Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Where is Candace’s Baby?

By Jeremy Carden


The question on everyone’s mind in regards to the upcoming HAHN episode revolves around the whereabouts the Candace Young’s baby boy.


According to Hanna, the baby should be around 5-years-old at this point. There are several theories that might indicate where exactly the baby is.

  1. The baby is dead

Yes, it is sad to say but one of the most talked about scenarios is that the baby somehow died. I know I’ve said this in many of my other HAHN blogs, but there is one key piece of evidence that suggests that it is true. When Candace was enraged at the “death of her brother” she says that “even babies die…”


This was never further explored in that scene with Candace, Amanda and Jeffery but it was something some viewers picked up on and have held onto ever since. Now it has yet to be determined if the child is dead and for that matter how the child died in the first place.

  1. The child is in some sort of child protection program

This relates to the fact that Quincy was put in jail for murder (which was something I speculated in another blog). We do not know who Q killed and why, but it might involve Candace somehow. As I mentioned in another post, my theory is that the pimp who Candace was working for back in the day that beat her nearly to death was the one Q killed.


Since her baby daddy was a murderer, Candace might have put her child somewhere that Q wouldn’t be able to find him. Keep in mind that Hanna said Candace left the child with her for a couple of years and then took him back and she hasn’t seen him since. For all we know, Candace might have put him into protective service then.

Q has been in jail for 3 years, Hanna had the baby for 2 years but Candace took him away and she hasn’t heard from him since for 3 years. Put all of that together and we can deduce that the murder took place just before Candace took back her child from her mother. This would suggest that the baby was put into protective service either right before or right after Q was put into prison. That would explain why he hasn’t seen him since before he was in jail.

Not to mention the fact that not even Hanna knows where her grandbaby is. Candace is a trickster and deceiver but I guess you could say that if this theory IS right then she loves her baby very much and will do anything to protect him.

  1. The child is with one of Candace’s friends

Now if you look at #2, you’d think that it was a legit organization that Candace put her baby into in order to keep him safe from harm. However, knowing all of the connections that Candace has it would make sense to consider that one of her “associates” so to speak is taking care of her child. It could be a character that hasn’t been introduced into the series just yet or maybe someone that we have seen.


If I were to put money on it being a character that we HAVE seen in the series, I would say that it would be Warlock. It seems that this guy looks to “Candy Cane” like a little sister or something. To me he is like the “Benny” of the criminal underworld that Candace is involved with so to speak.

However, if you think that Candace wouldn’t want her baby to be into the kind of life that she is involved with someday then it could be argued that her child is not around those types of people. I bet that Warlock is trustworthy with Candace, but I’m not 100% sure if her baby is with him.

There is also one small clue that is worthy of taking a look at involving where the baby is; a missing chunk of Candace’s money.

When she needed Jim’s help to move her brother from a county hospital to another one that would actually do something for him, he outright refused. She was willing to do EVERYTHING that Jim wanted!

She was going to leave Amanda alone, give back everything she got from him, go through an abortion to get rid of “their baby” and so on. In regards to the $100,000 that she got before there was a strange amount of it missing…


We know that $50,000 went to Benny in order to pay off the mortgage to Hanna’s house. Though when she told Jim there was $30,000 left of the money that she was going to give back…it left us wondering what happened to the other $20,000?

*I can’t recall off the top of my head if it was $20,000 or $30,000 that was remaining so just use your imagination on this one*

In regards to the theories above, one might assume that the “missing money” was used to pay the person taking care of the baby. Well either that or Candace spent it on something else, but I don’t know it is a very interesting way of looking at things in regard to her baby.

What do you think is the child dead or alive? Will we find out in the next episode where the baby is when Hanna confronts Candace about it?


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