Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Jeffery Is the Killer

By Jeremy Carden

haves_premiere_s2-600x331 (1)

While watching the HAHN marathon, my mom and I came up with a lot of different theories!

The theory that we spent a long time fleshing out was an interesting one about whether or not Jeffery will kill someone!

I know that sounds like a VERY shocking statement but once you start reading this blog, you will NOT want to stop!


This all started when we noticed that Jeffery really does have a darker side to his personality. Usually, this is covered up by his hidden lifestyle (being a homosexual), hiding behind his psychology knowledge to identify the faults in other people and obvious attraction to Wyatt. However, we noticed that when Jeffery is backed into a corner, he will do WHATEVER it takes to get out of it.


What tipped us off was the way Jeffery reacts whenever someone says that they know he is gay or threatens to expose him as a homosexual. One of the first signs of this was when Candace took Jeffery to a backroom in her apartment and starts making out with him. She notices that he was not aroused whatsoever and said that she knew he was gay. The more she kept saying it, the more Jeffery kept saying “No, I’m not gay…” in an increasingly annoyed and defensive tone.


Near the end of Season 1, when Wyatt tricked Jeffery into revealing that he was in love with him and that he was a homosexual; he went off! Wyatt said that he was going to tell Jeffery’s parents about this and in order to stop him; he hit Wyatt upside the head with a golf club!


So we know that when it comes to staying in the closet, Jeffery will do whatever it takes to prevent others (especially his parents) from knowing the truth. When he is backed into a corner, the usually timid Jeffery will change into an aggressive and slightly violent person. Something tells me that if Candace said that she would tell Wyatt and Amanda that he was gay, Jeffery would have wrestled her to the ground or something to prevent her from doing so.

With that being said, you are probably wondering who I think he will end up killing. My mother and I have narrowed it down to 4 possible victims!


  1. Veronica

We know that Jeffery is a mama’s boy and he turns into a 5-year-old whenever he is around her. The reason we think that he might kill her is because he has finally had enough of her trifling ways. Not only has she been an overbearing mother to Jeffery, but she disowned him at the end of Season 1. The poor boy was cut off financially by Veronica and had to stay at Candace and Amanda’s apartment for quite some time. Not only that, she is forcing him to become a straight man by dating women. She took it a step further by forcing him to engage in sexual activities with females until he “likes it” and becomes straight.

There are 2 key moments that I believe might hint at Jeffery killing his mother because he was again backed into a corner and his emotions seem like they might get the better of him:

  • Finding out that she was the one who told Laura (Wyatt’s ex-girlfriend) that Amanda was in the hospital and caused her to come back into Wyatt’s life. The point of this was for Jeffery to see that Wyatt was not interested in him because he was a straight man. When Veronica told him that she did this on purpose, Jeffery was getting as angry with her as he did when Wyatt pretended to be gay.


  • At the dinner party in the finale, Veronica is seen placing Jeffery’s hand on Melissa’s. This means that she is still forcing her will on Jeffery and that is preventing him from being who he truly is. The look on his face says it all!

It is bad enough that she is threatening him with jail due to having the Black Sedan, but she might be pushing her luck a bit too much by doing this to her own son. Now I think that Veronica does seem like a likely victim of the gunshot, but Jeffery LOVES his mother. The only reason I could see him killing her would be if he attempts to go to Wyatt’s room while he is sleeping (or something like that during the finale when he apparently wants to spend time with Wyatt but his mom forces him to be with Melissa) and she threatens him with jail again by using the car as blackmail. Again, it all goes back to Jeffery being pushed into a corner and the only way out is for him to render the person threatening him…unable to threaten him again.


  1. Melissa

Melissa is an interesting victim because what in the world is she doing in the finale in the first place? Assuming that Jeffery had a lot of women besides her in his life, and the fact that Candace came into his apartment while she was there half clothed; she should have been out of the picture the moment she stepped out of the door.

I think that Veronica will be the one to contact Melissa and tells her to come to the dinner party as his date. Of course, I could see Jeffery being against this but really what choice does he have? She doesn’t know that he is gay but through some dialogue between characters or something like that it is possible that she might find out Jeffery’s true sexual orientation. When she walked into his apartment her first words were “Wow, queer eye for a straight guy!” because she noticed how color coordinated his place was.


Not to jump ahead to Victim #3, Landon might be at the party and sees Melissa with Jeffery. He will put 2 and 2 together and realize that she was the girl he had unprotected sex with the night before. I’ll go more into Landon when I get to #3, but for now let’s just focus on Melissa.

One of the reasons I think she might be the victim is because of how she acts when she is drunk. Just a drink or two and she had drunk sex with Jeffery. Keep in mind that Veronica does not know that she drinks. Something tells me that motor mouth might have one too many drinks and either makes advances on Jeffery again or finds out he is gay and in her drunken state threatens to tell everyone. Again, this is a situation that might put Jeffery in a “backed into the corner” situation and he kills her.


  1. Landon

As I mentioned above, I could see Landon being the one who is killed because of what he knows. He knows that Jeffery is gay and earlier in the season he told him that he dislikes people like Veronica; parents who disowns their children because they are homosexuals. We know that both David and Jeffery do not tolerate anyone talking bad about Veronica even if they do not like the way that she acts.


Something tells me that Landon will be upset because he knows Jeffery isn’t straight and to him, Jeffery is “using” women as nothing more than mere experiments to either convince himself that he is straight or goes along with it long enough to realize that he is indeed gay. Landon has already said that kind of behavior is something that he does not approve of. How would this set Jeffery off in terms of killing Landon?

Perhaps Landon threatens to stop Jeffery’s charade by exposing him as a homosexual to Melissa and in order to hide the truth he does to Landon what he did to Wyatt; hit him with a blunt object. Though he might actually shoot him…


  1. Amanda

Alright now this is an interesting victim, but one that could not be ignored. There are only 3 people who know that Amanda has a REAL gun in her possession and that she intends to use it to kill her family: Jeffery, Quincy and Katheryn. Well Katheryn doesn’t know that Amanda has a gun, but she does not believe what Jim told her about it being a toy gun used to fool Jeffery.

The reason my mom and I believe that Amanda and Jeffery will have some kind of encounter during the finale is because of Amanda running around her house at night.

Wait a second, what would Jeffery be doing at the Cryer Mansion at night for?

Amanda is running around in her nightclothes meaning that she will play Eenie, Meenie, Miny, Moe that night after the dinner party is over. The reason I say that Jeffery (and other people) might still be at the mansion is because the party might be cut short due to the fight between Quincy and Jim.

Think about it this way; Jeffery doesn’t have a car. He has to ride around in a taxi cab to get from Point A to Point B. This means that if the party is cut short, he might have to stay at the Cryer’s mansion a little later until a cab comes or he spends the night there. Remember there is a guest room in the house (not in Wyatt’s room) so he might stay in that bedroom for the night.


He knows that Amanda is not right in the head especially at night because he has heard her laughing and talking to herself in her room while he was staying at their apartment. Based on the placement of the room Amanda is entering, we can assume that it is Wyatt’s room.


Jeffery might hear Amanda running around and checks to see what is going on. Upon finding her pointing the gun at Wyatt (or another person in their bed sleeping), he screams at her not to shoot or tackles her. The next scene we see will be the flash from the gunshot, but we will not know what happened. That is one way for the finale to end and we’ll be left guessing until January what actually went down.

A couple of runner-up victims include both Maggie and Laura. Jeffery might find out that Maggie is one reason her parents are having trouble in their marriage since Veronica thinks David slept with her. Laura might be at the party at be around Wyatt and Jeffery won’t be able to handle it. Either one of them might get shot by him as well. 

What do you think about this? Will Jeffery be backed into a corner and attack someone in order to save himself (or another life)?

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