What-if: Android 20 Saved #19 From The Big Bang Attack?

by Jeremy Carden

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I’ve always been curious about this considering how fast #20 appears to be. I remember in the episode after Vegeta kills #19, he is furious at #20 hiding behind the cliffs and decided to blow up the area until he finds him. However after he fired his blast, #20 comes rushing out of nowhere to absorb the blast to increase his power and when Vegeta flies in pursuit, #20 runs away as quickly as he had appeared.


With that being said, I don’t think it would have been impossible for Gero to rush in at the last moment and absorb the Big Bang Attack.

Now I can see why the writers did NOT allow this to happen since it would pretty much guarantee the Z-Fighters would have all been killed.

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Super Vegeta allowed #19 to absorb his Ki in order to confirm that the Androids DID absorb energy through their hands which was why Vegeta ripped them off of the tubby robot before blasting him into smithereens.


He was able to play mind games and taunt #20 who was nervous. Vegeta’s tactic worked and the Android fled from the scene. Piccolo mentioned that if #20 did not fall for Vegeta’s trick he would have most likely been able to defeat Vegeta even as a Super Saiyan. Most likely due to #19 absorbing a good portion of his Ki and Vegeta also put a great deal of his remaining Ki into his Big Bang Attack to finish the battle.


Piccolo was the only other Z-Fighter on the scene able to defeat #20 as we saw after #20 jumped him for his Ki and then he got a Senzu and was easily smacking him around.

Vegeta is dead...oh crap we're screwed!

Vegeta is dead…oh crap we’re screwed!

Though if he would have absorbed Vegeta’s attack, his power would have skyrocketed to the point where I doubt even Piccolo would have had the strength necessary to stop him. Super Vegeta and Piccolo would be beaten and the only ones left being Tien, Krillin and Gohan. Even though Gohan might have a fit of rage with Piccolo defeated, I doubt it would be enough to stop #20.


Not to mention if Future Trunks arrived, I doubt that he would be able to do much either considering Gero was most likely speedy enough to dodge his sword.

Senzu Bean!

Senzu Bean!

True, Krillin did have a bag of Senzu Beans but let’s just pretend that he didn’t use them for one reason or another. Now that I think about it, #20 probably wouldn’t just kill Vegeta and Piccolo; he’d probably beat them good before taking their energy increasing his strength even further.


He knew where Goku lived so he could probably go finish him off before he would awaken from his heart virus 10 days later, he would take #19 back to his lab for repairs since his arms were no longer attached to his body.


Gero would have no reason to awaken #17 and #18 meaning that he would not be destroyed by #17

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Which would also mean #16 would still be in his “coffin”


Considering that he and #19 were able to collect life force from the Z-Fighters in their more powerful states due to their post-Namek training, he would possibly add those cells/energy to the present day Cell!


Wow, then I wonder what the Future Cell who came back to the present would do with no Androids around (unless he knew that they would be in the lab?). It would be interesting for Gero’s creation to confront him at his lab! It brings about so many possible outcomes but that is the entire point of speculation.


So now I can pretty much see why the writers avoided this by deciding to not allow #20 to absorb the Big Bang Attack.

3 thoughts on “What-if: Android 20 Saved #19 From The Big Bang Attack?

  1. Hobocop says:

    Dr. Gero absorbed a chunk of energy from Vegeta when they were in the desert, and stole energy from Piccolo while they were looking for him. I highly doubt he would have gotten more energy from the BBA then he did in both of those situations.

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