Cold Family Relations; Past encounters between Cooler and Frieza

by Jeremy Carden


Based on his talk with Goku before transforming, Cooler mentions that Frieza was always trying to defeat him. Cooler goes further in saying that Frieza definitely had the edge BUT that was until Cooler transformed beyond the 4th form. He said Frieza was always trying to defeat him in order to prove himself the strongest in the universe.

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Similar to Bills in Battle of Gods, Cooler said that he would have killed Frieza sooner or later. Wow, talk about family values…

Now, the main question is; when did these two battle each other (on more than one occasion) and what form(s) did they fight in?

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I think some of the clues lie in the dialogue that they use when describing their different transformations. On Namek, Frieza says that his 3rd and 4th forms were never seen or used before on an opponent. I think he might have used his 2nd form before, he says that King Vegeta never saw it and even taunts Vegeta saying that he didn’t even need to transform in order to destroy the Saiyan race.

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After he transformed, he extended his tail to attack Gohan, Krillin and Vegeta. The three of them dodge and Frieza mentions that he was impressed as most opponents do not see that technique coming. To me that may imply that he has either used his 2nd form before OR he did the tail extending attack to opponents in his first form. However, when talking about this topic I’d probably lean more towards him using his 2nd form before.

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Zarbon was the one to tell Vegeta that Frieza could transform so it stands to reason either Zarbon has seen Frieza transform before OR Frieza just told him that he could transform.

DB Wiki reads:

“Over time, Frieza’s power became so great that his body could not comfortably contain it, and a series of physical transformations were developed to limit his actual strength.”

This could hint that Frieza AND Cooler’s past battles most likely took place when they were in their “final” or “true” forms. Frieza’s 1st-3rd forms are used to conserve or restrict his power.

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Cooler said that he had the edge which possibly meant that at some point, Frieza had the power or had the potential to reach a power level that would exceed his brother’s. However due to the strain on his body, he was forced to convert or create his alternate forms in order to keep his power “bottled up.”

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What I mean by “had the power” is that during one of their battles, when Frieza “had the upper hand” or “edge” as Cooler put it the fight was probably similar to 100% Frieza’s fight with Super Saiyan Goku in a certain aspect. Of course Goku was toying with Frieza just to see what he was like at full power; inferior to Goku’s power by 30 million.

But as the battle went on, Frieza’s body felt the strain of being at such a high power level (120 million) and his power began to fall. It stands to reason during one of his fights with Cooler, Frieza was winning but the longer the fight went on the more his power dropped keeping him from finishing the job to prove himself #1 in the universe (or at least better than his older brother).

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Cooler probably noticed this and did the OPPOSITE and by that I mean he embraced his final form as his “normal” form. Instead of having alternate forms that concealed his power, that strain of his growing power in his final form was something Cooler possibly mastered. This was what probably led to him “unlocking” his 5th form.


Which is extremely similar to how Goku and Gohan mastered their Super Saiyan forms; by using their “final form” as their “normal” state, they were able to eliminate the strain on their bodies and by doing so were able to unlock the new form of Super Saiyan 2.

Yeah I know, Gohan did it first but I think that since Goku mastered Super Saiyan as well he probably reached the form in Other World faster than Vegeta did since he had already controlled the SS transformation.

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I think of Frieza’s transformation like Vegeta and Trunks’ Ascended and Ultra Super Saiyan forms. In their case it wasn’t about concealing their power levels like Frieza but exerting it which caused a strain on their bodies like Frieza’s 100% power did on him. Goku and Gohan did the OPPOSITE (like Cooler) making them more powerful as a result.

That being said, it is easy to see how Frieza’s 4th form would not be as powerful as Cooler’s who was able to completely master it. Similar to how a Super Saiyan Vegeta or Trunks would not be able to defeat Full Power Super Saiyan Goku or Gohan even if they used their Ascended Super Saiyan forms.

Alright, so I’ve established how I feel about Frieza and Cooler’s power along with their transformations. Let’s move on to how these battles could influence the family and organization as a whole.

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We know that King Cold is apparently the head of the Planet Trade Organization based on his title of “King.” Either that means he is the head of it all or he has a fascination with the nursery rhyme “Old King Cold” and liked the title so much he decided to use it.

Frieza and Cooler rule their own respective parts of the galaxy as Cooler pointed out in the beginning of Cooler’s revenge that Goku’s pod escaping was Frieza’s problem not his because it was not his sector of the galaxy it was Frieza’s.

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DB Wiki states that Cooler has at least 256 planets in his “collection” or domain and Frieza has at least 79 (that we know of) in his command. It seems obvious that they both have many races under their control as well.

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This goes back to a post I did awhile back about what happened to the “Frost Family Domain” after they were all killed, we are talking about 100’s of planets now free of their control.

Did another powerful tyrant emerge out of the Frost race or did another alien race come in and take over? If the writers ever decide to continue the series this could really be something they could run off of and make it fit into the timeline of the anime/manga.

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We know that Cooler was going to kill Frieza eventually but the question remains due to their vanity and superiority complexes; would they REALLY kill each other? I know in Tenkaichi 1, in the What-If story when Frieza defeats his brother instead of killing him, he decided to make his brother work for him. I could see this happening considering they ARE brothers and if one proved that they were #1 in the universe over the other I’m sure killing them would not be the satisfaction that they were looking for.

That doesn’t mean one would not EVENTUALLY kill the other, but a quick kill probably wouldn’t be what would make either one of these tyrants “happy.”

Not to mention if Cooler or Frieza proved to be superior over the other, they’d take command over the planets in the other one’s empire in order to expand their own domain.


How does King Cold fit into this?

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Well considering we don’t know his true power or if he has advanced forms similar to his sons. I honestly think that he does considering the 4th forms of Cooler and Frieza are really their “true” forms, it could be that King Cold is in his 2nd form similar to how Frieza used his 1st form as his “normal” form. I think that unlike his dad or brother, Cooler embraced his “true” form and that unlocked his 5th form. I think King Cold probably had a “first form” like Frieza but then managed to move it up to form 2 as his normal form.

In Tenkaichi 3, I believe he said he doesn’t like Cooler or rebellious sons. It stands to reason Frieza had more in common with his dad (most likely the use of alternate forms to conceal or manage their true power), Cooler was probably “corrupt” or “power hungry” from a young age and wanted nothing more than to take his dad’s place.

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I know they are not Saiyans but as Turles put it, “Son kills father…that’s so Saiyan…”

The same might be true of the Frost Race in terms of power and obtaining it at ANY costs. This could be why Cold “spoiled” Frieza so that unlike Cooler, he’d work closely with him and not try to cause a coup and steal his power. That might explain why Cooler works alone and the “relationship” between Cold and Frieza seems to be stronger than he and Cooler.

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One must wonder (canon or not) if it was Cooler who was floating in space in a near-death condition and not Frieza, would Cold rescue him like he did Frieza?


Cooler went to earth not to avenge Frieza’s death but to restore the tarnished image to his family’s name. That doesn’t hint at him respecting his father either, if one of their family members brings shame to the family name it makes ALL of them look bad.

What do you think about all of this?

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