Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Who Fired a Gun?

By Jeremy Carden


Once again, we have a short clip about the new episode “The Vulnerable” that has fans going crazy! The clip of the show has a glimpse at the scene when Candace is supposedly shot.

In the photo below, you see the dialogue between Candace and Mama Rose. There is a gunshot at the end of the scene and that is all…


Now my mother and I once again broke down this clip with everything that we could come up with.

We believe that there is a possibility that someone other than one of the Malone Family members pulled a trigger!


Going into “Batman-Mode” (that is what I call it whenever I go into my detective state of mind and brood), I figured that it was not Mama Rose who was going to shot Candace.

Pay attention to the script and you’ll see Mama Rose saying “Do it.” That means she is not the one who is going to shot Candace.

Her sons will remove Candace from the van while Mama Rose watches and tells Candace to get on the ground. While she is crying and pleading to not be killed, Mama Rose is watching and tells one of her boys to do it. That is when a gunshot is heard…BUT we don’t know where it came from!

The two of us have narrowed down 5 possible suspects who could be responsible for the gunshot that was fired!


5. Jeffery Harrington

He was one of the first suspects who came to mind because he is looking for Candace, but when we went to Amanda’s apartment he could not find her. My mother is the one who mentioned him because again he was looking for Candace and it was possible that he got Amanda’s gun. However, I pointed out that Amanda made Jeffery give back his key to her apartment meaning that he wouldn’t have a way to get back in to get her gun. Not to mention, how in the world would he know where the Malones were taking Candace to kill her?


4. An unnamed hero

I mean it isn’t impossible to think that there is an unseen character that will appear out of nowhere to save Candace. The scene does look like it takes place in the middle of the woods so for all we know there is someone out there watching the events go down or stumbles to where it is happening. It could be a character from Candace’s past or something like that.


3. Quincy

Now it is possible that he gets possession of Amanda’s gun, and I don’t think that he’ll allow anyone to take Candace’s life especially since he has his own vengeance to unleash on her. Similar to Jeffery, the primary reason he isn’t a prime suspect is because he’d have to somehow find out where Candace was being taken to for her execution.


Not to mention he’ll be a bit too busy climbing into Veronica’s bed to be involved in any of this…


2. Jim Cryer

Ok, you are probably wondering why Jim would even be on this list considering the fact that he was the one to order Candace’s execution!

He is on this list mainly because he knows something that the other 3 suspects don’t; when and where the events of Candace’s execution are taking place!


Aside from Jim’s catchphrase “I’ll handle it!” whenever Mama Rose tells him that Candace is really scared he has repeatedly told Mama Rose “Good, keep her that way…” This could mean that Jim does not want Candace killed. Instead this entire charade is for her to know that he does not toy around and that he is no one to be trifled with.

A strong piece of evidence that suggests that he will be the one to fire the gun (but we do not know at who) is that he is going to Amanda’s apartment in the next episode. It could be before the Malones take Candace out into the woods during the nighttime. He could possibly get possession of Amanda’s gun somehow and then take it with him into the woods.

Or he could give it to someone else to do the job for him…which leads to Suspect #1!


1. Norman

Ah yes, the man from Jim’s “Plan B!” It is kind of ironic that Jim recruits the Malone family to abduct Candace, sends them on a search for this guy and then turns around and uses him to stop them from killing Candace!

Just remember that Candace is taken out into the woods at night and Jim is meeting with Norman at 4 PM! This could give him time to inform Norman of what is going down and more importantly WHERE it is happening.

With that being said, these are the 5 possible suspects for the gunshot that could potentially come out of nowhere. It appears that if someone did fire a gun it would be aimed at the person who has a gun pointed at Candace. As I said before, theoretically it would be one of Mama Rose’s boys who is about to kill Candace. Heck, it could be aimed at Mama Rose herself or Candace because there is someone who does not want anyone to have the satisfaction of killing Candace taken away from them. The possibilities are seemingly endless!


Now as I mentioned before, this is just a theory but it is always fun to over-analyze and speculate because that is what makes watching this show so enjoyable! It is also possible that none of these 5 people fired a gun and that it was indeed one of Mama Rose’s boys who pulled the trigger and kills Candace.

Who do you think fired the gun?


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