Pokemon Theory: Ash vs. Alain/Mega Charizard Y vs. Mega Charizard X

by Jeremy Carden


I have a feeling that Ash Ketchum from the main Pokemon series and Alain who appeared in the Mega Evolution Special will eventually cross paths in the Kalos region.


In the Mega Evolution Special, Mairin tells Alain about an “amazing trainer named Ash who calmed down Garchomp on the top of Prism Tower and saved a falling Pokemon (Pikachu)!” and it was the same Garchomp from Sycamore’s Lab that Alain knew!

This means the Mega Evolution Special and the XY anime series are actually in the same “universe” in terms of story lines.

She goes on to say that Ash must have had a lot of trust and a good heart to calm down Garchomp like that and that goes along with the fact that a trainer and Pokemon must be in sync in terms of trust and heart to Mega Evolve. Knowing Ash we know he gets along with pretty much any Pokemon which kind of foreshadows him getting a Mega Pokemon sometime soon.


In one of my earlier Pokemon Theory blogs, I mentioned the possibility of Ash’s Charizard arriving in the Kalos region. Once it arrives, it would not surprise me if it evolves into one of its mega forms. I figured that it might occur around the time of the Kalos League. Considering that Mega Evolution is popular in the region, it wouldn’t surprise me if Ash uses Charizard in the Pokemon League in a mega form to fight against powerful opponents.

During the Mega Evolution Special, Alain’s quest is to battle against Mega Pokemon and to learn as much about this special method of evolution as he can. It was never mentioned if he was traveling around earning the 8 gym badges to compete in the Kalos League.
His Mega Charizard X proved to be a very powerful Pokemon, and considering Alain said it was his most powerful Pokemon means that he has more in his possession. For all we know he probably has other Pokemon capable of Mega Evolution, but the one he relies on the most is Charizard.


Alain has a Mega Ring and can evolve his most powerful Pokemon in his possession Charizard with the Charizardite X Mega Stone.
Halfway through the episode, he goes into a cave and finds another Mega Stone before facing a trainer with a Mega Garchomp.


If you ask me I think it is pretty obvious that Alain had just found the Charizardite Y Mega Stone. Charizard is capable of using 2 different mega forms so it is an interesting plot in the story line that Alain would have the stones to acces both forms for his Charizard. He even says that there is so much about Mega Evolution that he doesn’t know yet which explains why he didn’t realize that this stone could be used to let his Charizard turn into its alternate Mega Evolution.

Considering that Alan’s Charizard was able to hold its own against an Elite 4 Pokemon, I think that pretty much solidifies the fact that Ash would have to call upon one of his reserve Pokemon with experience instead of the ones he has caught so far in Kalos.
Not to mention Alan has BOTH Mega Stones for Charizard so if they battled he would probably give one to Ash if he didn’t already have one for himself.

This will finally allow fans to see a battle between both alternate mega forms of one of the most popular Pokemon in the franchise.

What do you think will Ash and Alan cross paths at some point in the XY anime and battle? If so who do you think would win in a battle between Mega Charizard X and Mega Charizard Y?

13 thoughts on “Pokemon Theory: Ash vs. Alain/Mega Charizard Y vs. Mega Charizard X

  1. jebus says:

    I was thinking ashes sceptile would be the one with the mega evolution

  2. Sak says:

    I’m pretty sure the mega stone he obtained halfway trough the episode more resembles a manectite, personally I would be really happy to see him use a mega manectric since it is one of the more forgotten megas and also my favourites.

  3. Gabe Lobe says:

    I hope ash gets a y charzard stone not x stone I thank x is stupid

  4. Unown P says:

    I think that they will cross paths, Alan gives him the mega, and challenges him. But that will probably be a bit after he gets a ring

  5. picachu says:

    ya wonderful

  6. wonderer says:

    Ash’s Charizard should be Stronger then Alain’s Charizard after training at Charicific Valley !
    Because Human-trained can’t suppress wild primitive Charizard from Charicific valley !
    That was the whole point of Ash leaving Charizard there .
    I haven’t forgot the Humiliation Ash’s Charizard had to suffer to establish this point
    So Even Alain’s Charizard being a equal of Ash’s charizard is unacceptable and it would be a slap to Ash’s face.
    But again , Writer favor new Character they created themselves like Trip & Cameron .
    So they might not care and make Alain Charizard stronger then Ash’s charizard because Alain was created by them while Ash was created by older writers..

  7. sam says:

    I think that team flare(the team in which Alain works) will start to rampage as it has frequently happened in anime throughout. Ash will face against Alain one on one with charizard who can mega evolve in Y form. Then it will be mega evolution X vs Y.
    Then ash will face their leader with all might and will defeat them. Just the same thing he has done in most of the previous series.
    Probably it will happen after the league matches. But I hope it will happen as it will be greatest battle ever.

  8. Latios101 says:

    Ash and Alain will eventually face off with the two mega Charizrds. But Alains Charizard has fought against two ledgendaries, so Ash will have a disavantage against Alain’s experience.

  9. ebad says:

    i think it will be a draw because if any mega evolution won then more people will play that game. personally i like ash’s charizard.

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