Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: What’s Wrong with Benny?

By Jeremy Carden


Everyone was overjoyed to finally see Benny Young waking up after the hit-and-run accident! He is finally back at home with his mother Hanna and she couldn’t be happier.


However, it seems that we aren’t quite seeing the same Benny that we saw before the accident…

Is it just me or is there something a little “off” about him?

My mom and I first noticed this when he got the nurse’s phone number while he was at the hospital. Just the way he acted when he got her number was a bit strange. Not just in how he said “Thank you!” but just by his facial expressions.

At first we thought it was just something to add a little humor to the situation because he has been out cold for months…oops I mean a few days (months to us in the real world but only a few days in the timeline of the HAHN).


When he first wakes up and was talking with Hanna he kept blabbing on about random topics: asking about Candace, if he tow truck was ok, how expensive the hospital he was in looked, about Tony, etc.

Alright, everything there seemed pretty normal right?

It made sense because a lot of things went down before he was put into the hospital so it would only be natural that he had several questions that he would want answered

Finally, we get to last week’s episode when he returned home and it was then that my suspicions were confirmed about Benny’s behavior; he’s not all there…

Outside of the house when he had a little emotional breakdown and started crying, I’ll admit that it was very touching because he almost died and he missed his mom. Though the part where he was like a little kid walking barefoot in the grass and everything had me puzzled.

Then we get to the bathroom scene when he was on the phone with Candace. I’m sure all of the ladies were in awe because he was shirtless. It was very strange because this “Benny” was just not who we saw in Season 1. He had a Ronald McDonald smile on his face and just the way he was talking like saying “sweetheart” was just strange.


When he was making his pecks jump and all I was confused because I was thinking it was Terry Crews/Damon from Friday After Next for a second there.

Something else that I noticed aside from his behavior is just that there seems to be a different vibe coming off of him. Is it just me or is there a pale look to his skin?


Well in the next episode we will see everything come to a head because Candace AND Tony will come over to the house. This is going to be one “Welcome Home Benny!” party that you won’t want to miss!

The question still remains about what exactly is wrong with Benny if there is anything is wrong with him at all. Though looking at the scenes from above I’m sure we can all agree that there is something a bit off about him.


It all goes back to right before Benny was taken off of the medical machines so the doctors could see if he could breathe on his own again without all of the equipment. Right before the doctor could go over the side effects of the procedure, Hanna cut him off saying that she did not care because if it meant Benny had a chance of coming back to her it didn’t matter.

Looking at that along with the possible side effects of any medication he’d be taking after the accident or even a slight bit of brain damage we can conclude that there IS something wrong with him. One of the side effects could relate to personality changes or mood swings.


Benny’s situation really reminds me of Amanda when you think about it. Jim was overjoyed to have his daughter back home, but he is oblivious to her obvious personality changes!

Hanna is the same way because she wanted her baby back so much that she seems to be ignoring the changes in Benny as well.


Let’s just hope that Benny doesn’t go get a gun like Amanda did! Though this look on his face let’s me know that he is going to be furious at someone or something…

With all of that being said, I hope that Benny gets back to himself soon because he was in jail and then the hospital! Can’t this poor guy catch a break?


Do you see a change in Benny? Do you think it has to do with the procedure that took him off of the medical machines or the medication that he is taking? Will Hanna open her eyes to see that something is off with her son? 


Benny always stops Hanna whenever she is talking bad about his sister, but when the whereabouts of her baby is brought up will he give a listening ear to what Candace has to say?


I hope that we find out something in the next episode!

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