Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Who Is Going to Look for Candace?

By Jeremy Carden


The question behind the theory of this blog is not about whether or not Candace Young is dead. This time around the question on my mind is; Who is going to look for her?


I mean she has been missing for a few days (a few weeks for us, but it has only been a handful of days in the timeline of The Haves and the Have Nots) and questions are starting to arise.

Now assuming she is dead, her body is simply laying on the ground where she was shot. If she is alive, she will probably have no idea where she is and it would take some time before she can get back to the city.

Is it just me or does it look like the gun was shot near her head but not at her head?

Is it just me or does it look like the gun was shot near her head but not at her head?

If you ask me, there are only a handful of characters that will actually make an effort to go out and search for her by doing their own investigation.

Keep in mind that most of the characters are too busy with their own plot to even think about the whereabouts of Candace.

This list is in no particular order because it is just a rundown of characters that will probably make an effort to find Candace at some point. Not to mention there were some characters that were actually concerned (at one point) about Candace, but are now too distracted to get involved.


  1. Jeffery Harrington

This guy nearly lost his life when he went over to Candace’s apartment and found the gun-wielding Amanda there instead.

He asked if she had seen or heard from Candace lately, but Amanda hasn’t been in contact with her at all. Even after calling her phone multiple times she does not receive a reply. Jeffery thought it was strange and asked if she had ever done anything like that before (disappearing for a few days and cutting off contact with everyone), but Amanda says that she hasn’t.

Now right off the bat it appears that Jeffery was truly concerned and was using his psychology training to try and narrow down why Candace would act that way. My first instincts told me that Jeffery would probably deduce that because “her brother had died” Candace would isolate herself from everyone out of grief. She did say the only emotion she was feeling at the time (when she told Jeffery and Amanda that her brother had died) was rage. Specifically against anyone who could have helped her brother but didn’t (Jim).

The reason I think Jeffery will not continue his search for her (well at least not anytime soon) is because Melissa seems like she is going to be a major distraction. Based on the preview for this week’s episode, Landon will prove to be another distraction standing in his way.


  1. Benny Young

Probably one of the few people who Candace generally cares for is her brother. After waking up from the coma that he experienced after being hit by the Black Sedan, one of the first things that Benny asked about is where his sister is. Like Jeffery, he asked when was the last time Hanna spoke with her which was a few days ago and she hasn’t heard from her since. Hanna calls her phone but there is no answer along with her voicemail being full. Again like Jeffery, I think Benny will eventually look for his sister but for now he seems a bit too preoccupied with getting in contact with his father Tony. We do know that he is protective of his sister because he will go out on a limb if it means saving her from whatever trouble she is in.


  1. Amanda Cryer

She is Candace’s friend and former roommate (Jim made her move back home last week) who was concerned about not telling Candace that she was moving out. Jim tells her to leave a note behind, but I don’t think that satisfied her desire to say goodbye properly. The reason she probably won’t go looking for her is because well she’s crazy. Now that she has her gun and is living in a house full of the people she wants to kill (minus the professor), Amanda is preoccupied with that. Even when she “mellows out” at some points of the day, I don’t think she’ll successfully find Candace because she is too naïve. I mean even when the clues are right in front of her she doesn’t see them.


  1. Quincy

From the moment he was released from prison, the only thing on his mind has been finding out where Candace was so he could have his revenge for her squealing on him. Depends on how you look at the situation because Veronica said that she dropped the dime on him, but it has yet to be revealed if Candace did snitch. We do know that he was in jail for murder but we don’t know who he killed.

Last week, Amanda reveals everything to Quincy! Including the stuff about how she and Candace plan on suing her parents for the $12 million inheritance which seemed to spark his interest. Overall, if Quincy does find Candace then I don’t think he would beat her or anything. Since she is going to represent Amanda in court for the inheritance, it seems that Quincy would need her to be in “good condition.” He’ll probably use Candace and Amanda to get his hands on that money. I’m not sure if he and Candace will work together or the both of them will have their own plans of getting that $12 million for themselves.


Those are the 4 most likely characters to show enough concern for Candace to want to go out and look for her. In terms of everyone else, there really isn’t enough evidence to suggest that they’d be concerned for her safety. Hanna is used to her daughter being gone for long periods of time with little to no contact with her. I’m sure we can all agree that the only reason she wants to see Candace again is to finally know where her grandchild is. Not to mention, she is preparing to testify against Wyatt in court for hitting Benny and that little girl.


Jim told David that the Malones had her and considering he said “Well it’s about time!” then he knows there is a possibility that “The Criminal” will eventually be sent away from the city and never return or might wind up dead. I really don’t think Katheryn or Veronica could care for a second about the well-being of “#9.”


With that being said, Quincy seems to be the only person who has his full attention on finding Candace. Kind of funny when you think about it because in the next episode, he’ll have nearly a dozen guns pointed at his head and all he’ll be doing is looking for “Candy.”

In terms of whoever goes out to find her, keep in mind that none of the 4 people mentioned above have any clue that she was kidnapped and possibly killed. They’ll have to do a lot of detective work to solve this mystery!

Who do you think shows the most concern about finding Candace? Who will find her first? If she is alive, who do you think she will go to or encounter first?


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2 thoughts on “Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Who Is Going to Look for Candace?

  1. Evans Nkansah says:

    Wow! Good analysis. My stake is on Quincy and he will find her…

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