Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Did Wyatt Hit Benny and the Little Girl?

By Jeremy Carden


Pretty much the focus of Season 2 has been about Wyatt paying for his involvement in the hit-and-run situation with both Benny and little Lizzie.

However, the question still remains as to whether or not Wyatt actually hit these two victims.

You’ve seen the different hash tag signs on Twitter and other social media outlets that say things like #FreeWyatt or #WyattMustPay. However, my mother and I have discussed since the beginning of Season 2 the possibility of Wyatt NOT being the one to hit little Lizzie.

The main reason for our doubt of Wyatt being the one to hit the little girl is based on one major component that played a part in this entire situation; drugs.

They say that there are 3 sides to every story; his side, her side and the truth!

Who were the witnesses to what happened that night outside of the crack house? From what we have seen on the show the people who “know” what happened that night include both Wyatt and the little girl’s mother.

However, you have to remember the people at the crack house along with the guys who were beating up Wyatt while trying to rob him.

Another important thing to remember is that everyone was on drugs! Even if they claim to recall everything that occurred that night it does not mean that they have a complete memory of what happened!


One huge piece of supporting evidence of this was when Michael (the little girl’s grandfather) told the detective at the police station that his daughter wasn’t there to point out the suspect of the accident because she was probably off somewhere getting high.

It makes you wonder why she brought her daughter to a crack house in the first place!

So we know that Wyatt had just left the rehab center after he fooled Jeffery into him admitting that he was gay. Jeffery was enraged by Wyatt toying with his emotions and when he threatened to leave to go tell Jeffery’s parents what had happened he got hit in the back of the head with a golf club!

He leaves a distraught Jeffery and goes to the crack house to get high.


When I first saw this I was very confused because there were 2 places I thought Wyatt would have went after leaving the rehab center. For one, I thought he would reconcile with Laura because Jeffery’s lies sabotaged any chance of those two getting back together. The other place I thought he’d go was where he was going in the first place which was to expose Jeffery’s homosexuality to the Harrington’s. Wyatt was going to do that because it was his “get out of jail free card” due to all of the lies and deception that Jeffery put him through.

My mom told me that the reason that he went back to the crack house was because he relapsed and that was how he was used to dealing with things. After she told me that, I thought that it made sense but of course it was not the smartest thing that he could have done.

In any case, at some point we know that while he was at the crack house there were people who tried to rob him. Lizzie’s mom told the police that they were robbing a guy who came into the house wearing nice clothes and shoes so it looked like he had money. She then said someone driving the car (Wyatt) hit her baby, turned the car around and went up the street. After leaving the crack house, that was when Benny was hit. That was the story from the perspective from Lizzie’s mother who was high while everything was going on.


Later on we find out from Wyatt what happened from his perspective of the event. He was jumped by some guys at the crack house and at some point he fell on the ground. As he was lying on the ground, he was being beaten until he finally managed to get up, get into his car, the people assaulting him were holding onto the back of the car but he sped off and they let go or fell off. Afterwards, he says that he hit the little girl and then Benny before going back to his parent’s house.

Though there are some things that have to be considered before jumping to the conclusion that Wyatt was responsible for everything that happened. Similar to Lizzie’s mother, Wyatt was high and he couldn’t completely recall everything that happened.


Secondly, where did he leave his car before coming home? He did not drive back home after “he hit Benny.” It is possible that after hitting Hanna’s son, he went somewhere and left the car before walking home or something. That is the only thing that would make sense kind of like how Candace walked from the woods where the Malones left her to her apartment. Jim kept asking him where the car was so he could get to it first, but we later see that Veronica found the car and is in possession of it.

Finally, the last thing to consider is how long Wyatt was being beaten up for. Alright here is how I believe that things played out after he was knocked down on the ground. My mother and I pretty much setup this scenario based on everything that we know about what happened that night.


Wyatt was full of mixed emotions that night when everything went down. He was angry at Jeffery for all of the lies and ruining his relationship with Laura. That blow to the head from the golf club and trying to flee from Jeffery probably left him hurt, confused and creeped out that Jeffery would go that far to prevent his parents from knowing the truth about him. All of that caused him to relapse and go back to doing drugs in order to handle the pressures of everything going on around him. Then he probably felt a lot of fear and panic while being jumped by those guys trying to rob him along with being high on top of that it probably just escalated whatever he was feeling.


Looking at his face while he was driving down the road before we see Benny get hit, you could tell Wyatt “wasn’t there” it was like confusion and the effects of being high was written all over his face.

My mom and I think that one of the most important factors to consider is how long Wyatt was on the ground while being beaten. The guys who knocked him down probably caused Wyatt to slip unconscious for a little while. I mean remember he was knocked upside the head by Jeffery’s golf club and he was out cold for some time. Considering he was high at the time of the assault at the crack house, I’m sure that if he was hit hard enough that he would be out cold.


Now here is what my mom and I think happened while he was being beaten up on the ground. So sit back and read this thing!

While Wyatt was being beaten, one of the guys grabbed his car keys and took his car (kind of like how Wyatt took the keys from Jeffery and took his car). The person driving the car probably sped down the street and hit someone. Who did they hit? The little girl who was playing outside of the crack house! That’s right I’m talking about Lizzie!

The person driving the car probably panicked, turned the car around and jumped out. That was when Wyatt finally managed to break away from the people beating up on him. He then jumped into the car, sped off and the guys holding onto the back of the car fell off. While driving down the street, we see that Benny was down changing his tire, loading up a vehicle that he was towing or something like that. Then we see a car coming down the road bumping into things before finally hitting Benny like he was a deer caught in the headlights.

What really had me confused was how Benny reacted when the car was coming his way. I mean how did he not hear the Black Sedan hitting parked cars while it was coming down the street? Now is it just me or did it almost look like Benny jumped in the direction of the car? Considering where he was right beside his tow truck you’d think he would have squeezed between his truck and the vehicle parked in front of him or something to avoid being right in the middle of the street.


So there you have it that is how my mother and I broke down what happened that night. From the time Wyatt left the rehab center to the time he arrived at his parents’ house. Our overall conclusion is that Wyatt did hit Benny but did not hit little Lizzie.

I mean that girl’s mother saw Wyatt at the crack house and when he drove off. However, she probably didn’t see who actually hit her daughter. We can assume that the same car that hit the girl was the same car that hit Benny. That of course would be the Black Sedan!

Since Wyatt was high when he sped off in the car, he most likely SAW the little girl dead in the road and that caused him to panic. Again, that could explain the look on his face right before he hit Benny. He probably thought that he was the one to hit her.

After he sobered up, we see that Wyatt was full of guilt and regret. Due to everything going on, he finally said what we’ve all wanted him to say since Episode 1 and that was how he had loss the desire to ever drink or do drugs ever again. Sadly, it took a little girl dying and Benny being right at death’s door for him to realize that…


Just think back to when he was being interrogated before being put into jail for confessing to hitting the little girl. The investigator used the “smoking card” to get Wyatt to breakdown. That was when he told the guy what he remembered from that night and I already explained that up above. His memory of that night was pretty foggy just like the little girl’s mother was because they were high!

Then we get to when Wyatt was at the little girl’s tombstone at the cemetery and he runs when the mother recognized him. Did going to the girl’s gravesite resemble the old saying about how the criminal always returns to the scene of the crime? Did Wyatt running away from them and speeding off pretty much seal the fact that he was guilty?

In retrospect, yes it would say that he was guilty. However, I really don’t think that he was the one to hit the girl. Thinking about how this is a drama and a Tyler Perry show there are going to be some twists and turns when we least expect it!


Like the theme song of Wizards on Waverly Place says “Everything is not what it seems!

So again, I believe that Wyatt hit Benny but he was not responsible for hitting little Lizzie.


For all we know the goons who jumped Wyatt might have been some of Warlock’s crew!

What do you think did Wyatt hit both Benny and Lizzie? Did he hit no one at all? Will we know the full story about what happened that night before the finale of Season 2?

Leave your thoughts below because this is one topic that we really need to discuss before the finale!

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