Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Will The Malones Kill Candace?

By Jeremy Carden


I think I can speak for everyone who watched the latest episode of The Haves and the Have Nots “The Awakening” when I say that my jaw literally dropped when Jim uttered the words “KILL HER” and walked off!

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Could this really be happening?????


Despite this episode being full of things that I could write about like Benny waking up, walking again and soon to be released from the hospital (Praise Jesus!).


Maggie trying to seduce David (while drunk) which might possibly lead to a potential affair.


Not to mention the old man sitting near her that she needed David to “rescue” her from. Well Veronica did have David followed once before in Season 1, this old guy could be another one of her “hired help” to keep up with David’s whereabouts. However, that is another blog topic for another time!


This focus of this blog will be my thoughts about whether or not Candace will get killed in next week’s episode.

I have my doubts as to whether or not her kidnappers actually intend on killing her. My first instincts say that they won’t because Jim has been constantly saying to keep her scared and afraid.


He has already gotten her signature on all the necessary forms about her stalking him, being delusional, proving to be a danger to the Cryer family along with herself, a restraining order and the title of ownership to the red sports car that she made Jim buy her.

Wait a second…stalking, being delusional, and proving to be a danger not only to herself but to other people? Wow, sounds like Jim should be getting Amanda to sign all of those forms instead of Candace!


Amanda has been stalking her law professor who raped her, she’s mentally unstable and due to a lack of medication she has been having fantasies along with being delusional and finally aside from being a danger to herself she has threatened to kill the Cryer family (and even shoot Jeffery).

Heck she put a gun down the professor’s throat and now she is in possession of a gun now!

I’m really interested in seeing what is going to go down when Jim visits her apartment next week, but back to the topic at hand.

Now it seems that they are going to put Candace in the same van that they picked her up in and drive out somewhere from the city. My guess it is in the woods far from people…um I mean witnesses.


When Mama Rose tells her to get down on the ground on her knees in the preview for next week’s episode it could mean that they will just shoot her like an old dog behind a barn OR they are just going to leave her out there alone and she’ll go off somewhere.


My other guess is that somehow she’ll get away. Don’t ask me how, but this is Candace we are talking about here. She might escape, steal the van and leave her kidnappers behind like Wyatt did when he was escaping from the guys beating on him trying to rob him at the crack house! I mean he was nearly caught by the girl’s grandfather in the last episode, but he narrowly escaped by jumping into his car and speeding off.

Again these are just theories but in the long run I don’t think Candace is going to get killed next week.



One word: Quincy!

I mean she was the entire reason Veronica (and I believe Maggie and Katheryn were in on the plan to) got him out of jail!

Think of it like this, if Candace either escapes from the clutches of Mama Rose and her boys or they let her go, where is the FIRST place she is going to go? HER APARTMENT!


Aside from her roommate Amanda, who else is going to be there waiting for her return?


There would be so many unanswered questions if Candace died next week:


  1. Did Candace really squeal on Quincy which led to him being locked up, or did Veronica just lie in order to make him even more willingly to get his hands on her?


  1. Where in the world is their child? Candace’s baby would be about 5-years-old as Hanna stated in an earlier episode. However, I have reason to believe that the baby is possibly dead.


Think back to when Candace got back to her apartment when Jeffery and Amanda were going back and forth arguing. She sat down and said that her brother (Benny) was dead. While the two were trying to console Candace, she said that “Everybody dies…even babies…” Amanda with a confused look on her face said “Babies?” but Candace really didn’t elaborate on Amanda’s question.

She told Hanna in Episode 1 that her baby was fine, but did not tell her where he was! I mean I could be wrong and her baby is with someone who has yet to be introduced in the series or sadly it could be that he is dead.


However, one has to wonder about a lack of the $100,000 that Jim paid her. We know that half of the money went to Benny so he could pay the mortgage on the house so Hanna would not be homeless.

Then when she pleaded to Jim to help out her brother she was willing to give to do anything that he wanted (get an abortion, leave Amanda alone, give back the sports car, etc.). She was going to give him what was left of the $100,000 which was $30,000. What in the world happened to the other $20,000????

If her child IS alive it could be “caretaker money” given to whoever is raising her child for her or something like that (Just a little side theory there for you to think about).


  1. What kind of life did Candace and Quincy have together?

Again going back to Episode 1, Hanna asked about the “lowlife” that Candace had a baby with and if he had sent her out on another “job.” It could be that they lived a life of crime and deception in order to get the things that they wanted. A good question is why Quincy was arrested and eventually sent into prison for in the first place.

There are many other questions that would be unanswered if Candace did indeed die, I’ll leave the rest up to you for interpretation.

How ironic that in Episode 2 when Wyatt comes in Amanda’s bedroom and asks Candace to go get him drugs and she refuses so he grabs her. She told him that she likes that kind of stuff (getting beat up on).

haves and have nots 49

Later in the episode, when Jim threatens her with the tale of the one guy guilty of murder who has a reputation of killing women but he let him go free, Candace says that death doesn’t scare her.

Though when Jim goes to her apartment, he chases her down and nearly chokes her to death before getting a glimpse of the positive pregnancy test in the bathroom. She literally had fear written all over her face.

Remembering the look on her face when Mama Rose said Candace was going to be forced into an abortion? That was straight up fear!


When Jim tells Mama Rose to kill Candace and walks off, not only does Candace have fear written on her face but you could hear the fear in her voice when she tells Jim that these people would indeed kill her.

Finally in the preview of next week’s episode, she is crying and scared when Mama Rose tells her to get down on her knees.

No matter how tough and intimidating Candace tried to act before there is no reason why she would not be terrified of what was coming to her.


It all goes back to when she told Jeffery about one of her comrades/mentors from the old neighbor that was a transvestite. From the story she told Jeffery, it seemed that this person was very much like the Candace that we see in the show. Learning how to be deceiving, cunning and living life on the line was what she took away from her mentor. Unfortunately, the transvestite’s luck ran out and he was eventually killed.

Sad to say that Candace has now fallen into the same stroke of bad luck…


Even if Candace escapes the jaws of death, she’ll have another lion to deal with (Quincy) if she returns to town. Unless she thinks that she can somehow seduce him like she did Jim and all of the other men from her past, but I don’t think Quincy is going to be in the mood for romance after all of those years in prison!


Especially not from Candace because it seems that he is getting a bit too cozy with Amanda…

One last thing to consider is the hashtag for the new episode #DEADORALIVE just think about it for a second.

Dead or alive? That question does not give us an answer, but only leads to another question and that is “Who is going to die and who is going to stay alive?”

Amanda said that she wanted to kill the professor AND her family. Jim is going to Amanda’s apartment next week and it appears that she will be there. Will Amanda use her gun to kill her father or will he walk out of there alive?


Quincy appears to be showing Amanda how to use her gun. She asks if he wants to kill her and he says “Do you want me to?” Will Amanda end up dead or alive?


There is a man climbing into Veronica’s bed and fans are speculating who it could be and what he wants. Will this man kill her or will she stay alive.

I can honestly go on for hours but I’ll stop it right here. This is a Tyler Perry masterpiece right here so there is no telling where he will take us in the upcoming episodes!

So when you think about it #DEADORALIVE doesn’t mean that is only revolves the Candace-plot that is going on right now.


What do you think? Will Candace indeed die next week or will she get away somehow and encounter Quincy?


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9 thoughts on “Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots Theory: Will The Malones Kill Candace?

  1. Tiana says:

    They did kill Candace

  2. Dorothy says:

    I don’t think those were real bullets they were blanks they wee scaring her up to the end, just saying

  3. Mikki Lett says:

    I don’t think Candace is dead…Nope. She has to come back to haunt Jim Cryer and I have a feeling that our dear sweet Benny is going to come back the exact opposite of what he was before the accident…I think that Hanna should just tell Benny that if it were up to Tony the sperm doner he would have never woke up and when he got to heaven he would have been short one Kidney! Also, would David “grow a set” and check that wife of his before Quincy “Rocks her World” Also, do something with Amanda! Please! Finally, in closing I would like to say that really enjoy the show and keep up the great work Tyler!


  4. […] to find her way to…well somewhere. I’m not 100% sure where she would go to, but in one of my previous blogs I mentioned that her apartment might be her first […]

  5. shayne S. says:

    When the gun went off my heart stopped, Candace can’t go out like this. There’s has to be twist to this.

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