Dragonball GT: How Strong Is Vegeta?

by Jeremy Carden


I think there is a way of figuring out just how powerful base form Vegeta was in GT by using Hell Fighter 17 as evidence. These two fought against each other before 17 fused with Android 17 (the one we know of on Earth) to become Super 17.

Now during their fight it was pretty clear that they were more or less even; with 17 getting a couple of lucky shots in that made Vegeta pissed.


Dr. Myuu said that this Android was only running at 50%, I really don’t know what he meant by that;

Was this #17 simply running at 50% during his fight with Vegeta or did he mean that since there were TWO #17s that he wouldn’t be at 100% until AFTER they had fused?

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As far as I know, Hell Fighter 17 was equal in power to Android 17 (who is equal to Super Namek Piccolo) with the only real difference being that he was a Machine Mutant rather than a full Android.

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If you ask me I think that Myuu was referring to Hell Fighter 17 being at 50% power because in Hell he and Gero talked about how each of these #17s were going to fill in the incomplete gaps inside of the other in order to completely bring #17’s power to its maximum.

I know he also said originally #17 was supposed to be even stronger than Cell. So, until they became one, both #17s was only capable of running at 50% power; basically think of each of them being as powerful as Kamiccolo.


Keep in mind that as a Super Namek (pre-Time Chamber), Piccolo was equal to #17, weaker than #16 who was equal to Imperfect Cell (after absorbing 1000s of people for their life force) but also stronger than Super Saiyan Goku, Trunks and Vegeta (pre-Time Chamber).

Now, with GT Vegeta being even with him in base form that means as a SS he would be 50x as strong so let’s do some math!

  • Vegeta; base form = 1 Kamiccolo
  • Vegeta; Super Saiyan = 50 Kamiccolo
  • Vegeta; Super Saiyan 2 = 100 Kamiccolo

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I would include Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta BUT he had been doing a lot of training before he let Bulma experiment on him meaning that he would be a bit more powerful than he was in the Super 17 Saga so let’s just keep it to that saga only. I know the Shadow Dragon Saga was right after the Super 17 but Vegeta has proven before that he can increase his power in a short amount of time depending on the circumstances of his training like increase gravity or something like that.

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Let’s see if we can take this a bit further to see how strong his SS powers were. I feel that Vegeta, Trunks and Piccolo tripled their power after their first trip in the Time Chamber. I know Vegeta laughed when Goku said that he’d have to at least triple his power before he would have a chance at beating Cell. If you ask me I think that Vegeta tripled his base and Super Saiyan power level but of course took it a step further when going Ascended Saiyan.

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After his first time in the chamber, Piccolo’s power was enough to shock Trunks and later on Goku pointed out how much stronger he became and again I feel that he tripled his power making him more or less equal to Super Vegeta.

Remember Piccolo was stronger than Super Saiyan Vegeta BEFORE they went in the Time Chamber so if you ask me despite them both tripling their power, the bit of power Piccolo had over Vegeta before they entered in the time chamber is what made a difference. However, by reaching Ascended Super Saiyan, Vegeta was able to close that gap between them.

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At least this is what I think so with that being said; let’s break down my equation more by dividing Vegeta’s power by “3 Kamiccolos” because 3 of them should be more or less equal to one Super Vegeta.

Super Saiyan GT Vegeta is 16.6 or 17 Super Vegeta(s) put together. Of course measuring SS2 Vegeta is simple because it is just double or 33.3 Super Vegeta(s) put together.


So first, let’s break down Super Saiyan Vegeta because that makes calculating SS2 Vegeta a lot easier. Also remember GT over exaggerated the power of a lot of characters so my final results might seem farfetched. But then again this is GT we are talking about…

We know that Super Vegeta is stronger than Semi-Perfect Cell but weaker than a Cell Jr, Perfect Cell (while holding back) and Full Power Super Saiyan Goku and Gohan.

Ascended and Ultra Super Saiyan are both known as Super Saiyan 1.5 but if you ask me I think I think it is ranked like this in terms of power;

  1. Super Saiyan
  2. Ascended Super Saiyan
  3. Full Power Super Saiyan
  4. Ultra Super Saiyan
  5. Super Saiyan 2

The reason Full Power is blow Ultra is because Cell comments that Ultra Trunks had indeed exceeded him in power but due to lack of speed and the inability to land any attacks meant that he was doomed to lose. Full Power SS was below Perfect Cell but able to hold a good fight against him due to being a blend of both power AND speed but in terms of raw power it is below Ultra in terms of just raw power alone.

Now here is how I’d give them nicknames in terms of that 1.5 thing;

  1. Super Saiyan of course is going to be just 1
  2. Ascended Super Saiyan I place as 1.25
  3. Full Power Super Saiyan; 1.5
  4. Ultra Super Saiyan; 1.75
  5. Super Saiyan 2; 2.00

Remember Super Saiyan 2 is TWICE the power of a Super Saiyan; of course it could be argued that is the case for Trunks or Vegeta but when Goku and Gohan reached SS2 it would double their Full Power Super Saiyan strength due to them basically taking the “normal” Super Saiyan transformation and mastering it rather than break the mold with Ascended or Ultra.


Alright, so now that this has been broken down let’s go even further. We can measure GT Vegeta’s power as a Super Saiyan or 17 Super Vegeta(s) using the above numbers to help out.

In theory, SS2 Gohan is 75% stronger than Super Vegeta. Meaning that Full Power SS Goku and Gohan (who were basically the same in terms of power with Gohan just being a tad bit stronger) would be half of that 75% since their power would double as a SS2 meaning FPSS Gohan and Goku are around 37.5% stronger than Super Vegeta.

So, by simply adding and multiplying that 1.25, it can break down the equation even more so the finally number can be measured (keep in mind that there are only 17 Super Vegeta(s) needed for this;

  • 4 Super Vegeta(s) = 5
  • 8 Super Vegeta(s) = 10
  • 16 Super Vegeta(s) = 20

With one leftover equaling a sum of 21.25 is the power of 17 Super Vegeta(s) put together. That would mean GT SS Vegeta is 10x as strong as SS2 Gohan from the Cell Saga.


Then all we’d have to do is double that amount as a Super Saiyan 2 and GT Vegeta’s maximum would be 20x stronger than SS2 Gohan.

Think these numbers are crazy?

Remember I wasn’t a math major but I do know basically math functions and equations. Keep in mind that these base form numbers are believable (somewhat) but going Super Saiyan increases it by FIFTY blowing everything out of the water!

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Just know that GT made EVERYONE but Goku appear as a weakling compared to him and the bad guys and even when someone has a new move (Vegeta’s Final Shine) or new power (Majuub) they are quickly rendered as weak and thrown into the background. So, despite being this powerful, Vegeta was easily beaten by the likes of Super 17.

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