Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: How I Think Season 2 Will End

By Jeremy Carden


Since I’ve been putting out a few HAHN Theory blogs during the week in between new episodes, it has been suggested by some of my faithful readers that I do a blog with my predictions on the Season 2 finale.

I just want to start off by giving a big thanks to everyone who has followed my blog since I started the topic of HAHN theories. It is very humbling to know that writing these blogs and posting them can reach so many people in a short amount of time. Of course, I wouldn’t be able to come up with all of these amazing theories without constantly talking about this show with my mother. She is just as involved in this as I am! We both discuss possible scenarios and from there I get on my laptop and put it all together in blog form.

With that being said, prepare yourselves because this might be one of the longest HAHN theory blogs that I’ve ever written because there are A LOT of things to cover! I’m not 100% sure if I will hit the mark on every possible scenario, but I’m going to give it my best shot. Keep in mind that there are 3 full episodes left before the season comes to a close. As I said in many of my previous HAHN blogs, this is a Tyler Perry masterpiece that has you on the edge of your seat during each episode. There are a lot of possible plot twists and cliffhanger endings that could throw my theories completely out of the window. However, that does not take away from the fun that I have when coming up with these blogs.

One thing that I think we can all agree on is that we will probably receive more questions than answers before Season 2 wraps up. At least we know that Season 3 IS in on the way, but as of right now we will have to wait until 2015 to see it. I know this is a shock, but at least the show isn’t cancelled or anything.


We are going to have to wait quite awhile until the next season and I think we can all guess what that means about the Season 2 finale. That’s right! I’m talking about the last episode on July 29th ending with some heart wrenching cliffhanger. It is going to be a killer for true addicts of this show. Can you imagine how painful that is going to be for some people? To have to wait from the end of July to early 2015 (I’m guessing January) to find out the outcome of whatever event is going to take place in a couple of weeks.

Season 2 was an interesting season because it was literally cut in half by a brief “intermission” between episodes. This confused many fans (including myself) because it seemed that Season 2 was only 10 episodes and Season 3 was only 10 episodes as well. However, Season 2 is a total of 20 episodes and Season 3 is reported to be 20 episodes as well.

Looking at how the first half of Season 2 ended, that led me to some possible theories about how the second half of this season will end.


In Episode 10 of Season 2, Candace  brought down Jim’s empire. This occurred when she came into his campaign office and told “her audience” about how she had more demands and that she was carrying Jim’s baby. Jim was through with this nonsense and this led to Candace being abducted by the Malones.

The whole purpose of this was for Jim to list out demands and finally gets Candace to comply with what he wanted. Of course, we all know that Jim ordering Candace to be killed was just to spook her enough to realize that he isn’t someone to screw around with.

Why do I think this might predict what will happen at the end of Season 2? Well now that Candace has returned to her apartment…we know that she is not a happy camper. Jim’s movers who came and took all of Amanda’s things also took Candace’s things away. Can I just say that my heart went out to Candace when she came back to her empty apartment? It was so sad to see her at rock bottom especially in the way she said “My clothes…my books…my shoes…” (Especially since she only had the clothes on her back and the socks on her feet at the time).


She went to Warlock to request that he abducts Jim and I’m pretty sure she is going to do to him what the he did to her. When she goes to Warlock she says that she has it all under control but she was lacking the muscle. That is similar to how Jim “handles” his situation with Candace but just needed the extra muscle from the Malones for full effect.

Last week, she was watching her small TV on her blowup mattress that looks like it came from Goodwill (she is really making sure that $5,000 Warlock gave her will last for awhile) and hears the announcement about Jim making his public statement about running for governor.

A few moments later, she calls up Warlock (on her new phone) and says that Jim needs to be acquired that night. With that being said, I think we can assume that he will be in Candace’s hands either at the end of the episode tonight or next week.

Candace will probably keep him for only a few hours. Why do I say this? Well considering that he is going to make his public announcement about running for office the next day, I’m sure that Jim will do or pay whatever it takes to be released from Candace and Warlock’s crew. She even promised Warlock $100,000 for bringing Jim to her.


I think the main purpose for kidnapping Jim will mirror why he had Candace kidnapped; to list out demands! I’m sure that Candace will want ALL of her things back, more money and probably even more than she demanded at his campaign office! I think she said something about $2 million and a condo or something.

She knows how important running for governor is for Jim and as she told Warlock “I have him by the balls!”

Now that is one of my first theories about how Season 2 will come to a close or at least what will happen in the next episode or the one right after it.


Moving onto Jeffery, Season 1 ended with him finally coming out of the closet to his parents and that led to Veronica disowning him until he does what she wants him to do. The main role I see him playing in these last few episodes will be him still struggling with being who he truly is or living under the thumb of his mother forever.

Melissa is his main distraction if you want to label her like that. Veronica was the whole reason behind her being introduced to Jeffery in the first place. I’m sure we call all agree that last week was a shocker when she told Jeffery that he was going to have sex with as many women as possible until he liked sex and become a straight man.


Considering that he and Melissa had sex (briefly because he said he could only get it up for a couple of seconds while thinking about a guy; Wyatt) which he later tells Landon was UNPROTECTED SEX…Jeffery might have to deal with a possible baby in the near future.


Landon at first seemed like Jeffery was in Season 1 when he was trying to get with his love Wyatt. I mean that Landon was pushing himself onto Jeffery, but maybe not physically as much as verbally. He kept taunting Jeffery about how talking to girls and whatnot did not make him straight and that he couldn’t hide who he truly was forever. Now he seems to be what Jeffery needs more than anything else; an actual friend who tells him the truth and how to come to terms with his homosexual lifestyle.


Next up, we have Amanda who is playing a dangerous game of Eeny Meeny Miny Moe! Since she is back in her family’s house (a place that she does not want to be) with her gun, it has been determined that Jim is her “Moe” which could mean that at some point she plans to shot him. Jim certainly has his work cut out for him because he is oblivious to his daughter’s obvious lack of mental stability and he assumes that when it comes to Candace that “he handled it” and she is no longer a problem. However, this could not be further from the actual truth because he is in extreme danger.

At the end of last week’s episode, she ran off (drove off) with Quincy somewhere but for some reason she has come back to the house. In the preview for this new episode, she is seen back in her room meaning that Q must have brought her back or she came home herself somehow. It seems that the main reason she left the house was because of the doctor who was going to stop by and see her later that day.


Considering that Q brought her back home, I think that they must have come up with some kind of plan. He knows about the $12 million inheritance that Amanda is trying to get from her parents and while Amanda is finally starting to like Q…that might not be a good mix. He can only see $ signs while she can only see some dark chocolate (if you know what I mean).

I think at some point Q will eventually show up again at the Cryer Mansion or someplace to meet up with Amanda for “Part 2” of whatever plan they might have concocted while they went off somewhere. When you think about it Q could be seen as “Amanda’s muscle” like Warlock is to Candace or the Malones if to Jim. He might be the key (at least in her eyes) to getting her inheritance money.


Aside from Amanda, the main “Q Plot” in the story is also finding out where Candace is. We don’t know what happened between the two before he went to jail. What we do know is that he murdered someone and that he did something horrible to her. This could involve their baby or he could have beaten her up or something like that pimp who nearly beat him to death. I’ve said before that I think Q might have killed that pimp who beat up Candace. Why would Q beat up Candace? Not sure but we do know that Warlock mentioned “After what you did to her last time…” that Q did something bad to her and Warlock did not want him around “Candy Cane.”


Moving onto Wyatt, we know that the guilt for what he did (hitting Benny and the little girl) is eating him up on the inside. Really the only thing that I would like to see happen with him this season or next season would involve us learning the full story about what happened that night outside of the crack house. Wyatt and little Lizzie’s mother were both high that night and I really don’t think that they remember everything exactly like it happened that night. It just makes me feel like we are still missing an important piece to that particular mystery.

From what we can tell, Jim plans to use Norman as Wyatt’s “get out of jail card” (like how Wyatt used his knowledge of Jeffery being gay as a wild card to get out of rehab last season). So it seems that Wyatt might not go to jail even though the D.A. and some police are coming to Jim’s house in the next episode.


Season 1 seemed to be where the friendship of Katheryn and Hanna began, but Season 2 was about their friendship being put to the test. It was all really about how her son hit Hanna’s son and put him in the hospital. I don’t think that the cracks in their friendship will be mended by the end of this season and it is really sad because it was great seeing them bond like they did. If Jim’s plan really does prevent Wyatt from going to jail, I can see Hanna being even madder than before.

It seems to me that after finding out that Benny’s hospital bill was covered by Katheryn along with the fact that she saved her son from death, Hanna might be having second thoughts about testifying against Wyatt. However, I think she speaks the truth about Wyatt paying for his crime.


During this season, I like to think of Katheryn as an “orbiting character.” By that I mean that she is kind of involved but not involved with the plot of different characters. Kind of like how the moon orbits the earth but never touches it aside from glowing at night and changing the tides. I believe after she got out of the hospital last season she told Veronica that before she had tried fixing every little thing and that nearly killed her. From that point on, she was just going to sit back and even if everything fell to pieces she was not going to do anything about it.


That might explain why she isn’t directly planted into any one particular story line in the plot of this season. She is concerned about Amanda and is angry since Jim does not seem to want to admit to something being wrong with her. Not to mention the fear she felt for Wyatt after everything that happened that night with the Black Sedan. Jim is “handling” the Wyatt Crisis and Katheryn is doing what she can to help Benny. So, I think at some point her and Hanna will reconcile and get their friendship back on track. If anything, we can conclude that Katheryn’s role in Season 2 involves her children, Hanna and Benny (in terms of saving his life).


Here we come to a love triangle of David, Veronica and Maggie. As I mentioned before, Veronica’s main concern is making sure that Jeffery begins to like women even if that means having sex repeatedly with women until he likes it. Veronica’s deception is why David moved out of their house in the first place. This led to him staying at the same hotel that Maggie was staying at (along with the rest of Jim’s campaign staff). In one of my earlier blogs, I mentioned the possibility of Maggie sabotaging David’s marriage in order to get to him. That of course was one reason she released Q from prison by sending Veronica to get him out. She knows that David is a good man (unlike Jim) and that to get to him she must eliminate her primary obstacle which is Veronica.

Jay-Z Solange fight

After coming onto him in a drunken state, she apologizes the next day and David forgave her. This leads to Veronica seeing them come out of David’s hotel room together and it enrages her. Well I’ll say she was furious on the inside because she did not want a Solange/Jay-Z elevator scenario going down at the hotel because they were in public.


Does this mean that Veronica is done with Maggie and that Maggie is done trying to pursue David? I’m not 100% sure because if Maggie does try to get with David again she knows that Veronica would come after her. However, if Maggie does try to get close to David again she might go about it a little more discreetly this time around. I think it is safe to say that Veronica is going to have a very close eye on Maggie from now on.


David is concerned about his son but not in the same way that Veronica is. He really wants to embrace his son and learn how to help him instead of hurt him. That was why he asked Landon about what it was like to live with being a homosexual. I do find it interesting how despite David and Jeffery not liking how Veronica acts neither one of them tolerates anyone talking bad about her.


Landon talked about how he despises parents like her who disowns their homosexual child, but Jeffery cut him off.


Maggie makes a few snide remarks about Veronica, but David cuts her off in a heartbeat. He did the same to David a few episodes back when he was talking bad about her.


It is clear that deep down these two truly love Veronica even if they cannot tolerate the way she has been acting lately.


One mystery that still needs to be solved involves that Black Sedan! We know that Veronica has it and is using it as a control mechanism for both Jim and Jeffery.


Then we get to Celine and I’m certain that we are all thinking the same thing; she has a child with Jim! We don’t know who exactly this child is, but we do know that it has been hinted at several times in this season. That was actually my first HAHN Theory blog! It involved the possibility of Amanda being Celine’s daughter.

However, there is a “mystery man” from Season 1 who was the one to sell the office space for Jim’s campaign to Maggie. He was oddly concerned that Jim was going to be in that particular office and wanted to know how he could help out with the campaign. Could he be a child of Jim? From what I can remember we don’t know what his name is so it is possible that he could be Jim’s son but we don’t know who the mother is. He has had 8 mistresses before Candace so it could be Celine or 1 of the other 7.


Some fans are also wondering where Professor Cannon is, but to be honest since Amanda seems to be mainly focused on her family right now in terms of murder…he might not show up again for awhile. The only reason I could see him coming back would be when people learn the truth about Amanda being raped, possibly carrying a baby from that rape or if Candace ever went back to law school to take the bar test to become a lawyer.


Bryon reminds me of the detective that David hired in Season 1 to plant drugs in Candace’s sports car and arrests her (but gets Benny instead). That is because he had a slight change of heart and told Tony that Benny was innocent, but in this case Bryon is beginning to have a soft spot for Hanna. This is causing a rift between him and Jim in terms of his job and also since Hanna found out that he was a lying dog…things are going to be rough between those two as well. This might cause Hanna to fall for Michael (grandfather of the little girl who was killed in the same hit-and-run that Benny was in), but we will see how that all plays out.


Tony is going to show up at Hanna’s house when the party celebrating Benny’s return from the hospital is taking place. A good plot here is that he comes when Hanna, Candace AND Benny are all in the same room. Candace and Hanna know that Tony wanted him dead for his kidney, but Benny doesn’t know that. Will he find out the truth is the big question I hope gets answered tonight.

As far as I can tell, this pretty much wraps up my thoughts on the things that might go down between now and the Season 2 finale. Of course, since there are 2 episodes prior to the finale my thoughts on this might change.

Here are some “last second theories” if you want to call them that because there are still a few unanswered questions that I have;


  1. Where is Candace going?

After she called Amanda and learned that Q was looking for her, she pretty much grabbed what little she had from her apartment and left. She knew that Amanda might slip up and tell Q that she had returned to the apartment and thought it best to leave. Where is she going though?

It would have to be a location that no one would expect her to go and a place where she’d feel safe. My first thought would be with Warlock’s crew and that was because I thought it was a place Q would never go (again) because Warlock told him not to come there anymore.

However, I have a slight reason to believe it might be Jeffery’s apartment. First of all, she knows that he has it back since he told her and Amanda before moving out that his mom gave it back to him (since he was going to start doing what she wanted him to do). Not to mention it would be like him returning the favor for letting Candace letting him stay at her place when he had nowhere to go after coming out to his parents and Veronica cutting him off completely (both in terms of emotion and money).


  1. What’s the connection between Jim and the Malones?

Aside from being hired muscle for Jim, it seems that there is something we don’t know about the Malones. Mama Rose keeps asking Jim when he’d stop by some restaurant, but he tells her that he can’t due to the circumstances that he is in right now with Wyatt and whatnot. Some fans even suggest that they might be related!

I’ll put it this way; at the end of Episode 2 when Jim and Candace are in his office at home, he tells her the story of one of his first cases on the bench as judge and he let an obviously guilty killer off the hook. This was a person who killed women and because Jim let him go, each holiday he sends Jim a card with a note saying that if he ever had a problem with a woman that he could contact him and he’d take care of it. This was most likely a fear tactic to scare Candace kind of like how the set up with the Malones was to scare her.

If you wanted to put these two things together we could conclude that the Malone family (or at least one of the members; Mama Rose or one of her boys) is the same “person” Jim was referring to in that episode. So if it does turn out that they are related it would be an interesting plot twist, but we will have to see about that.


  1. Will Jim and Wyatt ever go on their vacation to a cabin in the mountains?

Wyatt did ask to get away from it all by going to the mountains. Jim said that in a few days they would all take a trip up there, but Wyatt said that he just wanted to go with Jim. This means that this vacation would probably happen after Jim announces his campaign for governor. It has yet to be determined if it will just be those 2 going into the mountains of if Katheryn and Amanda are going too. If Amanda goes then I don’t think that will go too well since she has a gun and is going to be in a secluded area with people that she wants to kill.

Alright, so that is pretty much everything that I have on my mind about what will happen from now until the season finale. To sum everything up, I’ll go over what I expect from the finale on July 29th.

There is no doubt in my mind that we will end on a huge cliffhanger ending like we did in the season finale of Season 1 when Benny was hit and the finale of the first part of Season 2 when Candace was taken by the Malones.

We were on the edge of our seats for weeks and months about whether or not Benny was alive or if Candace was going to be killed and not to mention where she was being taken away to.


Considering that Season 3 is not set to air until early 2015, Tyler Perry is going to have to come up with some big cliffhanger that will keep fans interested until the show starts up again next year.

As I said at the beginning of this blog, there will probably be more questions than answers in the next few episodes. Of course one of the main things being about Candace’s baby and perhaps we will finally learn the truth about that tonight.


I’m going to be honest and say that while watching the finale to Season 1 I was a bit disappointed.  I remember watching it with my mom and we were thinking that the episode right before that one was more eventful and exciting. Seriously, go back and watch the Season 1 finale and tell me what you think about it. Don’t get me wrong, the last part of the episode was good but the first 20 or 30 minutes just wasn’t eventful. I know that it was the set up for Season 2 and whatnot, but for a finale it did not get good until the last 20 minutes. That was when Jeffery confronted his parents about being gay and then we see Wyatt hit Benny.

That is my main hope for the Season 2 finale because I want it to have me on the edge of my seat the ENTIRE hour! However, we will see how that plays out because there needs to be a set up for the plot of Season 3.


I hope that during the hiatus between Season 2 and Season 3, we will finally get a DVD release! I would love to have Season 1 so I can watch the episodes over and over again to just enjoy the episodes and possibly pick up on clues that I did not notice the first time around.

What do you think about the Season 2 finale and what do you expect to happen? Will we finally get a DVD release of the HAHN during the hiatus? How are we supposed to last 5+ months until the next season?


Like what you read? Then be sure to follow me on Twitter (@jccarden) because on Tuesday nights at 9 PM I’m on there tweeting during each new episode of the #HAHN! Also follow my blog so you can enjoy my new articles when they are posted. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #WHEREISTHEBABY for the next exciting episode of Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots! 


4 thoughts on “Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: How I Think Season 2 Will End

  1. Autumn says:

    Mr. Tyler Perry are u serious we have to wait till January? This is better than all tv shows. We luv this show please get it going sooner. This needs to be a daily show with longer episodes. You are doing a wonderful job.

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  3. […] Season 2 finale came true; it was highly underwhelming in many ways. I actually wrote about it in another blog regarding my thoughts about what would happen in the finale. Overall, it was a slow moving train […]

  4. […] Season 2 finale came true; it was highly underwhelming in many ways. I actually wrote about it in another blog regarding my thoughts about what would happen in the finale. Overall, it was a slow moving train […]

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