Vegeta Is The Best Admin Bio: Jeremy Carden


Name: Jeremy Carden

Age: 22

Birthday: August 29th (same day as Michael Jackson)

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Hometown: Clover, Virginia (seriously it is in the middle of nowhere)

College: Liberty University

Occupation: Full-time graduate student (Theological Studies aka Seminary)

Relationship status: Single as a dollar and I’m not looking for change! Haha but seriously if the right woman comes along I wouldn’t mind being in a relationship

Hobbies: Writing, free-styling, reading, video games, TV and of course running this Facebook page

Height: 5’8

Favorite food: I don’t have one because I’m an EXTREMELY picky eater

Favorite Movie: Too many to choose from!

Dreams: Well I LOVE writing songs, poems, short stories and screenplays not to mention blogs. My dream job would be a professional songwriter but I don’t wanna be stuck doing just one thing for the rest of my life. I’d love to use all of my skills to hopefully one day write a book, do voice over work for a TV show or something among other things.

I got a Bachelor’s in Communications (Advertising/Public Relations), Minor of Biblical Studies and Associate’s in Religion in 2013 and by next Spring I hope to be done with my Master’s. I’ve always loved challenging myself academically as you can see.

Music: Let’s see…um I like everything except heavy metal and rock

Songwriting: I write songs from practically every genre except heavy metal and rock so I am very versatile in my writing skills so hopefully it will make me more marketable in the future

Why is Vegeta my favorite?

Well I’ve ALWAYS loved the anti-heroes of a series where it was the Quantum Ranger from Power Rangers Time Force, Kevin Mask from Ultimate Muscle, Vlad from Danny Phantom or anyone who fits the bill of not 100% good or evil but someone out for their own gain.  I just like how they play by their own rules and don’t stick to the status quo of a good guy or villain.

Vegeta had the best dialogue, some of my favorite attacks and comparing him to Goku is like Batman and Superman. (I’ll have to do a blog about that someday…).

He is highly underrated and in need of a “main villain” victory but hey Akira doesn’t like him so *shrugs*

Aside from him one of my favorite characters is Cell well more specifically Perfect Cell

How do I remember all of this DB info?

Well I’ve always had a good memory and shows like Pokemon, those PBS shows I used to watch like Dragontails, Thomas the tank engine, etc. I mean I grew up on that stuff and well hey what can I say I just remember things haha

But I’ve seen like every DB episode like 100 times so that might explain why I can recall stuff off of the top of my head

Embarrassing story: Well I used to think Fruit Gushers would turn my head into one like on the commercials and I didn’t try one until I was 13, but they are some of my favorite snacks now!

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Vegeta Is The Best:


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