I mean she has no money (aside from the $5,000 she got from Warlock), Jim made her sign all of that paperwork so she lost everything there and the list goes on. The only plot involving her that is truly relevant is the whereabouts of her baby.


Another thing that my mom talks about is Katheryn dreaming everything that has happened in the series from the moment she went into surgery for her breast cancer to the present. Whatever it was be it the medication or her being asleep during the surgery, her mind has been creating the world that we are seeing in the show.

That is quite possible and in most TV shows that have similar scenarios, an event that causes a shock will wake that person up back into reality.


There are some key factors that need to be brought to the surface to help this theory make more sense. Before going into the hospital, Katheryn made her #9 speech to Candace so she knows that Jim and #9 were having an affair. Something else to take notice of is that she knows about her children’s self-destructive behavior, Jeffery being gay, Jim running for governor and most importantly; Hanna having a video recording of her will!


All of these things added together would explain how her mind would be creating everything that is going on in the series. Either she is killed from that gunshot and wakes up or she somehow shoots Candace and wakes up after that. In any case, my mom is strongly behind her theory that she is dreaming everything.


What do you think will these two go head to head in the finale? Who will declare checkmate? Is Katheryn indeed dreaming everything that is going on in the show?

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