Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Where Is Professor Cannon?

By Jeremy Carden


Aside from the main characters in this series, there is one particular person who was literally stabbed in the back and hasn’t been seen since.


You’ve got it! I’m talking about the law school professor who raped Amanda and is now on the receiving end of her vengeance: Professor Cannon!

We haven’t seen him around since he jogged off in terror and with nothing left behind but a pool of his own blood from that knife jammed in his backside!

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My mother always jokes around that we haven’t seen him again because he is probably still running with that blade in him or he died because he bled to death (kind of a sick joke but the way my mom says it is funny).

At first, you might assume that Amanda has forgotten about the professor and isn’t going to kill him anymore. However, remember that when she bought the gun from the pawn shop she asked “Can this go through a professor?


Then at the dinner table with Quincy, she says that she wants to kill someone. He asks who and she says her mother, father and brother. That is strange because she did not mention the professor.

It could be due to her mental instability that her rage has somewhat shifted to be fully focused on her family dying. That wouldn’t surprise me considering Jim has brought her back into their home; a place full of the people she plans on killing (minus the professor)!


It seems to me that Amanda’s rage is directed at a particular person or group of people whenever she feels wronged. The professor raped her and that kind of started this whole ordeal which led to her only wanting revenge on him.

Then her parents refused to give her the $12 million inheritance and she feels ignored because they seem to only pay attention to Wyatt and that seriously pushed her over the edge (along with her serious lack of medication).


What really surprised me was Jim saying that the whole family will go up to the mountains within the next couple of days to get away from everything for a mini-vacation. Yeah Jim that’s real smart, not only do you let your psycho daughter trick you into bringing her gun home with her but now you want to take the family to a secluded place in the mountains for her to kill everyone!

Kind of ironic that the Malones “killed” Candace in the middle of nowhere with no witnesses and now Amanda might do the same to her family if they go to the mountains!


Wyatt then states that he only wants to go with Jim so we shall see if that is how it goes down or if the entire family comes along for the ride.

In any case, if we don’t see the professor anytime soon the next time he might appear will be either in the hospital from the stab wound or when it is revealed the Amanda is pregnant and everyone will be asking who did this to her.

Let’s say that his wife or someone asks how he got the stab wound, he’d have to come up with a story that he was robbed in the park or something like that. Think about it, if he reveals that Amanda has been stalking him and threatening his family as well as himself then he reveals that he was the one who raped her.

Some fans speculate that by this time he has grabbed his family and moved somewhere so Amanda could not find him. I doubt that because it would be a major cop out in terms of the script for the show to just write out a character like that. Especially, since he was the one who had this major impact in Amanda’s character development.


Do you think the professor will appear again? Will Amanda get locked away to receive the psychological help that she desperately needs before she gets another chance to kill him? Will the professor eventually be revealed to be the one to rape her and pay for his crimes? Will Amanda’s focus of rage be fully focused on her family instead of the professor?

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2 thoughts on “Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Where Is Professor Cannon?

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