Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Will Jim Still Run for Governor?

By Jeremy Carden


Ever since the second episode of the series, it has been hinted at that Jim Cryer will run for governor.

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However, the Cryer Family is pretty much a madhouse full of deception (Celine), psychos (Amanda) and alleged killers (Wyatt)! With all of this going on how can Jim even think about running for office?

We know that tomorrow (and by tomorrow I mean that in terms of the show’s timeline) he will officially announce to the public that he will be running for governor.

Aside from all of the craziness that has already taken place since Episode 1 we can be sure of one thing; a lot of things will go down before he officially announces his campaign!

Ok, so let’s just go over everything that is set to occur before Jim can get on stage and announce that he will be running.

  1. Jeffery will go to David’s office to discuss everything that has been going on between his mother and how she is blackmailing him into doing what she wants. She has the Black Sedan and is dangling it over his head because if he refuses to do what she wants then she’ll use that car as evidence and that will land him in jail. Not only that, he’ll probably tell David about how he set him up with Melissa which led to drunk sex followed by his explanation of being in Landon’s hotel room and how Veronica wants him to have sex until he becomes straight.
  2. Hanna and Benny are in shock over learning that Candace’s baby is dead. The situation in that household will be about what to do since Quincy is searching for her.
  3. Warlock and his crew have been tasked with abducting Jim the night before he makes his announcement about running for governor.
  4. At 7 P.M. at the Cryer Mansion, Q will come back to have dinner with Amanda’s family.
  5. Amanda will meet with her doctor
  6. Wyatt will once again try to be arrested by the D.A.
  7. Carlos will come to Jim’s house and see Wyatt
  8. Jeffery HAS to have a date when he gets on stage with his family and Jim’s family for the announcement.
  9. Hanna is having a party for Benny’s safe return home, but Candace said that she can’t stay (the Warlock scheme kidnapping Jim), Byron’s double alliance has been discovered by Hanna so she is made at him (but that doesn’t mean he won’t show) and Tony left so who is going to show up? Warlock knew about the party going on, but who is coming?

For the most part, these are events that I think will occur in the next episode right before the finale based on the preview that was shown.


We know that in the next episode, Amanda is going to have about 3 important scenes based on the previews that were shown. My mom and I have gone back and forth in terms of the order in which these scenes will occur but here are the scenes that have been put into question:

  1. Amanda is seen sitting on her bed with her gun
  2. Amanda is sitting outside talking with her doctor
  3. Amanda walks into her bedroom and sees Katheryn looking around

Here is how I believe things will play out in terms of order; Amanda will be seen with her doctor, goes to her room to discover Katheryn snooping around and finally on her bed loading her gun.

The reason I figure Katheryn was looking around Amanda’s room was in search of the gun because unlike Jim she does not by the story of it being a “toy.” I bet this infuriates Amanda based on what we saw in the preview. Amanda wouldn’t be freaking out about her mom snooping around if she had her gun with her!

I think Amanda is coming to her room after meeting with her doctor (and doesn’t have her gun with her) and she sees her mom in there looking under her pillow. She freaks out because she is not only mad about her privacy being invaded but because she is afraid her mom WILL find the gun. After some back and forth arguing, I bet Jim overhears this and tells Katheryn to get out or Amanda gets so mad that Katheryn just leaves. After that, Amanda gleefully takes out her gun when she is alone and loads it for some “fun” when Q comes over for dinner.


Carlos probably gets the location of the Cryer Mansion and comes over to reveal his identity as the son of Celine and Jim which could explain this look on Celine’s face in the photo above.


That leads to him leaving the home and runs into Wyatt asking if he remembers him.

Of course, I think that Jim’s “Plan B” with Norman involves him taking the fall for Wyatt being the person to hit Benny and little Lizzie. Since he looks like Wyatt it would be easy for people to believe it was him driving the car comparing his face to the police sketch of Wyatt.


The one thing that gets me is the REAL Black Sedan that Veronica has. That particular car has the DNA of both Benny and Lizzie on it. Now can the same be said about the car Jim had when saying Donald was the one Wyatt hit? Not to mention if Norman turns himself into the police to go along with Jim’s plan; will the cops ask where his car is?

If I remember correctly, Jim told the reporters and everyone standing outside of his campaign office that they could check the car under the sheet for damage AND DNA to confirm that it was the car his son was driving the night “when he hit Donald.” If that is the case then that would theoretically get Wyatt off of the hook.

However, in the case of Norman that is hard to establish but since Jim seems to have handled everything else something tells me he’ll have a way out of this one.


In the preview, Katheryn scolds Jim for protecting their children into insanity. This could mean that before she says this there was a news report saying that Norman was the man to hit Lizzie and Benny which gets Wyatt off of the hook.

Perhaps next week we will find out about this deal that Katheryn and Jim made with Celine. It was brought up last week, but it was not fully explored. This might have something to do with this unknown about of money that Celine is given along with her paycheck for working at the mansion…


Finally, we wrap things up with the Harringtons…well mostly Jeffery. Back in Season 1, Veronica made it clear that on the day of the official announcement for Jim running for office, Jeffery was to have a black woman on his arm when the two families stand on stage together.


She set him up with Melissa, but after the awkward moment when Candace came to Jeffery’s apartment next week…yeah we probably won’t be seeing her again anytime soon (unless it turns out she is pregnant from unprotected sex with Jeffery). I’ll imagine Veronica will contact her at some point to ask about her and Jeffery or if she will be the woman on his arm the next day during the announcement. However, she will probably tell her about another woman in Jeffery’s apartment which might make Veronica “happy.”

Though when she asks for a name or Melissa lets it slip that the girl’s name was Candace something tells me that Veronica will freak!

Ok, so let us take all of these things that will potentially occur and try to put them together in terms of the present to when Jim announces that he is running for governor.


What seems to be the main conflict is when Warlock and his crew will make their move to take Jim. Will that happen before or after the 7 P.M. dinner at his house when Q shows up?

I know if Q is there and Warlock tries to take Jim then things will get a lot more dicey than expected. However, Warlock wants to do as little harm to his operation as possible with this job. With that being said, we can assume that Jim will be abducted when there are as few witnesses as possible. My guess is after dinner (if he stays home for dinner after dealing with the D.A. trying to arrest his son) he will go to his office and while he is going to his car or something he gets taken away.

As I mentioned in my theory blog about how I think Season 2 will end, I don’t think that Candace will hold Jim long enough for him to miss his announcement. That is because I think he is a lot more valuable if he is running for governor. I feel that she will make HIM sign some official documents just like he made her do while the Malones had her.


There is no doubt she will want everything that the movers took from her apartment when they came to take Amanda’s things. She promised Warlock $100,000 for abducting Jim so I think Jim will either pay his way out of the situation or Candace will hold him for random. If he is put into that situation, I think David will be the person he contacts because he’d want to keep this circle of people who knows what is going on as small as possible just like in Season 1 when they pay her the $100,000 and sports car.

Based on the pace at which the story is going, I don’t know if Jim will actually make his announcement that he is running for governor until Season 3. That is just a prediction though based on how much still has to occur before the next day when the announcement is made.


Another thing to keep in mind is that at this point Amanda and Jeffery are the only “Haves” that know Candace is back in town. I figure that Candace will have Jim taken away so she can list out her demands. Considering that he HAS to be there to announce he is running for office, he will do whatever she wants in order for him to be released.

When both families make it on stage for the announcement, the girl who is on Jeffery’s arm is none other than Candace! This will certainly be a shocker for both families! It goes back to Season 1 when Jeffery was going to pay Candace to be his escort so to speak to stand with him on stage.


Do you think this is how things will down or do you think something else will happen? Amanda has a tattoo now which I believe says the names of her family meaning that she plans to murder them all. Will she shot and kill someone before the season ends? She did call Jim “Moe” as in potentially the person she will shoot (first). If Warlock and his crew abduct Jim for Candace, will she keep him hostage until he meets her demands and allows him to announce he is running for governor?

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