10 Ways to Tell If You Are Addicted To Facebook

by Jeremy Carden


Social media is arguably part of the “average” lifestyle in today’s world rather than an addiction as most people label it. The topic of this blog is to determine 10 ways of identifying whether or not you are addicted to the popular social media website Facebook. I understand that it is a positive tool if you utilize it properly. It assists in helping people keep in touch with family and friends and if used the right way is a good way to network.

However, too much of a good thing is too much of a good thing. Let’s start the countdown at #10 and work our way to #1. Keep a tally of how many of these apply to yourself so you can determine whether or not you might have a Facebook addiction.

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#10: False calls on inbox messages or notifications

After using Facebook for so long, I’m sure many of us have experienced “hearing” the ping sound that Facebook makes when you get a message from someone even when there isn’t a message. If it happens once or twice it is understandable. However, if it is something that you constantly find yourself going through then you might have a problem.

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#9: If you play Whack-A-Mole with Facebook Chat

You know what I’m talking about when I compare inboxing friends to Whack-A-Mole: seeing if you can message someone when you see them “pop” online before they “pop” offline. This is common for guys AND girls when they are afraid to talk to their crush. They’ll see the person they want to talk to come on their Friend List in the corner of the screen in the chat box, hesitate for awhile before getting the nerve to send them a message but right when they feel brave enough the person goes offline! If you time when your crush gets on and offline sad to say that is considered stalking…

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#8: Getting upset by the number of “Happy Birthday” posts written on your wall

There are some people who have 1,000+ friends and they will write a Happy Birthday message for every single one of their friends. However, they get upset if their birthday messages total 200 notifications when it is their birthday. In today’s world, birthday cards have been replaced with social media birthday wishes through text messages, Facebook posts or a tweet. I really don’t see the reason for getting so upset because nowadays who even remembers another person’s birthday? In the right-hand corner of the News Feed there is a link that tells you about which of your friends has a birthday coming up along with the people who have a birthday on that particular day.

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#7: Going crazy when someone un-friends you

For some reason this is very common for a lot of Facebook users. When you have a lot of followers on Twitter it doesn’t really matter if you get un-followed or not. That is typically because Twitter is more about strangers following strangers with most people being followed by “eggs” you know the Twitter accounts that don’t have a normal profile picture but instead just have a picture of an egg. It doesn’t matter if you have 1,000 or more friends but this is typically something that people with only a few 100 friends or so will go through. There are so many things that run through their mind when they notice their Friend Count is down by 1.

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However, it should not be something to be bothered by because it is a waste of time trying to figure out if you did something wrong or why they would you un-friend you to begin with. Seriously I know some people who will actually go through their entire Friend List in order to figure out who un-friended them. They’ve got it bad…

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#6: If your worst fear is the day the Facebook Company allows everyone to see how many times you have viewed their profile

I’m pretty sure we all have this fear buried somewhere in the back of our minds. Let’s just admit there is at least one person who’s profile we have visited one too many times. Whether it be a crush or an ex, we never want anyone to know how many times we’ve went to their page. I think that the Facebook Company DOES have the means to make it so anyone with a Facebook can tell how many times people have come on their profile. My guess is that the company made the wise decision not to make this possible because think of the chaos it would create!


#5: If you go too far in someone’s photos and LIKE one by accident making you believe that your life is over

It is very likely that you were creeping through that person’s pictures. There are some people who might be flattered if you liked a picture from 3 years ago but I have yet to meet one of those people. If you feel nervous going deep into someone’s photo albums then chances are you shouldn’t be looking through them to begin with. 9 times out of 10 the first thing you do when someone adds you as their friend is to go through their photos. Well either that or look at their relationship status depending on who the person is. The photos they post can tell a lot about that person and sometimes the past photos aren’t pretty… The next time you “accidentally” hit the LIKE button on someone’s old photo just chill because throwing your computer out the window or burning it won’t make that LIKE go away!


#4: Feeling like you HAVE to post something everyday

Don’t let the urge to post something dictate how you go about your day. Just because you can post something online doesn’t mean that you should. I’ve had a couple of people tell me that they are only on Facebook once or twice a month! Let me put it this way; if posting a status is the highlight of your day then something is seriously wrong!


#3: Judging your worth by the amount of LIKES you get

Come on get a grip! Just because someone posts a picture of themselves without hardly any clothes on and gets 2,500 LIKES doesn’t mean jack squat! If you are the kind of person who posts an inspiration quote or scripture that gets 1 or 2 LIKES don’t worry about it. Let your character be a demonstration of the kind of person you are not what you post online.

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#2: Checking your Facebook any chance that you can get

Making a routine click over to Facebook to see if you have any messages can turn into hours of scrolling up and down the News Feed page if you are not careful. That compulsive need to go online isn’t beneficial. It just proves that you might be spending more time on Facebook than you need to be.


#1: Facebook is your home page

I remember when I first got a Facebook, I made it my homepage and after 2 weeks I could tell that I was becoming an addict. That was probably one of the worst mistakes I ever made. Whenever I got on the internet to get some work done, I would do the exact opposite and spend all of my time on Facebook.

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There are ways to fight the addiction that comes with a Facebook account. Don’t spend all of your free time just looking at other people’s profiles and looking at the News Feed waiting for something new to load. That is pretty much the equivalent of going to the fridge every 10 minutes hoping for something different to be in there the next time you open it.

3 thoughts on “10 Ways to Tell If You Are Addicted To Facebook

  1. Rachael says:

    Great post. The computer murder is funny. I also think accidental favorites on twitter can be awkward. Whether it’s because you were stalking someone or because you were just bored and can’t use your trackpad properly, the “accidentally favorited someone’s reply to a random tweet from 6 days ago” is always awkward. not that I have ever done that.

    • Haha thanks, that’s happened to me multiple times on Twitter/Instagram when people would favorite a picture/tweet from months ago! I think that might have to do with hashtags? You can use that as an excuse to cover up your stalking 😉

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