A Gentleman’s Touch: Philadelphia Winter Photo Shoot

by Jeremy Carden

1545707_497900013655919_711345726_n (1)

During this time of the year, cold weather means bundling up under layers of coats and sweaters in order to keep warm. However, A Gentlemen’s Touch (AGT) once again demonstrates how to dress in certain conditions. AGT held a photo shoot in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


There might have been diversity in the clothing, but the overall theme was about remaining fashionable and most importantly warm. Footwear ranged from loafers to boots according to the outfit being worn.


Some participants even included scarves and hats which are common items of clothing for the cooler temperatures.


No heavy jackets were worn, the man instead chose to wear: jean jackets, sweaters or light vests.


Some of the accessories included: bow ties, watches, rings and bracelets for men. Overall, the photo shoot demonstrated that cold weather does not necessarily mean heavy winter wear is a must. Sometimes lighter clothing can work well in cooler conditions just as well as heavy coats and jackets.


Looking at the photos it is easy to see that these outfits allow a lot more easier movement than the standard large coat or heavy boots most people chose to wear.

Just as the individual pieces of a puzzle are put together to form a beautiful picture, the same can be said about picking up an outfit. AGT can be summed up in a one word: class.


At first glance, it appears that the organization only teaches about the importance of dressing with style no matter what the occasion or weather condition. That is far from the truth because it is more to it than that. AGT reaches out to men of all age groups to teach that clothing does not make the man, but it is the man that makes the clothes. Carrying yourself with dignity, confidence and of course style can make all the difference in how you look in another person’s eyes.

For more information on A Gentleman’s Touch check out their social media websites listed below:

Facebook: A Gentleman’s Touch

Twitter: @OfficialAGT 

Tumbler: A Gentleman’s Touch 

Instagram: @AGentlemansTouch

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