Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Who Will Get Shot?

By Jeremy Carden

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Sad to say, but the next episode of the HAHN will be the Season 2 finale…


Fans will probably have to be placed in rehab like Wyatt because their lives (including my own) will be in shambles until Season 3 comes out sometime in 2015.

I’ll bet that until that time, fans will be going on about who will die in the finale! It has been confirmed that someone will indeed die, but we don’t know who will be the one to fall.

There are so many possible victims that it is difficult to pick one over the other. In the preview for the finale, there is so much conflict between characters that anyone at this point could be the one to get killed.


We see fighting, yelling and the flash of a gunshot that lights up a window upstairs in the Cryer Mansion…one lone light that could spell curtains for one particular member of the HAHN Cast, but who is it?


Now the obvious victim would be someone from the Cryer Family because Amanda is seen running around the house (at night) with her gun. She is playing a psychotic and deadly version of Eenie, Meenie, Miny, Moe.

As we know, each word from the nursery rhyme represents someone in her family:

  • Eenie = Wyatt
  • Meenie = Katheryn
  • Miny = Amanda (this might also include her baby as well since she is pregnant)
  • Moe = Jim

Similar to Duck, Duck, Goose this game is used to make a choice when there are multiple options. With that being said, most people assume that Jim will be the first person who gets shot by Amanda. She went off with Quincy to get a tattoo with the names of the people she has murdered (or plans to murder) which is said to include the names of her family.

Now based on the scene from when the gun is fired and we see a flash, we can determine that it is at night and most likely takes place after the 7 P.M. dinner party at the mansion.


Amanda is wandering around the house with her gun in her nightclothes which further provides evidence that whoever gets shot will get shot that night after the party. This is important to pay attention to because at that party she will be dressed up, but running around the house she has on her night clothing.

Something else to pay attention to in the scene is that all of the rooms upstairs have dark windows in them. However, you’ll notice that on the first floor there are several windows that have lights on.

This could mean that the gun is fired during the dinner party and since everyone would be downstairs for the event, no one would be upstairs so there would be no reason for any rooms to have the lights on in them.

The other scenario is that the gun is fired after the party when everyone in the house (Wyatt, Jim, Katheryn) is asleep, but we know that Amanda is awake and running around. Not sure how that explains the lights on the ground floor being on, but perhaps someone (not the shooter or the person getting shot) is stirring downstairs doing something. It could be that the lights are still on in the main entrance area of the house where the party was.


Just like the dinner for Jim’s birthday in Episode 1, there could be extra staff at the house cleaning up after the party and they are still there doing their job. Remember that the next day, Jim is making his public announcement that he is running for governor and the whole family has to be well rested for the event.

Yes this includes Amanda, Jim is relieved to hear from the doctor that there is nothing wrong with her, but she just needs to get some sleep. However, we all know that this is far from the truth and she will be playing her game once again when the lights go out.

With that being said, it is possible that someone from the party stays behind and is involved with the shooting. When it comes down to it, there is no character that should be omitted from this investigation and that includes secondary characters like Byron or Michael! Let’s get started!!


  1. Professor Cannon

Some people are speculating that he is the one who will get killed, but I highly doubt that. I mean really what would he be doing at the Cryer Estate anyway? Last time we saw him, Amanda stabbed his trifling tail in the back and he ran off! The last thing that he’d want to do is go to the same place that Amanda is located!

Now I know someone is said to die in the finale, but I would hate to see Professor Cannon die. Why do I say that?

It would be a huge slap in the face if someone announced that Cannon had died from a stab wound to the back! Off-screen…where no one knew where the knife came from…

If he did appear in the finale, I think it would be like a brief scene where his wife is asking him about the stab wound and he’d probably say it was a mugger in the park or something. I really don’t think he is gone for good, but when it is discovered that Amanda is carrying a baby…things might get a little crazier than they already are. The first suspect of being her baby’s daddy would be Quincy since she said that he is her boyfriend and they’ve been seeing each other for 6-8 weeks, but then she said only a couple of days and she met him at her apartment. In any case, I wouldn’t count the professor out of the series just yet.


  1. Hanna, Benny and Bryon

I’m going to put these 3 together in one group just because their stories kind of overlap. Hanna is going to be having a dinner party of her own as a “Welcome back!” celebration for Benny being released from the hospital. Even Warlock knew about it so that means there might be multiple people from Hanna’s neighborhood who will show up for the party. Benny did say that Hanna was cooking a lot of food, so that may hint at some people at least stopping by to give their best wishes to Benny.

Hanna invited Katheryn to stop by and meet Benny face to face for the first time (at least while he is conscious because she has seen him before but only when he was in the hospital in a coma). That means Hanna and Benny will be at their house and not at the Cryer Estate. It is true that Katheryn has offered Hanna her job back as a maid, but she said to only come back once Benny has gotten on his feet again. With that being said, Hanna won’t be working at the dinner party at Katheryn’s house. That doesn’t mean Katheryn wouldn’t invite Hanna and Benny to come over to her house for HER dinner party…just something to think about there.


I’m including Byron in this trio because Hanna discovered that he was working for Jim. Something to point out here is HOW she found out that he was deceiving her. Jim told Bryon not to see or speak to Hanna anymore and accused him of having feelings for her. When she calls to invite him to Benny’s party, Jim tells him to put the call on speaker phone. He says that he can’t attend due to having a meeting, and she asks if it had to do with Wyatt. Bryon says no, but Celine comes out and says “Mr. Cryer…” Jim cuts her off and pushes her back into the house, but it was too late because Hanna heard everything that she needed to despite Bryon trying to cover up the phone so she couldn’t hear anything. Bryon tries to play it cool by saying that he will stop by her house, but she says that he doesn’t need to and hangs up.

What is interesting about this scene was that Celine came outside at apparently the right time to blow Jim’s cover. You could argue that she didn’t and that she just so happened to come outside the moment that Bryon was on the phone. However, I think that she knew what she was doing. Remember Wyatt asked her to snoop to hear what was going on outside, but she said she didn’t do that sort of thing. We all know that this is far from the truth so I think she purposefully blew Bryon’s cover, but that’s just me.

I think that Bryon will still come over to Hanna’s house to at least apologize because it does seem like he has genuine feelings for her despite deceiving her. I’m not sure what will become of their encounter if he does decide to come by (especially with Benny there), but something tells me that Hanna will stare him down until he leaves just like she did to Tony.


  1. Little Lizzie’s mother and Michael

Alright, we haven’t seen these two since Wyatt ran away from them at the little girl’s tombstone. I could see these two possibly being at the party for Benny because despite little Lizzie being dead, they would probably want to celebrate the safe return of Benny since he too was a victim of the hit-and-run. I’m not saying that either of them would be a victim in the shooting that takes place in the Cryer Mansion or that one of them will die, but I don’t think I should omit them from the possibly of being the ones to be killed off.

I don’t think that they would appear at Jim’s house, but if they did show up it would probably be to apologize like Hanna for “wrongly accusing Wyatt” of a crime he didn’t commit since Norman “admitted” to doing it instead.

On the flip side, they might hold a grudge because Little Lizzie’s mother could be in disbelief since “she knows who she saw run over her baby.” That might cause her to have a huge burst of anger and rage. Either she or Michael could take revenge by killing Wyatt for what he did. That might be stretching the actual events that could occur in the finale, but if this show has taught me anything it is that you have to expect the unexpected.

What would be interesting to see is if Michael (the man Hanna turned down) is at her house and comes face to face with Bryon (the man who deceived Hanna). There is no telling how things might turn out from that encounter. Would one try to kill the other? Doubt it but hey anything is possible in this show.


  1. Celine and Carlos

As we discovered in the last episode, Carlos is the son of Celine the maid and Judge Cryer (talk about some Arnold Schwarzenegger references being made!). It seems that she has been telling her son since he was a child that his father (Jim) was eventually going to come home and take care of them, but as we all know this was far from what actually happened. Carlos is bitter and angry because he spent his whole life waiting for his dad, but he never came…

He says that he is no longer listening to Celine and that he will do things his way. Will he take revenge on his absent father by killing him?


In the preview, we hear Celine yelling “Go to Hell!” and the camera is on Katheryn. However, she might be saying it to someone else (possibly Jim). Katheryn is in a dress (most likely her dinner party attire) so that scene is probably different from the scene with Celine yelling and has tears welling in her eyes.


Considering that the funk has most likely hit the fan now that Jim knows about a son he didn’t know he had, Katheryn is not going to be too happy about this. She did say a couple of episodes ago that she and Jim had some kind of deal with Celine, but we don’t know much else about it. That deal might have to do with the “extra money” aside from her paycheck that Jim gives her each month.

Earlier in the series, Jim made it clear that he never loved Celine and only said he did to have sex with her. From their sexual activities (which we don’t know how long #4 was his mistress), Carlos was born so we know that Celine has been holding on to feelings for Jim for quite some time now.


With everything that is going on now, she might take revenge and shoot either him or Katheryn. However, I don’t think this will be the case due to the fact that she doesn’t have a gun (that we know of). Katheryn said that Celine cleans all of the rooms so we can assume that she might come across Amanda’s gun, come back to the mansion at night and shoot someone. However, we see Amanda running around with her gun so we can guess that Celine does not take her gun while she is cleaning.

Carlos said he would no longer do what Celine told him to do, but I don’t think that he would kill Jim. Perhaps he’ll kill Wyatt out of jealous due to Jim doing whatever he could to protect his son from prison, but never stepped into his life to help him or Celine. So if Carlos did kill someone out of vengeance, I’d guess it would be Jim or Wyatt. If Celine is the shooter, then I could see her killing Katheryn or Jim.


  1. Maggie and Landon

Veronica is pissed at both of them because she suspects Maggie of sleeping with her husband David, and she is not happy that Landon met her son at a gay bar and the two of them walked out of a hotel room together. Would she kill either one of them? Doubtful because if you ask me, Veronica killing someone would be the easy route; that woman could “kill” anyone with her mouth. Once she starts going at it, she can rip ANYONE to shreds with one quick-witted speech and that would put them in their place! She did it to Quincy when he broke into her house! The only person that I don’t think this has worked on was Candace, but even then she got in some unforgettable one-liners.

I doubt Maggie would shot anyone but if she did it would probably be Veronica so she could get David. However, I really don’t see this happening. In terms of Landon, he despises Veronica with a passion because she treats her son like crap because he is a homosexual and he said to Jeffery that he dislikes anyone who does that to their gay child. So if Landon is the shooter then I could see him taking out Veronica. I’m not sure if Landon and Maggie will show up to Katheryn’s dinner party, but considering they are a part of Jim’s campaign…they might be there.


  1. Melissa

Could she be the one who gets killed? I do find it interesting that she is at the dinner party considering that she walked out on Jeffery after discovering that he is with someone else (Candace). Either Veronica calls her up to come to the party or she forces Jeffery to ask her out again.

Landon might see this and be infuriated that Jeffery’s mother is forcing him to still live a lie. If someone killed Melissa, my guess would be Jeffery or Landon as the potential shooter. However, the anger that stems from Melissa’s presence would mostly be aimed at Veronica because it was her doing that resulted in Melissa being there in the first place. I doubt Melissa wanted to see Jeffery again after thinking he had been multiple women and she slept with him.


  1. David, Veronica and Jeffery

I’m going to be honest here and say that these 3 deserve their own blog in regards to their role in the finale. Luckily, I have already written that blog which you can see by clicking here; Will Jeffery Ever Be Free?

To sum it up, Veronica will refuse to believe David did not sleep with Maggie. She will force Jeffery to sit with Melissa at the dinner party and this will cause him to be angry with her. If there is anyone to die from this group, I would say that it will be Jeffery because he wants to be free.


He knows that he can’t be unless his mom stops blackmailing him with his car. Since it appears that David will not be able to convince his wife that he is not sleeping with Maggie, something tells me he won’t be successful in getting Veronica off of Jeffery’s back. This is further hinted at when we see that Veronica makes Jeffery sit with Melissa at the party. I think that Jeffery will commit suicide instead of shooting his own mother. If David finds out that Jeffery kills himself due to Veronica pressuring  him to be a straight man, I could see David wanting a divorce and Veronica falling back into her alcohol addiction.


I can’t see Veronica dying because she has an important role to play in the series because she is still holding the Black Sedan which is the key to everything. Not to mention, Maggie’s persuasion was what led Veronica to getting Quincy out of prison. So Veronica isn’t quite out of the picture just yet. The same can be said for David because his marriage is in turmoil and he is Jim’s right hand man so he is vital to the series as well.

We are now entering the last set of characters and this is the territory of characters most likely to die! Not to say some of the above characters don’t have convincing evidence suggesting that they will get killed…


  1. Quincy

Amanda’s boyfriend will appear for the dinner party and he will turn the place upside down! We know that he will get into a fight with Jim and the judge will get a black eye from their scuffle! The one clue I wish we knew was whether or not Q got dragged out of the party or he left after beating up Jim. Considering that Jim told David to find out everything he could about him and asked if he was a murder what he was doing out of prison, Q did not die from their fight and he actually did leave the mansion.

Now Amanda said the real fun would go down after dinner and Q asked what was in it for him, she asked what he wanted but he said he’d let her know at 7. My guess is that he wants a little um…backside since Amanda kicked him out of her apartment before “he could get what he wanted.”

He did seem amazed by the size of Katheryn’s ring, so he might be planning to rob the Cryers at some point in time. I doubt that he will return to the estate after the party, but he did break into Veronica’s house so who is to say he won’t do the same to Jim’s house?

Who would shoot him though? Amanda has the gun, but Q might return with a gun of his own to finish the job he started since Jim has been banging his chick.


  1. Candace

I have my doubts but again I couldn’t omit her from the suspect lineup. Her role in the finale it seems will be talking with Hanna about the whereabouts of her baby. Hanna doesn’t believe Q killed the baby and that somewhere the boy is still alive. The only other role I can see her playing in the finale is sneaking out of the house. She has to sneak out because Benny said that she would stay there since Q is out looking for her. Now the reason for her leaving would be to go to Warlock’s place because that was where she wanted Jim brought so she could handle him herself.

The only reason I could see her going to Jim’s house would be to protect Amanda from Q, but since she is scared of him and doesn’t have dress clothes to attend the party…I doubt she will go there. Not to mention the possibility of her running into Q…

It is also hinted at that in the finale (or even before that), Amanda will find out that her father and Candace has been having an affair. This might possibly mean that Amanda will kill Candace! For reason this time unlike the Malones who only put on an act.


      10. Katheryn

The main suspects who would possibly kill Katheryn are Amanda and Celine. Amanda would probably shoot her due to her tattoo (said to be the names of her family members meaning she plans on killing them) or Celine might kill her due to a huge argument that the two might have in the finale.

Really, I included Katheryn here because of the possibility of where the story would go if she were to get killed. If you haven’t done so already, you should check out another blog of mine about the events of the series being nothing more than a dream!

Yes, it sounds crazy but it is possible that while in the hospital due to her breast cancer, Katheryn slipped into a coma, fell asleep during surgery or because of her medication and began dreaming the events of the series. In any case, if she is shot in the finale that could “wake her up” to reality once again.

The other scenario is her actually being killed off, and the plot of the series would be who would inherit what from her will. This would bring up a forgotten plot involving Hanna having a video recording on Katheyn’s will before she went into surgery! Jim is stated to get not one penny while her children will get their share but only if they did not contest to the stipulations of the will. Amanda tried to sue so that means she is no longer able to get her $12 million according to Katheryn’s video. Not sure if Wyatt would get his share or not…

What would be funny is if Hanna got the mansion somehow and Jim would have to leave. Ironic because he does not want Hanna to ever set foot in his house again!


     11. Wyatt

Wyatt will possibly be killed by Amanda during her “game” or out of jealousy because to her he is the “problem child.” She most likely feels ignored because it seems her parent’s attention is focused on Wyatt. This is mainly due to him being the child who always gets into trouble and his parents have to go through so much to get him out of it.


Even if she is going through some difficult times, she is reluctant to talk to her folks about it. This is displayed early on in the series when Candace tries to get her to tell her parents that she no longer wanted to study law. Amanda did not want to because they had so much to deal with regarding Wyatt being in rehab. If you ask me, I think that is another reason why she cuts herself. When she finally confronted Jim about not wanting to do law anymore, he told her that she was not going to quit. This caused her to snap saying “You know what happens when I feel ignored!” this further hints that she uses her self-harm through cutting and taking pills to cope with not feeling like she matters to her parents due to them always being concerned with Wyatt.


As I mentioned in the Eenie, Meenie, Miny, Moe blog, according to the song if Amanda sings it all the way though; Wyatt is her target.


Aside from Amanda, another reason I could see Wyatt being killed is through suicide because he would snap under the pressure and guilt from the hit-and-run. Despite Jim handling the situation so Wyatt would not go to jail, I’m not sure if he could cope with the stress. I’m sure that at the dinner party, there will be a lot of people coming up to Wyatt congratulating him because the truth was revealed and he was let off the hook. That might cause him to snap and kill himself in the night. I also mentioned above that Carlos might shoot him out of jealously because he was the son Jim ignored while Wyatt was the son he’d do anything for. Not to mention Little Lizzie’s mom or Michael might shoot Wyatt due to him (in their eyes) being the one that killed Little Lizzie but I’m not convinced that would actually happen. If Wyatt died, there is no telling how Jeffery will cope with the news because he is the love of his life.


    12. Jim

There are so many enemies that Jim has created in the series that would love to finish him off! We know that the fight between him and Q does not result in death because Q leaves and Jim is seen screaming outside of the mansion. Celine or Carlos could be enraged over Jim’s coldness to them after so many years and might kill him. Amanda calls him “Moe” which makes him the target of her psychotic game.

One thing some fans forget is that Candace plans for Warlock and his crew to kidnap Jim and bring him to her. Keep in mind that she needs Jim ALIVE to exact her revenge. My guess is that Jim will get kidnapped during the night because Candace told them that they had to make their move that night because the next day he was going to announce that he was running for governor. I think that if he gets abducted the only way for him to be released is if he complies with any and all demands that Candace has for him. Obviously, she is going to want all of the stuff that Jim removed from her apartment, $100,000 (because she said that she’d get that much for Warlock), who knows how much money she wants for herself and the list goes on.


What I’d love to see is the look on Jim’s face when he is brought to Candace. Remember he told David that she was no longer a problem and she was not coming back. I’m sure he is going to be shocked to see Candy Cane once again! Just imagine Jim being the one tied up to a chair or something, and Candace is the one who is barking demands at him!

So if Jim does die then there are multiple scenarios regarding how and why he would be killed. Similar to Veronica, I don’t think he will be the one to die because he still has a major role in the overall story.


   13. Amanda

Amanda could snap during her game while running around the house at night and shoot herself. Not to mention the possibility of that nut accidentally shooting herself while she is attempting to shoot someone else.


The question remains as to whether or not she fully understands how to use her gun. Q was showing her how to point, aim and shoot the gun but the lesson was interrupted when he started kissing her on the neck. That caused her to point the gun at him and she told him to leave. So it has yet to be determined if she fully knows how to use her gun because if she doesn’t that means she could unintentionally shoot and kill herself (or her unborn child).

It is possible that Amanda fires her gun but ends up hitting an unintended target. Tyler Perry has done a great job setting up the plot for the finale because anyone could be killed off. I mean who is to say that Amanda is the only one with a gun?


Let’s say that Warlock along with some of his crew, Q or someone else comes back to the Cryer Mansion at night while everyone is asleep and encounters each other or Amanda because if that is the case someone will get shot at and killed.


There are so many possible ways for this to go down that I could write a book! This blog is just the tip of the iceberg. I know that Amanda is going to have her gun that night and run around the house, opens a door to someone’s bed room, walks in and assuming it is that same room, we see the flash from the gunshot in the window.

Keep in mind that it doesn’t mean Amanda will be the one to kill someone because someone could be waiting for her in the room that she did not expect. I guess we will just have to wait and see how things will play out.

Also something else to consider is that the Cryers might not be the only ones staying at the house that night. Perhaps after everything that went on between Jim and Q, David and some other people might stay at the mansion just for the night until things blow over. That adds another level of speculation to the “Who Will Die?” scenario.


Either way, I have a feeling that the scene when we see the flash and hear the gunshot might be the final scene of the episode. If that is the case then we will have to wait until the next season to learn who got shot!

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9 thoughts on “Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Who Will Get Shot?

  1. Diana says:

    On in May off again in July? Back again in January ? What’s going on?!

  2. Erica says:

    I think all that running around…Amanda shot herself

  3. Kyle Jones says:

    Are you kidding me. may to July is 2 months but July to January is 5 to 6 months this is so unfair to the fans like me. Y’all know what I mean right. Well at least the show isn’t ending for good.
    P.S. I think Amanda killed herself.

  4. Coffee says:

    Amanda, the professor got tired of running.

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