Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Who Sent Quincy to Veronica’s House?

By Jeremy Carden


So The Haves and Have Nots released a 15-second video answering a question that everyone has been pondering ever since Tuesday night; Who is climbing into Veronica’s bed while she is sleeping?


Ladies and gentlemen the mystery man is none other than Quincy!

Now this has opened up another can of worms because now the question on everyone’s mind is; Who sent Quincy to her house in the first place?

There are a number of suspects so let’s just go down the list until everything has been hashed out. My mother and I once again sat down and talked about who could have sent him over to Veronica’s house and why. After giving it a lot of thought we talked about 5 possible suspects and the reasons why they could or couldn’t be the one responsible for sending Quincy to Veronica’s house.


  1. Jeffery Harrington

This boy loves his mother despite all of the stuff that she has put him through. That is pretty much the primary reason he would not do this to Veronica. Secondly, he is too busy on a date with some girl Veronica set him up with to even be involved. Similar to “Suspect #4“, he has no idea who Quincy is.


  1. Jim Cryer

It is possible that Jim sent Quincy to Veronica’s house, but I would be easier to list out all of the reasons why it was NOT Jim than it is to talk about why it would be him.

The main reason I could see Jim being the person to send Quincy over to Veronica’s house is because she is withholding the information about the Black Sedan from both Jim and David.

Last week’s episode showed that Jim really doesn’t like Veronica due to the way she is acting. David did not like the way he was talking about his wife (despite the fact that he moved out because he also did not like the way she was acting) and he stood up for her.

So in order to get back at Veronica and possibly get the information that he wants out of her, he sent Quincy over to her house.

However, the problem with Jim as the person sending Quincy over to Veronica’s house is the simple fact that Jim does not know who Quincy is.

Though you could argue that since Jim is going over to Amanda’s apartment next week, it is possible that Jim will meet face to face with Quincy. I’d wager Jim would ask who he was and what he was doing in his daughter’s apartment. Quincy would tell him (or Amanda would introduce him) that he is the father of Candace’s baby. I doubt that he would reveal to a judge that someone let him out of jail. So that would be a primary reason why Jim would not be the person to send him over to Veronica’s house, but there was still a tad bit of information that would make some people assume it was him.


Keep in mind he is meeting with the “Norman” guy in next week’s episode at a place at 4 PM (I forgot where…) so he’ll be busy with that plot in the episode along with visiting Amanda.


  1. Amanda Cryer

As we saw last week, Quincy was invited into Amanda and Candace’s apartment and is possibly staying until Candace returns (if she isn’t killed off next week). It seems that he was getting a bit seductive with Amanda.


In the preview for next week we see that he is teaching her how to use the gun that she recently bought. The new preview takes things a step further but showing Quincy trying to kiss Amanda on the neck and she constantly tells him to stop but he says no.

Alright now comparing this to first preview for next week’s episode I came up with a couple of possible scenarios.

The first one being that while Amanda is holding the gun, Quincy tries to kiss her but she rejects him multiple times. Remembering the fear she felt from being raped by the professor, she turns on him and tries to shot him or something to stop his advances. Quincy somehow takes the gun and pushes her away and she ends up on the sofa. Now in the preview, Amanda is sitting down and says “Do you want to kill me?” Quincy responds with “Do you want me to?” I figure that Amanda asks the question because she tried fighting Quincy to stop him from making out with her.  Then her saying “do you want to kill me…” makes me think that Quincy is in possession of the gun and it pointing it at her (we don’t see this in the preview, but this is just my guess).


Now the other scenario that could occur is Amanda fighting to stop Quincy from kissing her and kicks him out of the apartment. I figure all of this might occur BEFORE Jim shows up. Either that or Quincy has gone off somewhere before Jim arrives at the apartment then he reappears after Jim leaves or something like that. With nowhere else to go he ventures to the home of Veronica, but there are a couple of reasons why Amanda couldn’t be the prime suspect of this.

  1. It stands to reason that Quincy does not know where Veronica lives so Amanda would have to tell him the exact address. I mean it would not surprise me if that would actually happened because being naïve as she is, Amanda would just let it all slip out of her mouth in an instant (dang just like Wyatt she must have mouth diarrhea or something).
  2. Why would Amanda send Quincy to Veronica’s house? She doesn’t know the connection that they have in terms of her getting Quincy out of jail.


  1. Quincy (himself)

The guy has been in jail for 3+ years and considering that he is trying to chew on Amanda’s neck shows that the guy is horny and is ready to jump on the first woman that he meets.


Not counting Hanna because he almost attacked her when he broke into her house.

It seems to me that he’ll try to get it on with Amanda but she refuses and then decides to move on to the next one; Veronica!


Quincy is seen undoing his belt, dropping his pants and climbing into her bed…again the guy is horny and ready to get some!

Now you are probably wondering how he found Veronica’s house. Well I’ll get more into that when I get to my final suspect, but I will give Quincy a slight amount of credit here. After breaking into Hanna’s home, he asks where Candace was. Hanna (telling the truth) says that she doesn’t know where that child is and that he can get out of her house.

Later on, Quincy is seen standing outside of Candace’s apartment building. He asks Amanda if “a Candace” lives there and next thing you know he is inside of her apartment. We don’t know how he finds out where Candace lives or if he got it right on the first try standing outside of the building. I mean we don’t know if he asked around or something like that, but it is plausible that it was how he eventually found out her location.

With that being said, I think that it is possible that he could have found the location of Veronica’s home! Though there are two small problems that I can see with Quincy as the primary suspect for him climbing into Veronica’s bed…

  1. How did he get past the staff and security of the Harrington home?


I don’t know if the staff of Veronica’s home stays at the house or leaves like Celine and Hanna do while working for the Cryers to their own respective homes at night while only working during the day. In any case, I would not be surprised if there was some kind of security staff or security system for the home, but Quincy got in any way! I know he broke into Hanna’s home, but we all know that she doesn’t have a security system. It was mentioned that due to her not having bars on the backside of her house that it was easy for Quincy to break in like that.

       2. How did he know David was not there?


I’m sure he wouldn’t have just randomly climbed into the bed of a married woman unless he somehow knew that her husband was not there!

And that is what leads to my final suspect and possibly the person most responsible for all of this…


  1. Maggie Day

Yes, I’m calling out the campaign manager of Jim and David’s attempt to take the governor’s mansion as the most likely suspect of this entire ordeal!

0 (1)

Veronica could tell from Day 1 that this woman was after her man! It wasn’t hinted to the audience until the final episode of the first part of Season 2, when out of nowhere Maggie just came onto David. She told Jim how great he looked for the first gathering at his campaign office, but when she took one look at David…she just fell all over him. You could see the jungle fever in her eyes!

Now it seems clear to Maggie that David is a respectable man but unlike Jim he is a loving and loyal husband to his wife. She might have figured that the best way to get to David is to somehow sabotage his marriage.


In the last episode, she tries to seduce him (while in a drunken state) but it does not work. She tells David that if he ever does plan on having an affair to not do what Jim did. Not to mention she makes it clear that she is the ideal woman for him to have an affair with.

Considering that a head-on persuasion for an affair did not work here is how I think that Maggie plans to sabotage David’s marriage to the point where David would sleep with her.


In the preview of next week’s episode, it seems like David is walking Maggie back to her room because she is clearly drunk. Maggie tries to seduce him once more but fails. This leads to them going to their separated but adjoined rooms 1128 and 1129. David calls home and asks Veronica if he can come back, but in the preview we see that she refuses.

Knowing that his wife does not like to be in the house all alone, here is what I think will take place from that point. Veronica falls asleep and that is when Quincy climbs into her bed. David not wanting to be in a room next to the woman who clearly wants to have sex with him goes home despite Veronica telling him no.


Here is where I have a parallel theory about what happens next; Jeffery could walk in on his mom and Quincy to confront her about setting him up on a date with a woman.


Or what I think might indeed happen is that David walks in on his wife and Quincy in bed together! Seeing this might cause him to storm out of the house, go back to the hotel and who is there waiting for him? None other than Maggie!

Think of it this way, Maggie knows the location of David’s home and the fact that David moved out. It stands to reason she setup this entire thing with the “divide and conquer” mentality.


It was her idea to get Quincy out of prison and she sent Veronica down there to talk to him! Taking into account that a horny Quincy would jump in bed with any woman after being in jail for so long, Maggie knew she could count on him to do the dirty work needed to make David leave the house in disgust and come back to sleep with her!


My mother and I also talked about the possibility of her wanting to ruin the entire campaign for Jim, but Jim is doing a “good job” of that himself. Though he did recover with the whole Black Sedan thing to get Wyatt off the hook, but there is still a lot of work to be done.

If you ask me Maggie is kind of like the “white Candace” of the show because when she sees something that she wants she will go after it. Also she is calculating and good at research like Candace. Number 9 did her homework to study everything there is about Jim before making her move on the Cryer family. Maggie knew where David was staying, what room number he was in and even moved in the room next to him!


Maggie and Veronica haven’t gotten along at all in the series. In one episode, Veronica proved to be just as cunning as Maggie and that causes her to tell Veronica “I knew there was something I liked about you.” Veronica’s retort was “Funny, because I’m still trying to figure out a reason to like you.”

In Episode 1, Veronica  told Katheryn to be careful with Candace because she was up to something. Turns out she was right all along and she called out Maggie for wanting David and once again she was correct! The woman knows her stuff I’ll give her that much credit.

Now with all of this being said, we can only wait until Tuesday night to figure out what is really going to happen.

Some of the most important things that I’ve learned to keep track of in this show is the time of day, locations and what the characters are wearing. Sometimes a day in The Haves and the Have Nots could be stretched out within the span of 3 entire episodes!

Whenever a character is seen wearing the same outfit in multiple scenes, then I know that I’m watching them in the same day as opposed to them having the same thing on twice for multiple episodes/days in a row.


Jim is going to meet Norman at 4 PM the day after he went to confront Candace while she is held captive by Mama Rose. That means he is going to meet with him in the afternoon. Candace is taken to be killed at nighttime and it seems that Jim is going to Amanda’s apartment during the day. I mean I can only guess about that last one because he is inside of a building so I can’t tell what time of day it is.

I like how Tyler wrote the show to have a shot outside of the building or location for the audience to see before changing the camera over to the characters. That allows us to know what time of day it is and where the scene is taking place. Again all of these little things add up to how we can piece together what is happening.


So what do you think about all of this? Who sent Quincy over to Veronica’s house and why?


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6 thoughts on “Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Who Sent Quincy to Veronica’s House?

  1. Mary Lou says:

    You really have studied this show and display a keen sense of character development. Thanks for your blog, I truly enjoy it.

  2. Great writeup. I am loving Quincy and hope to see more of him in the future. I don’t really think anyone sent him to Veronica’s. I think he actually had it in his mind to go there even before he got out. I remember how he looked at her when she visited him in jail. In her room, he kept telling her he knew she wanted him so that makes me believe he has been waiting to get to her even before he was free. I liked the chemistry between Quincy and Veronica and would love to see them have an affair. The stuffy, arrogant lawyer and the sexy thug. I definitely saw some heat between them and I could tell Veronica was kind of attracted to him. But I think they are going to pair Quincy with Amanda. I do hope he ends up with Veronica. I hope now that she found Maggie in David’s hotel room, she goes off to get some loving of her own with Quincy. LOL!

    • Thank you and this was a great comment 🙂 But the ONE thing that really strikes me as strange is the fact that he most likely had to know that David was NOT at home.

      I mean do you really think he’d go to a woman’s house knowing that her husband was there in bed with her? Maggie knew David had moved to the hotel and if her and Quincy really are working together then she’d tell him Veronica’s location and that she was home alone 😉

  3. […] Does this mean that Maggie will stop trying to seduce David? Well that depends on how you look at the situation. I think we should know more about it in the next episode coming up. As I mentioned before in another blog, I think that Maggie knows David is a good man who would not sleep with anyone behind his wife’s back like Jim. If that is the case, it might explain why Quincy went over to Veronica’s house which is a topic I cover in this blog. […]

  4. […] the rest of Jim’s campaign staff). In one of my earlier blogs, I mentioned the possibility of Maggie sabotaging David’s marriage in order to get to him. That of course was one reason she released Q from prison by sending Veronica to get him out. She […]

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