How powerful is Frieza?

by Jeremy Carden

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It has been confirmed that Frieza’s maximum power level was 120 million during his fight on Namek with Super Saiyan Goku who had a maximum power level of 150 million.

The topic behind this blog is to get some kind of understanding on some of the things that Frieza says regarding his power and some of his forms that we never see the maximum potential for.

Here is what we do know about the tyrant’s power:

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  • Frieza’s 1st form

Frieza stated himself that his power level in this form was 530,000. He tells Nail this when the Namekian Warrior with a 42,000 power level tries to stall for Krillin, Dende and Gohan to use the Dragonballs.

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  • Frieza’s 2nd form

After transforming in response to Vegeta’s taunts, Frieza tells the shocked Saiyan that his power level is over 1 million.

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  • Frieza’s 100% form

As I mentioned above, it is confirmed that his power level is 120,000,000. However, due to the strain that his maximum power puts on his body that number was decreasing the longer his battle with Super Saiyan Goku went on which explains how Goku was controlling the fight more and more with each blow thrown.


  • Mecha Frieza

It is stated by the doctors who repaired/rebuilt/healed Frieza in King Cold’s ship that Frieza was now capable of experiencing levels of power that he would not have been able to achieve in his purely organic body.

While flying to the area where Frieza would be arriving, Vegeta sensed that Frieza’s power level had increased from the battle on Namek but so had his own.

One has to wonder if he is basing this off of the power he detected from Frieza during his battle with him OR did he actually compare the power that he sensed from Mecha Frieza to 100% Frieza?

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Remember after being revived by Shenron, Vegeta saw Goku and Frieza fighting. He flew to the scene as soon as he caught sight of the dragon of Namek and right before being teleported back to Earth due to Dende’s wish he attempted to blast Frieza.

So it is not confirmed whether or not Vegeta was stating that Frieza’s power was more than his final form or his final form at 100%

That pretty much covers Frieza’s power at least from what we do know. Here are a few things that we DON’T know about his power:

  1. In his 2nd form, how much over 1 million was Frieza’s form?
  2. How powerful was his 3rd form?
  3. When telling Goku that he was only fighting at 1% of his power, was it a bluff or the truth?
  4. Which form was more powerful 100% Frieza or Mecha Frieza?

I think by looking at facts from the anime and manga we can figure out the answers to these questions in order to pinpoint a few things about Frieza.

1. If I had to make an educated guess, I’d wager that Frieza’s 2nd form was somewhere in between 1,500,000-1,700,000

images (24)

We know that Piccolo (after fusing with Nail) was also over 1 million given the fact that he was actually able to hold his own against Frieza even with his weighted clothing. Once he removed them, Piccolo proved to be much faster than the tyrant suggesting that if Frieza did not transform into form 3 that the Namek might have actually won the battle.

2. Frieza’s 3rd form is at least 2,500,000

After transforming, not only did Frieza “heal” from his injuries during the battle in his 2nd form (except for this tail being sliced) but he was EASILY able to overpower Piccolo

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Not only that, Piccolo’s trademark speed was no match for the big-headed (literally) tyrant who outmaneuvered the Namekian before nearly blasting him to death with his Crazy Finger Beam!

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Even after receiving his Zenkai boost from Krillin’s attack and Dende’s healing, I’m not sure if Vegeta could defeat 3rd form Frieza. I do think he’d do much better against that form than Final Form Frieza.

Considering Vegeta could see Frieza’s invincible Ki blasts when no one else did demonstrated how much of a difference there was in his power level now when compared to Piccolo, Gohan and Krillin. Despite being faster than Piccolo, 3rd form Frieza would probably be matched by Vegeta (possibly).

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Think of it like this; Gohan’s giant Masenko blast almost overwhelmed Frieza. When I first saw that scene, I truly believed that Gohan was going to win and if not for Frieza’s tail (what was left of it) holding him up so he could deflect the blast back, I don’t think he would have survived it. Well at least the attack would have done a lot of damage if he had survived the explosion.

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Fed up with being unable to hit Frieza with one attack, Vegeta used the Final Burst Cannon which was more than enough to blow up the planet. Frieza deflected it with one simple kick with less effort than it took for him to deflected Gohan’s attack in 3rd form.

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This could show how much of a gap there was in power from 3rd form to final form. Piccolo nearly crapped himself upon seeing Frieza’s final form but took on his 3rd form without fear (until he found himself unable to keep up).

So I’d say 3rd form Frieza is around 2,500,000 considering that 2nd form Frieza is at least twice more powerful than 1st form. I’m guessing the same is somewhat true about 3rd form when compared to 2nd form.

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3. I think that Frieza was bluffing when he told Goku that he was only using 1% of his power before using 50% to easily overpower Goku.

Here is why: Frieza’s maximum power is 120,000,000 so what is 1% of 120 million?

Answer: 1,200,000


1,200,000 is around the power of his 2nd form which is said to be what? Over 1 million!

Goku’s base power after healing in the rejuvenation machine in Frieza’s ship was 3 million which was a huge jump from his level of 90,000 after training in 100x gravity.


However, that is the “magic” of writing…I mean a Saiyan’s Zenkai ability making them much stronger after near death experiences.

images (33)

When the battle first stated, Goku and Frieza were more or less even with each other. Goku was able to handle whatever it was that Frieza dished out.

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Even Frieza could not battle against the Saiyan without using his hands as he gave to Goku as a “handicap.”

Let’s look at another detail that will make Frieza’s statement even more of a bluff; King Kai said that Goku was using the Kaio-Ken the ENTIRE fight!

At that point, Goku’s maximum level was a 10x Kaio-Ken after training in 100x gravity.

So, one can assume that Goku raised his power using the 10x Kaio-Ken right here:


This picture is right before Goku stepped up to face Frieza who was torturing Vegeta.

One question though: if Goku was powering up using the Kaio-Ken, why isn’t he surrounded by crimson aura like in his other uses of the form?

Well remember when Goku was “fighting” Burter and Jeice?

Vegeta noticed that Goku was dodging their attacks easily by raising his power level only when necessary in order to conserve his energy for the “real opponents” (Captain Ginyu & Frieza).

images (28)

He was doing it so quickly that their Scouters were unable to pick it up. When he first arrived on the battlefield they recorded his power at only 5,000 despite his TRUE power being 90,000.

Goku could have either used the 10x Kaio-Ken rising his power to 50,000 and above only when necessary and learned how to do so without the outward physical changes.


Want another example? Remember in Hell, Goku had a Full Power Super Saiyan aura while in base form. His only physical changes were his hand standing on end and the aura appearing.


His eyes did not change color nor did his hair. This is mainly due to him “hiding” his true power from Pikkon and also take note of how it was the Super Saiyan 1 form that he had mastered previously giving even more understanding of how he could “transform” without fully transforming.

Similar to using the Kaio-Ken at a level 10 without his outward aura changing because remember after he finished his training, he figured that his durability and stamina had increased so much that he could raise his Kaio-Ken to 10!

With that being said, when the fight first began Goku’s power level was at 30 million.

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Now with Frieza pretty much going blow for blow with the Saiyan that means he was fighting with a power level of AT LEAST 30 million as well.

By doing the math, we can calculate that Frieza had been using 25% of his maximum to fight with Goku because 25% of 120 million is 30 million meaning that Frieza WAS bluffing!

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Later on, when he guesses that Goku was holding back power he assumes maybe 5x or even 10x was what Goku was hiding; pretty accurate assumption because Goku was fighting at 10x Kaio-Ken and he later pumped it up to 20x so indeed Goku was “hiding” another 10x increase of his power. Frieza is smarter than he looks….

Frieza decides to show off 50% of his power and according to him he has never had to use that much power in order to finish a fight.

Of course, Goku was not to be outdone and with a montage of the people he was fighting for playing through his head, he powers up to Kaio-Ken x20!

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That boosted his power to 60 million which is equal to Frieza at 50%!

Here is the thing though; I feel that Goku’s power was quickly slipping away during his melee assault on Frieza.


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Whenever Goku uses a Ki attack like the Kamehameha his power level nearly doubles. His body was not in a condition to handle that much power at once. The Kaio-Ken as King Kai put it will wreck the user’s body if used at a level too high for the person to sustain.

images (30)

Goku was heavily damaged by Frieza so that explains why he seemed to “rush” his assault in order to take out Frieza as fast as he could.

images (31)

However, Frieza was able to block it with a one handed Ki attack.


Don’t get me wrong, Frieza did not have an easy time blocking it similar to Raditz blocking Goku’s Kamehameha with one hand. Except in Frieza’s case, his hand was left scorched by the attack!


4. Finally, this is the one question fans have been debating: which form was more powerful 100% Full Power Frieza or Mecha Frieza?

After going back and forth on the matter, I believe that Mecha Frieza IS capable of a higher power level than 100% Frieza BUT we really don’t see the limits of it.

What do I mean by that?

Well Super Saiyan Future Trunks was easily able to dispatch of Frieza and his father.

No matter what Frieza threw at the Saiyan, Trunks was easily able to take it with no problem before finally slicing and dicing the robotic tyrant.


I mean even Frieza’s ultimate attack (the Supernova) was no match for Trunks who caught the blast with one hand and even avoided the explosion with ease after Frieza detonated the bomb.

Though it is never confirmed just how powerful Mecha Frieza is, we can assume that he would still be no match for Super Saiyan Goku on Namek who had a power level of 150,000,000.

images (32)

The reason I say this is because I do not think that in his first appearance in the series, Future Trunks would not be able to defeat Super Saiyan Goku from the Frieza Saga.

I do feel that Super Saiyan Trunks is more powerful than Frieza’s level on Namek of 120 million meaning that whether or not he had his sword he could have killed Frieza.

images (17)

Also, Frieza said that since he and his father could take on Goku together, the Super Saiyan would not be a match for them.

But…in Trunks’ timeline this was not the case. Goku teleported to the scene using Instant Transmission before Frieza could make a move against Earth and killed the two before they could pose a threat to Earth.

images (12)

The same was going to happen in the present, but Goku said that before he could make his move he felt Trunks’ presence.

images (34)

As I said before, I DO think that Mecha Frieza is capable of powers higher than 120 million but by how much was never seen because Trunks made Frieza look like nothing and by doing so we don’t see what Frieza’s new body was truly capable of but I bet we can agree that no matter how powerful he had become it still failed to be anything that would give a Super Saiyan a difficult time.

What makes a major difference is that I could see Mecha Frieza being able to sustain the power of 120 million without the strain on the body that the purely organic Frieza seemed to experience. If there was some “multiverse battle” between Mecha and 100% Frieza, I think Mecha would win due to that advantage.

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I hope this helps to clear any of the things that were left unexplained in terms of how powerful Frieza was. I thought it best to forget about trying to figure out how powerful Frieza was in GT, when Pikkon beat him in Hell or Fusion Reborn given how easily he was defeated. He was once the most powerful being in the universe (well in his mind anyway) but after dying he was just comic relief or an easy kill most likely to show how far the Z-Fighters have come since the Frieza Saga.

Any other thoughts on how powerful Frieza is?

3 thoughts on “How powerful is Frieza?

  1. Venithil says:

    When watching in the Japanese voice/English sub set, the following things seem to be changing :
    – Freeza doesn’t really comment on the powerlevel he *starts* with. He mentions powering up to 50% to defeat Goku, then mocks him as he is able to easily beat his Kaioken X10 powerlevel with “Only using a third” of his power.
    – King Kai mentions Goku “having already used” Kaioken X10 rather than “using it all along”.

    To me, it seems credible that Freeza 2nd form topped at around 1,2-1,3 million, Freeza form 3rd at 2-2,25 milion and Freeza Form 4th started off stronger than that, but it’s hard to say how much stronger; Goku after the Zenkai definitely surpassed 2 million and even after a severe beating was apparently able to power up to 3 million when angry to go SSJ.

    I vaguely recall one character putting Freeza’s powerlevel as “twice of what he used when he destroyed Namek” when he comes down to Earth as Mecha Freeza. This would in fact place him dead even to 100% Freeza, since he used 50% of his power back then. I can’t 100% confirm which medium it was from, it’s just the back of my head speaking. I do believe Mecha Freeza was around equal to Freeza 100% without stamina problems, and maybe capable of powering up, but even if, Trunks power was far too high for him anyway.

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