Who would win Bardock or King Vegeta?

by Jeremy Carden

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My answer; Bardock BUT it depends on the circumstances

Bardock The Father Of Goku Part 1 5 Japanese HD 2

Now for this fight we are using Bardock from “Bardock: The Father of Goku” AFTER he receives the ability to see the future.

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As much as fans LOVE Super Saiyan Bardock he will NOT be used due to the no brainer of a victory that he’d get if I did use him for this fight

There are a few factors that MIGHT give King Vegeta the advantage if these two actually fought;

1. Bardock getting “distracted” during the battle with his random visions

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We saw during his battle with Dodoria’s Elite that Bardock’s visions come at random and distract him from a fight. That nearly got him killed but at the last second he was able to dodge a powerful strike to his chest to finish the elite off with an energy wave. One could argue that he would see a vision of King Vegeta’s next attack or something but his visions don’t seem to be that soon or current, they tend to be of the future in terms of important events rather than the fight he is experiencing at the moment.

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I could see Bardock having an upper hand in the battle only for one of those visions to come out of nowhere distracting him from landing an attack leaving him open for King Vegeta to retaliate.

2. Bardock’s tail being pulled rendering him powerless

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Now when it comes to his tail, I don’t think that Bardock’s is a weak spot anymore. To me he probably followed in the footsteps of the Saiyan elite (Vegeta, Nappa and most likely King Vegeta) and worked around his tail in order to “master” it like his son did so he would no longer weaken if someone did manage to grab it.

Another thing to consider would be whether or not King Vegeta would resort to that to defeat Bardock. Based on ranking it was a King against the Lowest of the Low in terms of Saiyan ranking but not power level-wise.


Bardock was possibly the 2nd strongest Saiyan (that we know of in the canon side of DB) not to mention he and his team were known not only among the Saiyans but by Frieza himself as a powerful team of soldiers taking on missions that some elites wouldn’t even take on and still came out alive.

If these two fought, I doubt that there would not be spectators. I mean it is the king vs. one of his subjects and I bet there would be people watching. Now, if Bardock was winning and Vegeta did have to resort to grabbing his tail, I don’t think he would do it. Why?

I know the Saiyans are barbaric by nature and being of a warrior race, fighting is in their blood. But if King Vegeta is even half as prideful as his son was shown to be, I don’t think he’d grab Bardock’s tail (if it did weaken him) in order to win. Saiyans grabbing each other’s tail is like two guys fighting and one kicks the other in the balls.

Double Galick Cannon to 2nd Form Frieza's back!

Double Galick Cannon to 2nd Form Frieza’s back!

Now if it was life and death and Bardock was about to kill Vegeta, he MIGHT grab his tail but simply out of pride I don’t know if he would. I mean his son isn’t one who is above shooting people from behind but I don’t think King Vegeta would grab Bardock’s tail or vice versa.

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3. As a Great Ape would Bardock be a mindless beast or in control of his actions?

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We know from the video games that King Vegeta is in control of himself as an ape. I know video games aren’t the best form of accurate information but as the king, I think he would be in control in order to lead assaults while transformed.

Does Bardock have control?

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In the beginning of the movie, he and his team fight as an organized squad because think of it this way; none of them attacked each other! They only destroyed the city and the people on the planet. The next morning they mentioned how they don’t remember anything as an ape and it felt like a dream only for one of them to say that Bardock remembers everything from every battle hinting that he does in fact retain his consciousness even while transformed.

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Now that we’ve gotten King Vegeta’s possible advantages out of the way, it is time to explain why I feel that Bardock would win. Honestly, these two are pretty much their son(s) battling in the Saiyan Saga.


Vegeta is the royal Saiyan full of pride in himself and his heritage

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While he is up against a low-class warrior who is beneath him in terms of ranking and in power…or so it would seem.

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Though with a thirst for battle thanks to the Saiyan blood flowing through him, he is able to overcome the odds and best even the best that the Saiyan race has to offer

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King Vegeta to me is like Frieza, Dabura or Cui; someone who has great power but rarely ventures onto the field of battle unless needed leaving them open for someone to exceed their power due to actually being out on mission and in battle getting stronger and learning new skills.


He is shown in a couple of flashbacks to be in some planet takeovers with some Saiyans and his son. To me it seems that he was actually showing his son the ropes and when Vegeta got to the point that he could take care of himself then King Vegeta would just go to his throne ruling his people while his soldiers did the work.

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When the scientist/doctor mentioned that Bardock was soon going to pass King Vegeta, that hints to the king only being so high over 10,000. I estimate he was around 12,000 or so because Vegeta’s max on Earth was 18,000 and he told Freiza later on during their battle that he had surpassed his father’s power even as a kid.

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Now, when he charged Frieza’s ship like a madman, he had to fight off 100s of henchmen and he did it like a boss!!

To me that rush of power even while in his heavily damaged state reminded me of later power ups from anger that his son and grandson would eventually do in the future; Goku and Gohan.

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True by ranking and blood, King Vegeta is the top of the class in terms of Saiyan power but think of it this way; Bardock might be a low class but like his son, he is no stranger to the battlefield, fighting against stronger opponents (willingly), doing whatever it takes to increase his skills and coming up with innovative strategies during battle to get the upper hand if overpowered or outnumbered.


Add that in with his desire to fight due to being a Saiyan and I think we have the makings of a fight that could knock the king off of his throne. However, like Goku turning down the offer to become Kami or join by Frieza’s side, I believe Bardock would do the same in NOT being king.

All hail King Bardock!

All hail King Bardock!

To him that would be like he was settling, it would not be the adventure that he craves to go out and fight against stronger adversaries making himself stronger and fulfilling his desire for battle. How could he do that while sitting on a throne?

Here that Vegeta? I could totally demolish you in a battle!

Hear that Vegeta? I could totally demolish you in a battle!

What makes you say that low-class?

What makes you say that low-class?

Pretty sure that Jeremy just spelled it all out...

Pretty sure Jeremy just spelled it all out…


*reads blog* Damn…

Pssst...like I thought

Pssst…like I thought

And that is why I feel that Bardock would be victorious in a battle to the death with King Vegeta.


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