Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots: David Harrington Is My Favorite Character

By Jeremy Carden


At this point, I’m sure most of you are expecting this to be some mind blowing theory that I’ve come up with about the HAHN. This time around I’m taking a different route while writing this blog. Sometimes it is good to take a step back from all of the theories and speculation to enjoy the show for what it is.

The topic of this blog is about why David Harrington is my favorite character on the show.


In Episode 2, I was drawn to the character when he came into Jim’s office to announce that the current governor (who was finishing up his final term) suggested that Jim run for office. The exchange between the two friends about Candace and how the situation should be handled was one of the highlights of that episode.

Looking back, I think it is David’s voice that got my attention. It sounds kind of gravely and you can’t help but listen whenever he has something to say.

Another scene that I loved from the show was after the detective who was supposed to setup an arrest for Candace ended up arresting Benny instead because he was driving her car that had drugs in it.


David and the detective were looking through the window at the police station and David noticed that it was a male and not Candace who was in custody. It could have been the plain blue wall as the background or the dialogue that took place, but that is probably one of my favorite scenes from the show.

One of David’s habits that make me laugh is how he is usually chewing on candy or something whenever he is happy. I love those moments whenever Jim is in his office steaming mad over something that has occurred (usually being outsmarted by Candace), and David just comes through the door with a smile on his face and some candy in his mouth. What makes those moments hilarious is how Jim reacts when he sees David like that. He is thinking that David is making light of a serious situation, but really it is because he has just handled a situation that would benefit them both.

David seems to be a no nonsense kind of person and I like that about him. While Jim isn’t certain about handling Candace in the fastest and most effective way possible, David does not think twice about handling the situation in a way that would not tarnish Jim’s image.

While Jim wanted to handle it himself and seemingly hashed things out as long as he could, it was David would came up with plans that would have gotten rid of her for good. I’ll admit that none of those plans actually worked, but if it weren’t for a couple of potholes in the road he could have succeeded.


The detective arrested Benny instead of Candace and in another plan to pay Candace the $100,000 in increments to use towards law school she pulled a fast one on him. It was a pretty good plan on her part because prior to their meeting she informed a media worker that there were rumors going around about one of the judges (she didn’t give any names) fooling around with a prostitute. Then when he refused to give her the sports car and the $100,000 in cash, she began throwing things and beating herself up to make it seem like David was forcing himself on her. Now that was a solid plan! Considering he is not the type of character to back down, he is smart enough to comply with another person’s demands (for the moment) until he can come up with a way to get back at them. It was one of the few moments in the show that he was outsmarted.

His nickname for Candace is “The Criminal” and again it is just one of those things that make me laugh whenever he uses that name when bringing her up in conversation with Jim.

Aside from the plotting in order to cover up Jim’s affair and whatnot, I’ll talk about the kind of man David is.


From what we’ve seen, David is a very loving and caring man. One of his best moments was during Hanna’s visit to his office to check up on a lawyer to help get Benny out of jail (David’s plan that went south was the result of her son being wrongly locked up). David was acting nonchalant about the situation, but during Hanna’s prayer when David started crying…I can’t lie I get worked up watching that EVERY TIME.

That was when we saw a slight shift in character for David. I don’t think he is an “evil” character but he isn’t quite squeaky clean either. He’s been known to do some underhanded things in his past along with Jim. One of the main differences between the two is that he has never cheated on his wife. After his encounter with Hanna, he tells Jim that he just knows she has nothing to do with Candace’s assault on the Cryer family.


One thing I would love to know about is when Jim and David met and became “partners in crime” so to speak. That leads to another portion of the HAHN that we have yet to see; David dealing with Veronica’s drinking problem.


We know that due to a past abortion to get rid of a baby she had with someone from college, Veronica was struck with grief and that was the beginning of her alcohol problem. Later on, we know that she met David during law school. My guess is that her drinking problem did not become a very serious problem until after they were married and she kept having miscarriages losing one baby after another (until Jeffery was born). David tells Maggie that for his wife’s sake, he has remained dry without touching alcohol for sometime (until he drinks with Maggie).

Veronica was in rehab for her problem, but when she came out she began her own rehab center to help those in similar situations like herself. Now this just shows the kind of husband David is, despite all of the difficulties I’m sure he faced with Veronica having a serious drinking problem it seems that he stood by her the entire time!


Another thing to take note of is the main reason he moved out of the house to begin with; he tells Veronica that until she becomes the loving and caring person that he married that he would be gone. You could argue that the Black Sedan is one of the primary reasons for all of this but that is left up to interpretation.

I think that shows one of the main reasons why David has stood by her for so long despite her deception and trickery because he knew the REAL Veronica. He knew a loving and sweet Veronica not the one we’ve seen throughout the series. To me I feel that he knew her vulnerable side especially during her time going through her struggles with alcohol. From that time until the point when the series started, it seems that he has seen a negative change  in her personality.

If anything, I feel that Veronica is the “Have” version of the “Have Not” Candace Young. I noticed that in Season 1 when the two had their brief encounter in the restroom of the courtroom. Both have a feisty and go-get-it attitude along with not being the type of person to let anyone walk all over them.

haves have nots

Despite everything that his wife has put him through, David still loves her with all his heart. When Veronica thought he was cheating on her due to him acting strange, she had him followed and had pictures of him giving someone (Candace) a shiny new sports car. This made David upset, but to make things “even” if you want to tally up the deception in Season 1, he kept her out of Jim’s affair and his failed plot to get Candace in jail which resulted in Benny being incarcerated. Of course, once Veronica became involved she found out about everything.

Moving on to his son, it was mentioned early on in the series that one of David’s strongest political platforms was opposing gay marriage. It seems that he knew Jeffery was gay earlier on and so did Veronica but of course we know that she does not accept it.


In the Season 1 finale, Jeffery finally comes out to his parents as a homosexual. David said that it was alright and he still loved him anyway because he is his son. However, Veronica did not want to hear any of this causing her to literally disown him.

This just demonstrates that David has a heart that loves a person for who they are not what they are. It is the reason he was going to become an enemy rather than a friend of Jim when he said he was going to throw Jeffery “under the bus” in order to get rid of the hit-and-run charges on Wyatt.

Not to mention David does not tolerate ANYONE talking bad about his wife even if he does not like the way that she has been acting. He cut off Jim and Maggie from saying rude remarks about Veronica. This is a major difference between him and Jim because Jim said that David could say anything about his wife whenever he wanted to!


Of course, a David blog would not be complete unless I mentioned the pass few episodes involving Maggie’s attempts to seduce him. Despite all of her advances and alleged stalking, she was unable to make him have an affair. I say “stalking” because she literally knew that he moved out to the hotel and even moved hotel rooms to stay in the one adjoined to his own.

I’m not going to lie there were a few times when I thought that David was going to falter in his character and sleep with Maggie. The one moment that made me think that was when he had that one drink with Maggie at the hotel bar despite not having had a drink in years for Veronica’s sake.

However, I was proven wrong (thankfully) and he stuck to his morals by deciding not to sleep with Maggie. In the last episode, a sober Maggie comes to apologize to David for her inexcusable actions and like a true gentleman David says that all was forgiven.

Does this mean that Maggie will stop trying to seduce David? Well that depends on how you look at the situation. I think we should know more about it in the next episode coming up. As I mentioned before in another blog, I think that Maggie knows David is a good man who would not sleep with anyone behind his wife’s back like Jim. If that is the case, it might explain why Quincy went over to Veronica’s house which is a topic I cover in this blog.


The reason I feel drawn to David as a character is not only because he is a man of integrity but he is an African American man of integrity. He is a judge and in that line or work it is not uncommon for the people involved to be snobby, underhanded and selfish. David does not seem to have any of those traits in his character from what we’ve seen of him so far in the series. Well in terms of underhanded it has been shown in the series and I believed mentioned once or twice that he and Jim have done some under the table sort of deals to get out of sticky situations.

However, as I mentioned above in terms of David’s character he isn’t the kind of person who is one way in front of one group of people and then another way around other people. To me he is a what you see is what you get kind of guy. He loves his family and friends regardless of how they act and what they do. Now that does not mean he won’t call them out if they are being too reckless or unreasonable, but still he has love for them in his heart.


I cannot wait to see what is going to happen with David in these next couple of episodes before Season 2 comes to a close.

One final thing that I’d like to mention is how David/Peter Parros is one funny guy. He is one of the stars of the show who is always active on Twitter during the new episodes on Tuesday nights. I think one of the funniest tweets I recall posting was about the excessive use of the phrase “I’ll handle it” that Jim and David use on the regular.

10373996_932689503423835_4154974254175804145_n 10462739_932689510090501_9000721449492323694_n

I believe the actual tweet about how David and Jim would “handle” the cover up story using Donald to play the role of the man Wyatt hit in his car instead of Benny. After that scene, Peter tweeted me “How’s that for handled?” I was laughing so hard at that tweet!


Someday if these HAHN blogs I write catch the eye of Tyler Perry or Oprah and I get the chance to visit TP Studios, I’d probably lose my mind from sheer excitement. I know if I ever get the chance to meet some of the stars from the HAHN in person, I’d probably call them by their names on the show just because that is how I know them best.

Just because David is my favorite character on the show does not mean I don’t have others who I enjoy whenever they appear on my TV screen. Perry does a great job with the scriptwriting and I’m sure that the cast has a hand in shaping who these characters become. One episode you hate a character, but give it a few episodes more and your heart goes out to them.


For example, in Season 1 I was not a fan of Jeffery. Not because he was a homosexual, but because he was sabotaging Wyatt’s chances with getting back with Laura. Then in the season finale where Veronica pretty much wishes he was dead instead of one of her other children, you couldn’t help but to feel bad for the poor guy.


Hanna reminds me of my mother because she is a God fearing woman with a strong sense of character.


I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve had a huge crush on Amanda since the first episode! Not so sure how I feel about “Psycho Amanda” though…

Who is your favorite character on the HAHN and why?

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  1. Linda Kusaya says:

    My favorite character is Hannah

  2. Ceenika says:

    Let David and Hanna date!!!

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