Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Will Jeffery Ever Be Free?

By Jeremy Carden

haves_premiere_s2-600x331 (1)

In the last episode, Jeffery was finally able to sit down with his father and tell him everything that has been going on between him and his mother.

Well almost everything…


I was a bit disappointed that the subject never came up about Veronica pushing Jeffery into dating Melissa which led to drunken sex between the two. Not to mention the scene in the car when Veronica says that Jeffery will have sex with women over and over again until “it becomes him” which means he’ll turn straight.

The highlight of the conversation was about Veronica threatening to turn Jeffery in because the Black Sedan is in her possession. David doesn’t believe she would do that, but Jeffery knows better. I actually believe that she would do it without a second thought because if you notice she was more concerned about Jeffery’s sexuality than David’s apparent affair with Maggie.


Of course, we know that the reason Veronica didn’t tear that hotel up was because they were in public.

She seems to be more concerned with the image of her family than anything else. There is no way that she will tolerate a homosexual son and she’ll do anything to change that about Jeffery.

Now here is something about the conversation between Jeffery and David that caught my attention; the way Jeffery started off the conversation. Did anyone else notice the way he was fidgeting around and stumbling over his words like a 5-year-old who was caught doing something that they shouldn’t have been doing?

That right there tells me that most of Jeffery’s disciple came from his mother. If he had more of a relationship with David, I could see him being more like a man in terms of telling him what was going on without his voice cracking up.

It seemed like he was afraid that David was going to verbally assault him like his mother, but this was far from what actually happened. David embraced his son because it was all about who he was at a person not “what” he was in terms of being a homosexual. That David is a class act!

Something else that is important to notice was outside of the hotel when David kept telling Jeffery to not get into the car with his mother, but to ride to the office with him so they could talk. In the end, it was really Jeffery’s decision but he got into the car with his mother. That right there shows us that not only is he afraid of his mother, but she listens to him more than David. I could see when he was younger; Jeffery was disciplined more by his mother. David would probably try to comfort him, but she would get a grip on Jeffery and scold him repeatedly. She might not lift a finger to hit her son, but her words appear to hurt him worse than any physical abuse.


Veronica puts down Jeffery a lot and that is probably what makes him turn into a child whenever she is around. Again, it would not surprise me if this has been going on since he was young. That might suggest that David had little if any involvement in raising Jeffery. Don’t get me wrong, I know that he was there for his son but not “there” for him in terms of raising him. I think after he and Veronica noticed that he might be gay, she took over raising him into the man that SHE wanted him to be. I’m sure that David being the man he is was willing to accept him for who he was, but Veronica would not allow it. She probably told him over and over again that if he screwed up then it would be an embarrassment to the family. All of that gives more depth to the conversation that we got last week between David and Jeffery.

As much as David tried to comfort his son, Jeffery knew that he wouldn’t be “free” until his mother stopped threatening him with that car. If he decided to be free and live his life as an openly gay man, Veronica would out his behind into jail. If he lived his live the way Veronica wanted him to (as a straight man), he would still be trapped. It would be as if he was walking in the real world, but he’d still feel like he was in prison.

David said that he would have a talk with Veronica, but Jeffery knows that it would not do any good. Based on the preview for next week, I think Jeffery is right about that.


In the preview, there is a brief dialogue between David and Veronica in his office. He says that he did not sleep with Maggie, but Veronica doesn’t believe him.

Alright now, if that is the case and David doesn’t convince his wife that he did not have an affair then I can see him having little to no success when trying to “free” Jeffery from her icy grip.

The reason I say that David has no success in helping Jeffery is because Melissa is at the Cryer Mansion for the dinner party!

My guess is that Veronica calls Melissa and tells her to come to the party or she forces Jeffery to do so. It doesn’t seem like she knows about Melissa leaving his apartment after Candace shows up.


Not only that, Veronica takes Jeffery’s hands and puts them on Melissa’s! The look he gives Veronica when she does this is priceless. Man oh man, if looks could kill!

That is what leads to my final point; Jeffery might be the one to die in the finale. Yes I know that sounds crazy (well not Amanda-level of crazy), but I do think it is a possibility.

You have to admit that there are so many signs that would suggest that he will either get shot or commit suicide to finally “be free.”

  1. The man he loves (Wyatt) isn’t gay meaning that he will never be with him
  2. His overbearing mother has been watching him like a hawk since he was young (according to Wyatt)
  3. He is living a lie; he is gay, but is being forced to live the lifestyle of a heterosexual
  4. His first sexual experience with a woman was horrible due to it being sparked out of the drunken advances of his blind date
  5. The fact that he was only able to have sex for a few seconds was due to him thinking about the man he loves (Wyatt) but will most likely never have
  6. The guy is stressed 24/7 because if he steps off of the path his mother has cleared for him that means he will go to jail for a crime he did not commit
  7. The way he was just talking to his father and how he looked during the conversation; Jeffery looks well…defeated
  8. His mother wants him to have sex repeatedly until he likes it and it becomes him which will (in her mind) lead to him becoming a straight man
  9. At the dinner party in the finale, it seems like Veronica is forcing him to appear with Melissa

Here is one final clue that I think is very important to take note of; it didn’t bother him if Veronica drove the car off of the bridge. He said “you’ll be doing us BOTH a favor…” At one point, he even took off his seat belt which suggested that he was going to jump out of the moving vehicle!


It just seems like Jeffery is fed up with everything that is going on and you really can’t blame the poor guy. He has been through a lot this past season! From living in Candace’s apartment after Veronica cut him off financially and having to deal with the craziness of Amanda; which almost got him killed when she was playing with her gun.


What I’m interested in seeing in the finale is the interaction between him and Wyatt. Honestly, I don’t think that Wyatt will ever become gay and fulfilling Jeffery’s dream of being with the man he loves. If anything, I want to see their friendship restored. In Season 1, Wyatt says that Jeffery is his friend and it seemed like he meant it. I believe it was in the episode when Jeffery asks Candace out on a date but she laughs at him which causes Wyatt to say “I don’t like people laughing at my friends.”

Of course, this friendship was tarnished when Wyatt finds out that Jeffery caused his relationship with his ex-girlfriend to fail. However, it seems that their friendship might one day be healed because Jeffery was there for Wyatt when he needed him the most; when he was in jail and dealing with the guilt of hitting Lizzie and Benny.


I’m sure that during the dinner party, a lot of people might be coming up with Wyatt and offering their congratulations for no longer being accused of the hit-and-run incident. This might take a toll on Wyatt because he would have to walk around acting like nothing ever happened. What makes it worse for him is that Jim and Katheryn will be putting up a front as well about it and they know the truth about what went down.


If Jeffery tries to spend a lot of time with Wyatt, Veronica will come between them and make him spend time with Melissa. I could see this happening; Jeffery and Wyatt having a personal conversation but Veronica breaks them up. Remember she noticed back in Season 1 how he would light up when Wyatt gave him a compliment or came into the room. If the boys are across the room and she notices them talking and Jeffery “lighting up” that is when I think she’ll make him come over to sit with her and Melissa. This is what I think will cause a lot of tension and what might lead to Jeffery dying.

The man wants to be free and it doesn’t seem like that is going to happen anytime soon. Veronica wants to be in control and that is what is pushing her family away. She has the Black Sedan but her husband has moved out of the house and her son resents her.


Now if Jeffery does kill himself, I think that will lead of David and Veronica getting a divorce. Yes, I said it! I think when Veronica comes to David’s office and they have a talk, he will try to tell her to let their son live his life but she’ll refuse. That will cause even more tension between the two. If Jeffery commits suicide then David will be sure to put 2 and 2 together and realize that it was because Veronica pushed him into it especially if he notices him with Melissa.

David is a forgiving and loving person, but if Veronica’s actions and urge to be in control of everything leads to the death of their son…I don’t think he could ever forgive her.

*Bonus Clue!!!!*


In the promo for the HAHN, we learn about the cast along with the characters that they play. Gavin talks about Jeffery saying, “He’s really about pleasing his parents and making sure that they are proud of him.  As opposed to being who he really is and having the strength to own that in front of his parents because there is a certain stature that they have and he feels like…to stray from that would be DEATH to him.”

So yeah, if  you are a true addict of the show like myself then you picked up on that little piece of information during the interview. This was way back when the show first came out last year, but it popped into my head while writing this blog. Could this indeed be a foreshadowing of the demise of the youngest Harrington?

What do you think about all of this? Is Jeffery’s only route to freedom suicide? Will he be the person to die in the finale? Will Veronica ever budge and allow her son to be who he truly is? One thing is for sure; you don’t want to miss the finale!


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4 thoughts on “Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Will Jeffery Ever Be Free?

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  3. Sue says:

    Is Jeffery and Candace playing a double role?

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