Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Is Candace’s Baby REALLY Dead?

By Jeremy Carden


Once again, we have another cliffhanger ending that made everyone’s jaw drop!


While Hanna kept asking about the whereabouts of her grandson, Candace shocked everyone by screaming “He’s dead!”

Now fans are about as divided as Jim and Katheryn’s marriage about whether or not Candace’s baby is REALLY dead!

I’ve voiced my opinions on this in one of my previous blogs about where Candace’s baby was. This blog will be a “Part 2” of that blog if you want to put it that way.


My first guess is that Candace’s baby really is dead. It all goes back to after Candace gets back to her apartment. She is enraged over the death of her brother (her and Hanna thought that Benny was dead but in reality Katheryn had him transferred over to Mercy hospital) and was sitting while staring off into space.

Amanda and Jeffery try to console her, but she says that the only emotion she is feeling at the moment was rage. It was directed at everyone who could have helped but didn’t. We know that she was referring to Jim because she went to his office asking for his help but he refused.

During the conversation, Candace said “Everyone dies…even babies…” Amanda with a confused look on her face asked “Babies?” because she was not sure why Candace would say something like that. Instead of elaborating on her statement, Candace kind of went past it without going back to it.

It was one of those subtle clues that suggest that her baby who had not been seen at that point in the series was actually dead.


Hanna said that for 2 years the baby was in her care, but at some point Candace came to her house and took the baby with her. She says that she has not seen her grandson in about 3 years meaning that he would be 5-years-old. It is interesting to note that way back in the earlier episodes; Hanna mentioned that she kicked Candace out of her house for running around with the wrong crowd. I think it was right after Benny told her that Candace started law school and had a nanny looking after the baby.

This shocked Hanna because she said that it was 18 months ago (from Episode 1) when she kicked Candace out of the house and she was broke. Considering that she hasn’t seen her grandchild in 3 years that would mean Candace did not have the baby with her while she was still living with Hanna. My guess is that Candace said that her child was with his daddy (Quincy), but I don’t know if that was the case because Q was in jail 3 years meaning that he would have to had been in prison when Candace was kicked out of her mother’s house.

Since Q went to Hanna’s house first after Veronica got him out of prison that would mean that prior to him going to jail, Candace was still living with Hanna. I mean this pretty much sums up the theory of the baby being dead. No one has seen nor heard about his whereabouts in 3 years. Candace hasn’t really said anything that was credited enough to be considered the truth. She told Benny that the baby was with a nanny, but told Hanna that Q had him.

Now there are several theories floating around about where the baby is if he really is alive. You know that my mother and I have been going on about possible scenarios, but in the end we really do believe that the baby is dead based on the above information.

  1. The child is with one of Candace’s friends


Now if you look at #2, you’d think that it was a legit organization that Candace put her baby into in order to keep him safe from harm. However, knowing all of the connections that Candace has it would make sense to consider that one of her “associates” so to speak is taking care of her child. It could be a character that hasn’t been introduced into the series just yet or maybe someone that we have seen.

If I were to put money on it being a character that we HAVE seen in the series, I would say that it would be Warlock. It seems that this guy looks to “Candy Cane” like a little sister or something. To me he is like the “Benny” of the criminal underworld that Candace is involved with so to speak.

However, if you think that Candace wouldn’t want her baby to be into the kind of life that she is involved with someday then it could be argued that her child is not around those types of people. I bet that Warlock is trustworthy with Candace, but I’m not 100% sure if her baby is with him.

  1. The child is in some sort of child protection program

This relates to the fact that Quincy was put in jail for murder (which was something I speculated in another blog). We do not know who Q killed and why, but it might involve Candace somehow. As I mentioned in another post, my theory is that the pimp who Candace was working for back in the day that beat her nearly to death was the one Q killed.

Since her baby daddy was a murderer, Candace might have put her child somewhere that Q wouldn’t be able to find him. Keep in mind that Hanna said Candace left the child with her for a couple of years and then took him back and she hasn’t seen him since. For all we know, Candace might have put him into protective service then.

Q has been in jail for 3 years, Hanna had the baby for 2 years but Candace took him away and she hasn’t heard from him since for 3 years. Put all of that together and we can deduce that the murder took place just before Candace took back her child from her mother. This would suggest that the baby was put into protective service either right before or right after Q was put into prison. That would explain why he hasn’t seen him since before he was in jail.

Not to mention the fact that not even Hanna knows where her grandbaby is. Candace is a trickster and deceiver but I guess you could say that if this theory IS right then she loves her baby very much and will do anything to protect him.

  1. Candace sold her baby or put it up for adoption

My mom brought up Candace selling her baby to explain how she went from being broke when Hanna kicked her out of the house 18 months ago, but then came out of nowhere going to college studying law. It is a slight possibility, but then again these are just theories.


An interesting theory about adoption does seem likely based on what Celine said in the last episode about how Katheryn’s children were grown and it was not her job to watch after them like when they were younger. She goes on to say that she has a young son at home that she is taking care of and doesn’t have to deal with Wyatt and Amanda. This is a very interesting because she says “young” and Candace’s son would be 5 so if you put those two clues together it could possibly suggest that she is raising Candace’s baby. It is unknown if she knows it is Hanna’s grandson or she literally got him at random from the adoption agency.

This theory has a little going for it to support it being true, but based on the introduction of Carlos into the series…


I’m not 100% sure if it is plausible or not. My mother and I speculated Carlos of being one of Jim’s children (when he was an unnamed character) back when he sold the office space to Maggie for Jim’s campaign. The fact that his name is Carlos and Celine’s last name being Gonzales might suggest that he is her child by Jim. Not just the last name, but his eagerness of working for Jim’s campaign because he’d be close to where Jim was. Along with him walking past Wyatt in next week’s episode outside of the Cryer Mansion and he asks “You don’t recognize me?”


So there you have it in terms of all of the alternative scenarios where Candace’s baby is actually alive. If he is indeed still living then it makes sense that she placed in him hiding because of the line of work that she involves herself in. Everything that Candace does such as scheming people is a dangerous line of business. For her “employers” if you want to call them that (Jim and everyone other person she has tricked with sex and blackmail in order to get money) to find out that she has a child is a weakness that she certainly can’t afford. People enraged by her actions might use the baby as a way of getting back at her.

Assuming the baby is dead…sad to say that could be a result of what was just mentioned; someone killed the baby due to Candace’s actions.

If the baby IS dead we are still uncertain of how the baby died and who did it.

Most people are quick to point out Q as the one to kill the baby. This is because it has been mentioned by Warlock, Hanna and Benny that he did something awful to her “last time.” We know that a pimp nearly beat Candace to death, but we don’t know if Q did the same to her as well.


Whatever Q did to her in the past that was so terrible, it must have been something pretty awful for even Warlock to not want him around Candy Cane.

I don’t think that he was the one to kill the baby because he was a bit surprised that Hanna asked him where the baby was. Since he was in prison for 3 years, he wouldn’t know anything about where his son was.

Based on what Candace told Hanna (the baby was with Q) and what she told Benny (the baby was with a nanny) we can assume that Hanna did not know Q was in prison.


Why you ask?

Think about back in Episode 1 when Hanna asked why Candace was around the Cryer family. She asked if that lowlife (Q) had her working another job to rob these people blind. Right there that lets me know that she didn’t know Q was in prison. However, in last week’s episode when Hanna tells Candace and Benny that Q broke into her home, Benny asked “He’s out?” This means that he knew Q was in prison, but it seems that Hanna did not!


It isn’t that surprising because Benny knows things about Candace that Hanna does not know. The two do not talk to each other, but her children have a bond. For example, Benny knew long before Hanna that Candace was in law school.

One last thought on Candace’s “rags to riches” story from being broke to going to law school involves her baby being dead. It is possible that she had some kind of insurance on her child and if anything happened to it then she would get the money. So if he baby died and she collected insurance for him then that would be one possible explanation of how she was able to afford going to law school.

So is Candace lying about the baby being dead or is she telling the truth? That is up for you to decide after reading all of this. In Episode 1, she did lie about her mother being dead (when she was standing right beside her serving drinks) so it wouldn’t be surprising if she lied about this too. However, it is all left up to speculation until we truly know what happened.

When all is said and done what do you believe? Is the baby still alive and if so where do you think he is? If the baby is dead well who do you think killed it and why?


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8 thoughts on “Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Is Candace’s Baby REALLY Dead?

  1. ingrid says:

    I think baby is with Celine.

  2. Debra Thomas says:

    Warlock have the baby

  3. […] the whereabouts of her baby. Hanna doesn’t believe Q killed the baby and that somewhere the boy is still alive. The only other role I can see her playing in the finale is sneaking out of the house. She has to […]

  4. China says:

    When Q was released from jail and went looking for Candace he told Amanda that the baby was with Candance’s mother??? So I don”t think he killed the baby.

  5. Toni says:

    I believe the baby is still alive, because when Candace was asking for a condo she mentioned two bedrooms and a daycare. She also calculated how much money it would take to care for a child for 18 years…now we know that she was asking for the money for her none existing pregnancy, but the amount would have allowed her to take care of her child as well as established her.

  6. Winter says:

    the baby is still alive its with the person youd least expect it to be with someone no one pays attention to connect the dots enough money to support more than one person and if her baby was really dead no matter what kind of person you are 1. youd be devasted 2.kill urself or 3.devote your life to being a good person or atleast visit the grave

  7. lucy says:

    I think that candaces baby is still alive and him being dead is part of candaces fake
    stories..I think the baby is somewhere with someone not yet introduced to the plot

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