Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots: My Favorite Amanda Cryer Moment

By Jeremy Carden


Again this is not a theory blog about the HAHN, but it is about one of my favorite moments from the series involving a particular character.

Our hearts went out to Amanda after she was raped by Professor Cannon. That was indeed one of the most dramatic events to happen in Season 1. After she was raped, we saw a very drastic changed in Amanda’s character.


She went from being the sweet, kind, insecure, timid and naïve daughter of Jim and allegedly Katheryn Cryer to being a psychopathic, bloodthirsty and naïve (well that hasn’t changed) version of her former self.

I know her medication or lack thereof caused her to have a mental breakdown, but finding that pregnancy test positive and recovering from her attempted suicide caused a major personality shift in her.

We are now seeing an Amanda that we haven’t seen before and it is quite scary to watch because you never know what she is going to do next.

I will give Tyler Perry and the other writers of the show some major props because we had a well-established character in Amanda prior to her dramatic personality shift. It wasn’t one of those things where Amanda was peachy one episode and then a killer psychopath the next. The buildup truly demonstrated that Amanda was truly broken and couldn’t put the pieces of her life back together again like the way it was before.


Amanda is pretty much demonstrating multiple personalities like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. One second she is kind of like she was before, but the next second she is completely psycho! To me it is like there are multiple “Amandas” because that is just how quickly the atmosphere around her can change.


Now if I had to pick any scene with Amanda that I’d consider my favorite there is no question in terms of it being the scene where she breaks into Professor Cannon’s house while he is in the shower.


I’m not a whiz when it comes to video making, camera angles and whatnot. In terms of writing scripts and coming up with video concepts that is where I shine brightest. During my time in college at Liberty University, I did take a few Cinematic Arts courses along with having several friends adept at using the camera. So when I saw the lighting for the scene in the picture above…it just blew my mind away!


The lighting and camera angle was absolutely perfect. You could see that the Amanda we knew was slowly but surely slipping away. I mean she was still looking like the adorable girl that we knew for the first several episodes, but there was just something darker about her now.


Seeing part of her face lit up with her beautiful smile, but some of her face covered in shadows was just a great illustration of the “new Amanda” that was coming in the near future.


Moving onto later home intrusions, she is clearly a lot creeper in appearance and much more psychotic. How can anyone forget the time she had the gun in the professor’s mouth?

I hope that she will eventually get the help that she is in desperate need of because I miss the old Amanda.

What is your favorite moment involving Amanda Cryer or any member of the HAHN cast?

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