Pokemon: Pocket Monster Megazords

by Jeremy Carden


With Pokemon X and Y’s release day less than 3 weeks away everyone is still in awe of the news on the Mega Evolution, Air Battles and the new fossil Pokemon. My attention immediately when to the T-Rex that we’ve been waiting so long for!

However aside from fulfilling ever “trainer’s dream” I think this startling revelation can be connected to another 90’s show most of us are familiar with:

download (2)

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!

I’m talking about the original 6 Rangers and their Zords because I think we’ve finally gotten Pokemon for each Zord.


  • Mastodon = Black Ranger
  • Pterodactyl = Pink Ranger
  • Triceratops = Blue Ranger
  • Sabertooth Tiger = Yellow Ranger
  • Tyrannosaurus = Red Ranger
  • Dragonzord = Green Ranger


Mastodon = Mamoswine 

Pterodactyl = Aerodactyl 

Triceratops = Aggron 

Sabertooth Tiger = Raikou

download (1)
Tyrannosaurus = Tyrantrum

Dragonzord = Tyranitar

I like how for the most part the Pokemon actually have color schemes similar to the Power Ranger Zords. This is one team I should form after I get X and Y just for fun.

The name of course would be the “Zord Team” or something like that.

Anyway, this was just something interesting I’m sure some 90’s kids like myself would find enjoyable.

Pokemon: Pocket Monster Megazords

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