Pokemon Theory: Ash’s Charizard will appear in Kalos and Mega Evolve

by Jeremy Carden

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Now before you jump for joy keep in mind that this is just a theory that I’ve come up with. As we all know in the new X and Y games our favorite Fire Starter Pokemon was given not one but TWO Mega Evolutions.


In the Pokemon Origins special, Red’s Charizard Mega Evolved into Mega Charizard X.

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The logical counterpart to that event would of course be Ash’s Charizard Mega Evolving into Mega Charizard Y.

However, going by the attacks that Charizard had in its move set when he appeared in Unova the BEST form for him to take would be Mega Charizard X.

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The Tough Claws ability boosting physical attacks would work wonders for 3 of Charizard’s moves. It was shown using Wing Attack, Slash and Dragon Tail. Flamethrower is its trademark attack like Thunderbolt is for Pikachu so it is no surprise it was still one of its attacks.

Regardless as to which form it takes on after Mega Evolving, I’d imagine that Charizard would be used in the finale of the Kalos League. Who knows perhaps Ash will have a Mega Stone for each Mega Evolution!

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Based on the photo above, it would make sense for Pikachu and Charizard to have the same number of league finales.

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In Kanto, Charizard’s refusal to battle was what caused Ash to lose the Indigo League. Charizard was the first to faint in the battle with Harrison’s Blaziken causing Ash to lose the Silver Conference.

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Now we get to the “Pikachu trend” this is when Ash is in a league full battle with no other active Pokemon in his team but Pikachu. Tyson’s Meowth in boots just barely scrapped a victory in the Hoenn League. Despite a double K.O. with Tobias’ Latios, Ash was defeated once again since his opponent still had 4 Pokemon left while he had none. Then in the arguably the most disgraceful league that the anime has ever produced, Pikachu was defeated by Cameron’s Lucario.

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As to whether or not Ash will actually win the Kalos League has yet to be determined. Though I’m sure we’ve all recognized the trend that has taken place up until this point:

  1. Ash and friends arrive at the location of the Pokemon League
  2. The gang meets some random trainer that they befriend
  3. Turns out this friendly trainer is also competing in the SAME competition
  4. Both Ash and the trainer make it through the preliminaries into the full battle round
  5. They wind up facing each other and Ash is defeated
  6. The rival/friend either gets defeated in the next round or goes on to win the tournament

We can only hope that the same does not happen in Kalos and Ash actually has a chance of winning this thing!

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Another thing to take into consideration is that Charizard is now at Professor Oak’s lab and not in the Johto region’s Charicific Valley. This could mean easier access for Ash to just get the Pokeball transported from Oak’s lab rather than for Charizard to fly from Johto to Oak’s lab in Kanto to get sent from there.

There is no doubt in my mind that if Charizard reappears it will have some new moves because each time it shows up there is always a rotation of its 4 attacks.

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Let’s just hope that Ash does not rely solely on the Pokemon he captures in Kalos instead of taking advantage of the large quantity of Pokemon at Oak’s lab.

Since the Kalos region is famous for Mega Evolution, it would not surprise me if there are some trainers in the league who will be using Mega Pokemon. I dare say that if Ash does meet some “friendly trainer” prior to entering the league and they battle, I could see the climax of their battle being down to Mega Evolved Pokemon!

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Who knows perhaps it will be Mega Charizard X vs. Mega Charizard Y or Harrison returns for a Mega Evolution rematch of Charizard vs. Blaziken.

The possibilities are seemingly endless and based on what I’ve seen so far of the X and Y series this will be a major improvement over Unova!

Honestly I don’t care which Mega Evolution Ash’s Charizard would get as long as it appeared again in the series and actually did something unlike the Unova series. I’m sure everyone was willing to bet money that it would face off against the legendary Reshiram. The only real battle it took place in was against Iris’ Dragonite, but other than that it was just in Ash’s lineup until he arrived in Kanto once again.

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Kalos is as good a time as any for Charizard to appear again, but this time for some REAL Pokemon battles! With multiple Mega Forms that it could use, I can only hope the writers do not let an opportunity like this slip through their fingers.  Going back to what I said before, the “friendly trainer” that Ash bumps into at the start of the league could be Red himself! I’ll just leave that thought there for you to consider…

Do you think Ash’s Charizard will return to its trainer’s side once more and if so will it Mega Evolve?

24 thoughts on “Pokemon Theory: Ash’s Charizard will appear in Kalos and Mega Evolve

  1. Antithesis says:

    In my opinion ash will learn about mega evolution and get a pokemon he catches in kalos to use it. And I’m almost sure he will learn it from the masked guy from the first couple of episodes. Then at the pokemon league he will face the masked guy and whip out mega charizard that oak brought to him. Charizard will beat blazikan but ask will of course still lose because I’m sure all through the season he won’t evolve most of his pokemon like always.

  2. I has too! But i try to not get my hopes up… Ive thought the same, since it has a charizard x moveset… But the anime always lets me down…. I thought charizard was gunna face off with reshiram…

  3. […] one of my earlier Pokemon Theory blogs, I mentioned the possibility of Ash’s Charizard arriving in the Kalos region. Once it arrives, it […]

  4. Harry Dobrow says:

    I think so, because in Kanto, both Charmander and Charmeleon listened to Ash, but when Charmeleon evolved into Charizard, things started to become a hazard. But in Unova Charizard starts to listen. That shows that Charizard has grown much stronger. That’s why I think that Ash will win the Kalos Leauge.

    • Cid Arinasa says:

      charmeleon didnt listen to ash

    • Wil Swisher says:

      What are you talking about? Charmeleon never listened to Ash. It evolved into Charizard in the episode with Aerodactyl and still refused to listen to him until Ash battled Blaine’s Magmar. It only listened to Ash that one time and cost him the Kanto league. It only started listening to Ash when they were in the Orange Islands and it lost its battle with Poliwrath. After being frozen, Ash nursed it back to health and it realized Ash actually cared about it. After that Ash kept using Charizard and winning all his battles until The Charicific Valley episode where Ash left it there to get stronger, and although it has made strides it has only regressed in strength overall. It should know Fire Blast and it used to know Overheat but Slash… Really? just like how Pikachu used to know Volt Tackle but it got replaced by Electro Ball which sucks because it would kick major ass if it knew both Electro Ball and Volt Tackle. Anyway, Charizard was already listening to him way before Unova, and honestly, despite regressing it still should’ve kicked Iris’s Dragonite’s ass because she was the worst, most annoying character in the show. Calling Ash a kid when he realistically would destroy her in a battle along with Trip. My honest opinion though is that Ash blows it like always, and will only win once Pokemon is done. he might make it to the finals once or twice but he will always fall short of winning. He needs to evolve his Pokemon. Like Quilava should be Typhlosion and Totodile Feraligatr by now. He did a good job of this in Sinnoh and made it into the final four because of it. I mean he had a powerhouse lineup in Sinnoh with Torterra and Infernape, he also had a Staraptor. I get that the writers have to make Ash a little weaker than what he should be by now, but to just reset his stats completely is bullshit. He got reset in Hoenn, and in Unova which in both he had an okay lineup where he had Sceptile and Glalie, and in Unova he brought back Charizard, which as I stated previously regressed in my opinion. He also had a Krookodile and a Pignite, which is not bad but far from great. Charizard though should have been way stronger and battled more, as well as won more. If they made Charizard do this in Unova but he still lost I wouldn’t be mad. They could have just been like “oh you just didn’t raise your other Pokemon enough aside from your Charizard and Pikachu.” Which is true even though he has had Charizard, and Pikachu from the beginning that is no excuse I mean his Oshawott, and Snivy should have evolved at least once in the show if you look at what Treecko, Turtwig, and Chimchar did for him as well as Charmander. They all evolved into their max evolution, despite only being with Ash for like one season. I am just tired of them treating Ash like a total noob all the damn time, when he shouldn’t be. If they are going to do it for like the little kiddies and stuff fine, but give the people who have been watching since the beginning a different character who grows and consistently gets better with each new region, make him age a little too because if he ages even a little say from 10 to 14 I think it would be better, honestly, it would be cool for them to reboot the series with that different, alternative character I mentioned, and have like a legit adventure. Get rid of team rocket because its just sad now and get rid of Ash (Which I know they won’t because of how he is named after the creator) make it a spin off series at least, where we get a somewhat competent trainer, with no stat resets. He’ll age a little at a really slow rate though, and progress at a slower rate as well. I am fine with the whole starting from scratch when entering a new region thing as I get why they do it, but make the older Pokemon more reoccurring and used occasionally, not all the time but a throwback every once in a while is always welcome. This series would not be a watered down kids version, but a true anime like a Naruto, or a One Piece. What do you guys think? I get that I might have rambled a bit sorry about that.

    • Green says:

      Were you watching Pokemon since the BW Series? Charmander listened to Ash, but when it evolved into Charmeleon, it stopped listening to him due to his change of personality while evolving. Even though Charmeleon evolved into Charizard later on, he still didn’t listen to him. Until Ash traveled into the Orange Islands while fighting a Poilwrath using his Charizard.

    • Debatreyo says:

      Ash needs mega charizard y, mega sceptile, infernape, greninja and other powerful pokemon to win kalos.

  5. Cid Arinasa says:

    in my opinion sometime in the ainme series x and y ash gets asked something related to charmanander by the trainer ins summer camp who owns a charmander and remembers charizard and begins to miss charizard and eventually either one of ash’s traveling companions will (probabbly bonnie ) will tell ash that she wants to see charizard so ash asks prof.oak to send over charizard….

  6. laxman says:

    hey guys all are just thinking about charizad but have u all of u forgoten infernape. it is also a strong pokemon and it is very daring pokemon. it is his most powerfull pokemon in sinno leauge.

  7. ezio says:

    hey guys.. off topic ^ but do you think red can be ash’s son they are almost alike he resembles somewhat like ash too. ?

  8. Callum Nowacki says:

    The real question that continues to be the issue with Ash winning a league is that if Ash does win, he’s achieved his goal of becoming a Pokemon master. Therefore, the franchise with Ash will end. Of course, the creators have much more to market from Ash. And won’t end the show.

    But the issue is, winning the Kalos League Tournament alone does not give claim to the title ‘champion’. After winning the tournament, Ash must battle the Elite Four and the Champion. I feel that the writers will allow Ash to win the tournament and will therefore create an extra storyline of Ash vs. the Elite Four.

    Ash will easily beat the first member, perhaps dipping into previous Pokémon from other regions. And, although struggling, he will emerge victorious in battle 2. But, on battle 3, Ash will lose closely. This means that Ash is not yet the champion, but he has won a league tournament. But because Ash is still not yet the best, the Ash adventures can continue.

  9. kapish says:

    what a joyful figh ash plays

  10. Thomas Walsh says:

    Because of a website of Pokemon x2y2 they said that gym leaders can mega evolve their Pokemons 2nd evolvation to their 3rd for example Clements luxio can evolve into Mega Luxray so ash may have pikachu evolve into mega raichu

  11. Suyog the epic says:

    Ash can win tournament only if
    Charizad,sceptile,snorlax,infernape,greninja,pikachu are in his team.

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