Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Why Was Quincy Put into Prison?

By Jeremy Carden


Tomorrow night we will finally find out who is going to end up #DeadorAlive after that startling cliffhanger from last week’s episode.

Until then, there is one more theory that I’d like to discuss before tomorrow night’s episode. It has to do with Quincy and his past. There is not too much known about him aside from that he was in prison for about 3 years and he is the father of Candace’s son.


However, there is still one question that hasn’t been answered yet; Why was Quincy put into prison?

Veronica told him that Candace squealed on him and that was how he got into prison. That does not tell us WHY he was put into prison.

Remembering one of the few Hanna and Candace moments that did not result in Hanna smacking Candace upside her head, I recall a conversation between the two revealing a bit about Candace when she was younger. This happened in the Season 1 episode “The Setup” and it certainly was a touching moment because this was the first time we see these two actually sitting and talking. Well Hanna was doing all of the talking, but I’m sure you understand where I am coming from with this.


Hanna said that Candace started her cunning and sneaky ways as a child stealing her tax money to buy new clothes and a computer to fit in at school. Then it got worse in her teen years when she eventually started working for a pimp.

This unnamed pimp nearly beat her to death and Hanna had to come get Candace (or was it Benny? I think I recall Benny mentioning that if Hanna had only seen how beat up Candace was when he picked her up that she’d have some symphaty for her which was hey he used the mortgage money to help Candace instead). Hanna says the only reason the pimp didn’t come to their home to kill Candace was because “someone” killed him.

She also mentioned that she gave her the baby to keep for a couple of years, but then took him and she never saw him since and it hurt since that baby was her heart.


Alright, so my theory is that this pimp was prevented from killing Candace because the “someone” who killed him was; Quincy!

I know this is a long-shot in term of theories because unlike my previous blogs I do not have that much information from the show to go off of, but still it is a possibility.

Looking back on what we do know about Candace, I would say that there are a couple of possible reasons that Candace would get beat up by the pimp:

  1. Candace cheated him somehow by stealing money or something of that. I mean this IS Candace we are talking about here…
  2. The pimp did not like the fact that Candace became pregnant.

Considering that Quincy was the father of Candace’s baby and at one point probably loved her, he could not stand for her being killed. He probably got word of Candace nearly being beaten to death by the pimp and took it upon himself to make sure the pimp did not finish the job.


I mean Hanna did say “someone” killed the pimp and that stopped Candace from being killed. Based on the characters that we’ve seen SO FAR in the series, Quincy in my mind stands as the prime contender to have killed this pimp.

Despite the fact that Quincy was the father of her child, it could be that Candace did still have feelings for the pimp even after being beaten up by him. Remember she did tell Wyatt that she liked that sort of thing (being beaten up). Finding out that Quincy was the one to kill the pimp was possibly why she squealed on him and that landed him in prison.


Of course, there are many ways that the story could have actually turned out. I mean who knows if Candace actually had feelings for the pimp while working for him as a prostitute. We really cannot judge the fact that Candace is not emotionally attached to any man in the show (aside from her brother Benny) because for all we know in the past she could have been a bit more trusting and loving to the men she was involved with.


As I mentioned before in one of my previous HAHN Theory blogs, there is a possibility that Candace’s son is dead. It could be that after her child was killed, Candace went into full vendetta-mode against all men to use them to her own means and nothing else.


Now assuming that my theory about the baby being dead is correct, we don’t know how or why he passed away. I don’t know if the baby was sacrificed in “Rumpelstiltskin-fashion” where Candace owed someone or was put into a situation she could not get out of unless a choice was made and it resulted in her losing her child. I mean there possibilities are endless because as I said before, there is not too much information to go off of at this point in the series.


In any case, it seems that the baby probably did die or was hidden somewhere until AFTER Quincy was put into prison. Remember Hanna did ask him where the baby was when he asked where Candace was and that shows that he knows nothing about the situation.

Let’s put it this way;


Veronica is the only person who knows the whereabouts of the Black Sedan.


Candace is the only one who knows the whereabouts of her son! There is a possibility that after Quincy killed the pimp, Candace placed her child in some kind of witness protection program or something.


When Quincy came into Amanda’s apartment, she said that Candace mentioned being a witness to her mother’s death (which was a lie she told back in Season 1) and she had to be placed in a witness protection program. Quincy had no idea what was going on and just went along with it to play the charade. I mean it was a lie, but it could possibly explain why not even Hanna knows where her grandchild is!


In Episode 1, Hanna called Quincy (who was unnamed and unseen in that episode) a “lowlife” when she asked Candace if that lowlife was still putting her out there doing “jobs.” By that comment we can assume that Quincy and Candace had their own system of stealing and conning people out of their money and valuables.

Perhaps that is the reason he landed in jail was because of a failed con and Candace had to squeal on him in order for her to go free.

One final thought; perhaps due to the child being old enough to talk and recall events, he was put into the witness protection program because HE saw Candace getting beaten or the death of the pimp and for his protection was put into witness protection never to be found again (until later in the series).

However, the flaw in this theory is that Quincy has been locked up for 3 years and does not know where his son is. Hanna said that Candace gave her the baby for 2 years, took him away and she hasn’t seen him in 3 years meaning that the boy would be 5.

The only logical theory is that Candace gave Hanna the baby to take care of from the time he was an infant to when he was about 2 years old. So for the baby’s protection, he was sent away somewhere because if anyone knew Candace had a baby it seems likely that they would try to get to her through him.

Regardless as to whether or not this theory is correct, I get a wonderful pleasure out of doing my own investigation and detective work of this show.

How do you think Quincy landed in prison?


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3 thoughts on “Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Why Was Quincy Put into Prison?

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