Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Did Veronica Tell Melissa to Seduce Jeffery?

By Jeremy Carden


Veronica told Jeffery to find himself a black girl to date, but since he failed in doing what mama told him to do Miss “My Name is Veronica” took things into her own hands!


Meet Melissa: future law student (what woman in this show isn’t studying to be a lawyer?), daughter of one of Veronica’s friends and the girl she set Jeffery up with!


Let me just say that one of the funniest moments of the last episode was Jeffery’s facial expressions during the date.

It was as if this girl’s mouth would not close! What really had me stunned was the fact that it seems like Veronica picked a “Veronica clone” for Jeffery to date!


Veronica studied law just like Melissa is going to do and there is one other similarity that is a bit too creepy; the fact that Melissa drinks!

Remember that prior to the series beginning; Veronica had her own stay in rehab due to her own personal demons relating to alcohol.

Melissa told Jeffery not to tell anyone because his mom thinks she has a squeaky clean image. The fact that she was in a fraternity pretty much explains why she drinks. It just makes the story that much more interesting because Veronica does not know this about her.

haves and have nots 49

She mentioned that it was almost like a job interview when Veronica set her up with Jeffery and again that relates to the fact that she wanted someone like her for him to date. Not to mention Melissa studied ALL of Veronica’s cases (like Candace who studied all of Jim’s cases) which could have made a good impression on her.

The only time that Jeffery seemed interested in what Melissa was saying related to when she mentioned that she wanted to live her life for HER and not her parents. Jeffery can indeed relate to that in terms of Veronica wanting him to live the life she has planned for him.


Obviously, there is no kind of love connection at least from Jeffery’s point of view. He just kept the waiter bringing him drinks because his date would apparently not shut up.

That is all we got from this last episode, so now we have to look at the preview for next week!

It seems that Jeffery was going to get a cab for Melissa, but it appears that she is insisting on going back to his apartment.


There we see her literally seducing him and they might have sex! Pay attention to how Jeffery is fully clothed in this scene.


When he is on the bed he is undressed. How did that happen? Did he cave in to Melissa’s advances and willingly take off his clothes (or because he too had been drinking…) or did she take them off for him?

Why do I say that? In the preview, Landon says “Oh, so you think that makes you straight now?” That gives me the impression that Jeffery told him that he and Melissa had sex or that they went out on a date and being with a woman for a night possibly means he isn’t gay.

This theory is setup from 1 of 2 possible scenarios:

  1. Veronica wanting her son to become straight at any costs (even threatening him with jail since she has the car) told Melissa to seduce him into having sex with her.
  2. Melissa did tell Jeffery that when she drinks alcohol she can become a little wild one and not to blame her if she gets out of control. It could be the double bourbon that is making her get all “crazy” back at Jeffery’s apartment.Screenshot_31

What do you think? Did Veronica tell Melissa to have sex with Jeffery or is it just the alcohol that is making her get “a little wild?” If they do have sex, how do you think it will effect Jeffery’s decision about being gay or straight?

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One thought on “Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Did Veronica Tell Melissa to Seduce Jeffery?

  1. […] shooter. However, the anger that stems from Melissa’s presence would mostly be aimed at Veronica because it was her doing that she is even there in the first place. I doubt Melissa wanted to see Jeffery again after thinking he has multiple women and she slept […]

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