Dragonball Z: My thoughts on Super Saiyan God

by Jeremy Carden

The subject of this blog is about the Super Saiyan God technique and of course the Battle of Gods movie.

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Keep in mind that I haven’t been able to see Battle of Gods since it has not been released in the U.S. Aside from speculation, I’ve received the information that I’ll present below from Youtube movie summaries, the video clips that have been released for everyone to see, Dragonball Wiki’s website and other articles online about the movie.

Not sure if he really does have these markings on his chest but they do look kind of cool!

Not sure if he really does have these markings on his chest but they do look kind of cool!

So, please keep an open mind while reading this and hopefully it will be something that will make you think about the future of the series.

Here are some of the things that I’ll be covering in my blog;

  • The origins of the Super Saiyan God
  • How strong is a Super Saiyan God?
  • Can Super Saiyan God compete with the likes of Gogeta and Vegito?
  • Similarities between Goku’s first encounters with Bills and Korin
  • How powerful is Bills?

Along with other topics to help breakdown what this technique really is. I’ll be using facts and details from Dragonball, Dragonball Z and yes even Dragonball GT.

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Something else that I’d like to point out; this is not a hate blog about the Super Saiyan God because I know the technique has gotten A LOT of hate for just being a glorified version of the Kaio-Ken by looks alone.

Goku, have you been eating?

Goku, have you been eating?

Honestly, when I first saw Super Saiyan God Goku the last thing on my mind to describe it was the word; epic.

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Seeing him thinner than usual was an immediate turn off in terms of the coolness of the form. I mean we all know Goku’s eating habits and for him to just look like skin and bones (with a little muscle) seemed very lackluster.

Oh my gosh, Super Saiyan God!! Oh wait...

Oh my gosh, Super Saiyan God!! Oh wait…

I mean I can see why people would generally assume it was the Kaio-Ken or an advanced level of the technique.

Seriously, it is not the first time Goku used a crimson aura power-up to fight a powerful purple opponent…

Purple bad guy...wait is that Bills?!?! Oh wait...

Purple bad guy…is that Bills?!?! Oh wait…

I wasn’t impressed by it at all; just going off of the appearance of Goku.

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The way the movie was written it seemed that GT was being “written out” by Akira Toriyama. I mean it was non-canon to begin with but still.

There were several elements that make it clear that with Battle of Gods being canon it was designed to specifically get fans to forget about the non canon Dragonball GT;

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The Pilaf Gang was turned into kids thanks to a faulty wish to be young again that they made before the events of the film.

images (69)

This means that they would not be the old relics that we saw in the beginning of GT making it to the Lookout to use the Blackstar balls.

images (71)

Also, it would eliminate Goku being turned into a child.


Based on Sheron’s story about the Super Saiyan God, we know that there was at least ONE that appeared before the events of Battle of Gods.

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It appeared on Planet Vegeta to stop the violence of the evil Saiyans on Planet Vegeta but failed due to the form’s time limit. Given that the Saiyans as a whole were barbaric it is hard to imagine that there were at least 6 good-hearted Saiyans who would be able to help one of the 6 ascend on the legendary form.

As I mentioned in my other blog about Bardock’s link to the Saiyan and Tuffle race;

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The story King Kai told Goku about Planet Vegeta’s destruction might be linked to the Super Saiyan God. The fact that a guardian/kami of Planet Vegeta saw the evil deeds of the Saiyans and decided to stop it by destroying the planet is similar to the reason that the Super Saiyan God appeared in the first place.

images (88)

This guardian decided to use meteors to destroy the Planet Vegeta.

images (95)

The cover-up story by Frieza’s solider who contacted Vegeta while he was out on a mission said that it was a giant meteor that destroyed the planet.

images (86)

Raditz told this same story to Goku when he first arrived on Earth.

images (87)

I know in one of his (filler) flashbacks, Vegeta revealed to Raditz and Nappa that he KNEW Frieza was the one to blow up the planet.


However, when Dodoria told him on Namek that it was Frieza who did in the Saiyans and their home world, Vegeta was SHOCKED and enraged to learn this.

images (81)

images (82)

In return, he destroyed the fleeing solider as he tried to escape the Saiyan’s wrath.

Of course it is up for debate as to whether or not the Guardian in King Kai’s story even existed.

images (32)

Remember he was adamant against Goku or any of his friends from going after Frieza.

images (89)

So, he either made up the story to cover up Frieza’s hand in Planet Vegeta’s destruction, had no idea about Frieza’s dealings in the planet blowing up and was just going off of things he might have heard or he did know about the planet having an actual guardian and just assumed that he was the reason for the planet blowing up.

Now this picture has been floating around since the form was introduced;

Interesting theory

Interesting theory

It compares the Kaio-Ken to the Super Saiyan God form with some very convincing theories as to how the form was the inspiration for the Kaio-Ken.

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This actually makes sense seeing as how the Kaio-Ken was a technique that even King Kai himself was unable to master.

However, it was something that Goku was not only able to master BUT take it 10x higher than King Kai allowed him too.

He originally said not to go above an x2 Kaio-Ken.

images (85)

Goku had to take it up to an x3 in order to overpower Vegeta


Then he went to an x4 to win their beam collision

images (96)

Later on after training in 100x gravity on his way to Namek, it seems that he increased his durability and stamina enough to withstand a x10 Kaio-Ken

images (52)

Finally, he was able to utilize a x20 Kaio-Ken however it only lasted for seconds when used against Frieza; most likely due to Goku being in a damaged condition when using it

images (53)

Then another fight (filler) introduced a new concept; using the Kaio-Ken while in the Super Saiyan stated called the “Super Kaio-Ken!”

It doubled Goku’s Full Power Super Saiyan strength making him 100x stronger than his base form; basically the equivalent of Goku if he were a Super Saiyan 2.

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However as with the x20 Kaio-Ken, he could only hold the form for a few seconds.

Another interesting piece of information is Pikkon’s special technique;

images (80)

The Burning Shoot attack

Considering that King Kai’s “rival” was West Kai, it makes sense that he would not want to be outdone and decided to teach his student(s) a power boosting technique.

images (85)

It stands to reason that East Kai’s students being so weak compared to West and King Kai’s students, they wouldn’t have been able to master the technique like Goku or Pikkon did.

images (84)

Not to mention South Kai didn’t exactly have powerful fighters in his galaxy to brag about…

There are some similarities and differences between the Kaio-Ken and Burning Shoot techniques;

  • Goku is surrounded by a crimson aura
  • Pikkon is surrounded is consumed in flames
  • Pikkon’s power-up seemed only momentary
  • Goku’s Kaio-Ken is only momentary; depending on the durability of his body and the level of the technique he is using it at
  • Both techniques drastically increase the user’s speed, power, defense, etc.

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It is unknown if Pikkon can increase the Burning Shoot to multiple levels but regardless as to whether he can or not, he is naturally powerful and with that technique this guy is truly a contender for the Super Saiyans!

images (82)

He was more powerful than a Full Power Super Saiyan Goku!

He only lost because the Warp Kamehameha knocked him out of the ring.

images (94)

If it was a fight to the finish instead of an arena knockout then I’d say Pikkon would have won.

It doesn’t surprise me that the move is different than the Kaio-Ken, West Kai probably figured that if he were going to teach his students the same move as King Kai, he’d want to add his own special touch to it.

images (93)

One last thing about Pikkon’s lessons under West Kai, if he did learn the Burning Shoot from West Kai then it stands to reason that he also learned the Thunder Flash from his as well.

images (70)

It can be seen as West Kai’s ultimate attack like how the Spirit Bomb is King Kai’s ultimate move taught to his students.

Both the Burning Shoot and Thunder Flash are fire element techniques.

images (91)

Also, West Kai said not to use the Thunder Flash unless he was far away from his opponent in order to not burn up the audience.

However, this didn’t happen…

Kind of like how Goku disobeyed King Kai’s warning of not going above a x2 Kaio-Ken

images (93)

Pikkon did the same by using the Thunder Flash while close up…

images (13)

Arqua’s ultimate attack was Water-based due to him being a creature that excels in water. It seems that he is possibly East Kai’s greatest fighter so it stands to reason that teaching him a Fire-element technique would be useless

Looks like a Cell/Frieza fusion doesn't it?

Looks like a Cell/Frieza fusion doesn’t it?

South Kai’s ultimate fighter is either Torbie

images (15)

Or his new student Papoi

Whether or not they knew a Super Saiyan God-like technique to temporary boost their power is unknown

Now with Planet Vegeta being in King Kai’s portion of guardianship, if the other 3 Kais did know about the SS God, it would have probably been by them hearing about it somehow or sensing the form’s great power or something like that.


That would be the only reason they would all try to come up with their own variations of the technique in order to power-up their students the best way that they could

Overall, this is an interesting theory and it is up to personal opinion as to whether or not you feel that it is credible.

Aside from the Kaio-Ken, there is another form that some people compare Super Saiyan God to;


False Super Saiyan

This is where we look into territory that is also VERY believable!

In Lord Slug, we see Goku in a really tight spot against the Super Namek and he is badly beaten.

images (51)

When Slug was about to deliver the final blow, Goku catches his hand and looks like a possessed man looking for blood.

He powers up with a red/golden aura and charges in easily beating up the Namek.


To me it seemed that Goku was SO close to ascending to the Super Saiyan level. It seemed that he had the right motivation because he powered up due to his desire to save his friends and family from dying of the Terra-freeze planet created by Lord Slug.

Even King Kai questions if Goku had in fact become the Super Saiyan of Legend. That means that he had heard of the legend of the Super Saiyan before!

images (16)

Moving forward, it doesn’t seem that he knew about the Super Saiyan God because when Bills and Wiss asked King Kai and Goku about the form neither of them knew what they were talking about.

images (8)

I suppose that he must have heard about the legend of the Super Saiyan that was told down the lineage of the Frost Demon clan from Chilled to Frieza and his family.

That being said, we can rule out the possibility of Super Saiyan God being what King Kai was referring to in Lord Slug.

The real question that I would like to have answered; how strong is the Super Saiyan God transformation/form?

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Based on summaries on the movie itself, Goku was using 80% against Bills. He was holding his own but it was clear that Bills had the advantage even cutting the Saiyan god’s cheek.

images (1)

So, eventually Goku turned it up to 100% but it was still not enough to overcome the God of Destruction; we never see Goku draw blood from Bills.

images (17)

In the end, it is revealed that Bills was only using 70% of his maximum in order to defeat Goku.

That left him in an exhausted state with only 30% left in him, but it can be argued that he was not even in a condition where he could access that much of his power.

When he decided to destroy the earth after winning against Goku, he charged up a Ki blast to put an end to the planet but…

images (46)

…it was only enough to destroy a small rock!


Now let’s say that it was in fact his 30% power; that wouldn’t be more powerful than an Ascended Super Saiyan Vegeta (Super Vegeta) because if you remember his Final Flash attack was MORE than enough to destroy the plant.

images (20)

So, was his Galick Gun back in the Saiyan Saga but I don’t think I’d sell Bills that short in terms of power.

images (90)

I mean think about Frieza when we went to his 100% power;


He was exhausted and even at 100% his power was falling rapidly due to his 50%-70% self getting beaten by Super Saiyan Goku.

images (11)

The same can be said of Bills because he had been running around fighting Goku in that long battle that it is understandable that he wouldn’t be able to concentrate enough Ki to blow up Earth.

images (8)

I mean Frieza tried blowing up Namek (in a weakened condition) and we all know how well that went; 5 minutes? Please…

Bills is reported to be the strongest character in the 7th Universe; the DB universe that we know of.

Bills; Wait, so you are a guy?

Bills; Wait, so you are a guy?

His power is second only to his attendant and martial arts instructor; Wiss

A lot of fans were upset to know that a purple cat is more powerful than their Saiyan favorites; Super Saiyan Gogeta and Vegito

images (17)

Yes, it is the time! The time to determine how Bills and Super Saiyan God Goku stack up to the titans of fusion in the DB universe!

images (21)

Super Saiyan 3 is 400 times more powerful than a base form Saiyan.

images (41)

At the beginning of the movie, Bills made SS3 Goku look like Yamcha because he was unable to land a single blow on Bills and he was taken out with one pressure point karate chop to the neck.

images (27)

Call me a girl one more time Bills!

This was similar to how Wiss knocked out Bills at the end of the movie to make him sleep for another 3 years.

images (25)

Super Saiyan God is said to be more powerful than a SS3 but we don’t know by how much. Considering that it took Bills 70% of his maximum to take out SS God Goku while it appeared that it took little to no effort in order to defeat SS3 Goku it can be assumed that it is far more powerful than a SS3.

images (31)

When we look at some minor details, we can see that SS3 Goku vs. Bills was similar to Goku’s first encounter with Korin another cat-like deity.

images (32)

Goku had just experience a near-death beating from Mercenary Tao.


In order to increase his power for their next encounter, he climbed up Korin’s Tower in order to get his hands on the Sacred Water



No, Garlic Jr. not THAT Sacred Water…


THIS SACRED WATER; that turned out to be nothing more than ordinary tap water.


During his first attempts to get the water from the craft cat, Goku was unable to land a finger on the elusive kitty. Even with the Afterimage, Korin was easily able to outmaneuver the kid Saiyan.

Finally, he was able to get the bottle thanks to learning how to read and anticipate his opponent’s movement.

images (73)

The end result; Goku tripled his power by learning to sense his opponent’s moves, climbing up the tower twice to increase his speed remember Korin dropped his Dragonball on purpose to make him climb up again (much faster than the first time) and all of that made Goku a better fighter in just 3 days.

images (34)

He was able to overpower Tao!

images (69)

This made the mercenary go up the tower himself but was tricked by the crafty cat with plain water and made him think that he had gained more power by breaking one of the pillars with his cane to make it look like the Dodon Ray had done the job.

images (33)

He was able to land some hits on Goku…

images (68)

BUT in the end, he met his demise by his own bomb

images (70)

However, he returned as a cyborg looking for revenge

images (71)

Only to be defeated by Tien

He appeared in some DBZ filler but that is not important to the point that I’m trying to make.

Now, let’s compare Goku’s training with Korin to his first fight with Bills;

  • Goku was up against a cat-like god
  • He was unable to land a single punch
  • He was defeated and outmaneuvered with ease

images (29)

Something else that is important to remember is that Goku was unable to sense Bills’ movements just like he was unable to read Korin’s (until he took Korin’s words to heart and learned how to do it).

images (7)

King Kai said that because they were “gods” Goku was unable to sense the godly energy signature that was coming from Bills or Wiss.

That was until he became a “god” himself after achieving Super Saiyan God


In order to estimate how powerful SS God is compared to SS3 we can look at Vegito (base form) vs. Buuhan (Super Buu; Gohan Absorbed).

The fused Saiyan was easily able to overpower the Majin.

images (39)

He was able to take whatever Buu could dish out and he was even able to beat him to a pulp

images (42)

However, Buu was unable to scratch Vegito even with several melee assaults. The Saiyan smirked saying that the only reason he was willingly taking damage was to test out his new body.


It was clear that he was able to generate enough Ki to kill Buu and this was seen with his Final Kamehameha (or Big Bang Kamehameha depending on what source you use to look up DB information).

images (43)

After Buu used his giant energy ball that was more than enough to crack the planet in half

images (40)

It was clear that Vegito was more than capable of defeating his powerful foe.

By breaking down Buuhan’s power we can determine how much more powerful than a Super Saiyan 3 he is; (this is my personal opinion based on the show itself)


Super Buu alone was more powerful than Super Saiyan 3 Goku

images (50)

Mystic Gohan was more powerful than Goku since he was effortlessly able to defeat Super Buu


Piccolo who I measure to be around the power of an Ascended Super Saiyan along with Goten and Trunks being Super Saiyans would make them around the power range of a Super Saiyan 2 and that is ¼ the power of a Super Saiyan 3.


That being said when you add them all together; Buuhan is higher than 2 SS3s put together but lower than 3 of them.

images (44)

Meaning that base form Vegito is AT LEAST 3 or 4 times more powerful than a Super Saiyan 3 Goku.

images (18)

Now, when he decided to take it up a notch by going Super Saiyan that increased his already incredible power level by 50!

I mean he was able to take on Buu even in base form like the Old Kai said; there was no need to go Super Saiyan due to the Potara Fusion being more than enough to take on Buu.

images (38)

When he went Super Saiyan, he was able to make Buu look like Hercule fighting Cell.

images (54)

The question still remains however; how much stronger is SS God Goku when compared to his SS3 persona?

I think Vegito and/or Gogeta would help with this illustration.

images (22)

Alright, sources confirm that SS4 Gogeta is DOZENS of times more powerful than a regular or non-fused SS4.

images (66)

Meaning that Goku and Vegeta would not have a prayer of winning against their SS4 fused counterpart!

images (20)

At first, I thought that the only reason this was true was because Gogeta was a SS4 BUT if you look at Vegito for example and his SS levels when compared to Goku or Vegeta’s it does make a lot of sense.

Earlier, I mentioned that in base form Vegito is at least 3 times more powerful than SS3 Goku.

Let’s take the SS multiplying table and see what we come up with when comparing a SS3 Vegito to a SS3 Goku;

  • Vegito base form = 3 SS3 Goku(s)
  • Super Vegito (50x base power) = 150 SS3 Goku(s)
  • SS2 Vegito (2x Super Saiyan power) = 300 SS3 Goku(s)
  • SS3 Vegito (4x Super Saiyan 2 power) = 1200 SS3 Goku(s)


So, with that being said a SS3 Vegito is at least 100 dozen times stronger than SS3 Goku! I know these numbers seem ridiculous but seriously, they do make sense. It just took me forever to realize it because I’ve never calculated it before.

images (8)

I mean it is confirmed that Bills IS stronger than Super Gogeta or Super Vegito but we don’t know by how much. Remember it took 70% of his power to best SS God Goku but we don’t know if he’d need to use more in order to defeat either one of these Super Saiyan fusions.

Super Saiyan God is powerful but I don’t know if it would give Goku a power increase that is 100s of times more powerful than his SS3 form.

And remember when they say Bills is more powerful than either fused being, it is only measured by their SS transformations not by their ascended SS forms!

images cvbxcb

Let’s try another equation but this time let’s just Gogeta. In V-Jump his power is measured to be 2,500,000,000. Personally, I think this is nowhere near his maximum but let’s just use this number. Also, it is said that Super Vegito is in the power level range of a Super Saiyan 4.

images (21)

These 2 Super Saiyan fusions are said to be close in power so with that in mind for simplicity’s sake we’ll say that Super Saiyan Gogeta is equal to one Super Saiyan 4.

  • Super Saiyan Gogeta = 1 SS4
  • SS2 Gogeta = 2 SS4s
  • SS3 Gogeta = 8 SS4s
  • SS4 Gogeta = 80 SS4s


That is at least 6 dozen times more powerful than an un-fused SS4. I know that is way below Super Saiyan 3 Vegito’s measurements compared to Super Saiyan 3 Goku but remember that I feel 2 and a half billion is not Gogeta’s max as a Super Saiyan not to mention his regular SS power is equal to 1 SS4 when compared to base form Vegito who is equal to at least 3 SS3(s).


Goku and Vegeta have proven time after time that as individuals they are both capable of incredible feats.


But when you put them together, they make even the most powerful villains in the series seem like nothing.

bc vcb

They beat them up and you can tell that they are just fooling around knowing that they could defeat the likes of Buuhan or Omega Shenron in less than 5 seconds if they wanted to.


Bills is powerful but does he have what it takes to content with the likes of a SS3 Gogeta or Vegito?

My guess is no, but of course that does not say anything about Wiss.

I'm the strongest in the universe!

I’m the strongest in the universe!

We know he is more powerful than Bills but we don’t know HOW powerful. Seeing him take out Bills as easily as the cat-god took out SS3 Goku at the beginning of the film makes me shudder about his true power.

images (48)

Yes, Bills was in an exhausted state when he was attacked by Wiss, but who is to say that he couldn’t know out Bills that easily even if he was at 100%.

Something else to consider is the power of these other gods from the other 11 universes and if they are more powerful than Bills then it is possible that we might get to see things that we haven’t before;


SS2 Vegito and Gogeta


SS3 Vegito and Gogeta


Even a SS God Fusion

images (4)

Or as I mentioned before; an advanced stage of SS God that has yet to be tapped into!

images (24)

As a matter of fact having Gogeta appear in a canon movie rather than the non-canon Fusion Reborn would FINALLY make him canon after so many years!

images (9)

Another good question that fans have been contemplating is whether or not Super Saiyan God is it. What I mean by this is; does this form/technique have more behind it like a higher transformation that Goku and the others do not know about yet.

I think it is possible.


images (42)

Remember Goku and the others ascended past the normal SS transformation

Well, let’s take a look at some other “temporary” techniques and forms that allow increased stats for the user but were then trumped in power by the introduction of an even more powerful method of powering up that allows either the same or more power but with less drawbacks to the user;

Kaio-Ken was introduced as a temporary power-up

images (84)

The drawbacks depend on how powerful the person using it is or the condition of their body when using it

images (58)

It was then trumped by the Super Saiyan transformation which allows a 50x power up as opposed to the Kaio-Ken only being x20 (or at least from what we saw in the series)

images (55)

Super Saiyan 3 was a temporary power-up

I estimate Goku being able to hold the form was at least 10 minutes

images (23)

Gotenks can hold it for 5 minutes

And it all boils down to whether the user is dead or living due to the energy consumption of the form because of the incredible power and speed that it grants the person who uses it

images (57)

Goku can use the technique but…


It leaves him in an exhausted state after he reverts back to his base form

images (79)

It was trumped by Super Saiyan 4 which is 10 times stronger than a SS3

images (64)

The Fusion Dance is a temporary power-up

images (32)

It only lasts for 30 minutes

images (33)

Or even less depending on the power of the fused being; SS4 Gogeta only lasted 10 minutes

Trunks; Are you serious?

Trunks; Are you serious?

Not to mention that it requires an hour recharge time before the users can fuse again

Say what?!?

Say what?!?

It has complex synchronized movements that must be done perfectly

If not there is the risk of a failed fusion;

images (30)

One is fat

images (31)

And the other is old and frail


It was trumped by the Potara Earring method of fusion

images (41)

Unlike the Fusion Dance, it only requires the users to put the earrings on opposite ears to instantly fuse them together

You mean I'm stuck this way!?!

You mean I’m stuck this way!?!

The main drawback is the fusion being permanent

So, with all of that being said it is possible that Super Saiyan God is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of a new found method of power.

I mean look at how someone achieves the power begin with; it takes the energy of 5 pure-hearted Saiyans to make one of them transform

images (24)

As Piccolo pointed out during their first attempt at helping Goku, it is more than simply gathering Ki and making Goku stronger it takes something more.


That reminded me of Gohan trying to learn how to go Super Saiyan and Goku pointing out that it took more than raising Ki in order to transform it takes the right motivation.

images (2)

With a fiery eruption of power, the end result is a smooth and calm aura is somewhat of a quiet storm of the true power within finally being unlocked.

I want to become a Super Saiyan God too!!!!!

I want to become a Super Saiyan God too!!!!!

Bills did mention that Goku and Vegeta were eventually going to become formidable opponents in the near future. I mean in the movie, Vegeta’s rage pushed his power level as a Super Saiyan above Super Saiyan 3 Goku!

images (16)

Remember that Goku promised Vegeta that the next time it became necessary, he was going to be the one who became a Super Saiyan God

images (72)

Speaking on temporary or lackluster methods of powering up, Korin’s Sacred Water was just plain tap water. However, when King Piccolo arrived he revealed that there was something called the Ultra Divine Water.

If a person were to drink it (and survive) it would grant them incredible power and strength.

Goku drank it and survived!

images (75)

It was enough to raise his power and senses dramatically

images (74)

This allowed him to raise his power equally to King Piccolo (both were clocked at 260) and ultimately he was able to defeat him

Again, there are some similarities between Super Saiyan God and these other methods of powering up with one method seeming temporary or small but it is trumped by something else discovered down the line

images (10)

One thing that confused me during the movie was that Goku’s time as a Super Saiyan God ran out but he was still able to hold his own against Bills

According to DB Wiki, Goku had felt what it was like to have that god-like power and he had gotten used to the feeling. That explains how he was able to continue fighting as a regular Super Saiyan but still give Bills a run for his money.

images (36)

Goku saying that he had gotten used to the form and was still able to access its incredible power was similar to Cell regenerating from his self-destruction in his Perfect form despite blowing himself up as Semi-Perfect Cell.

images (37)

He mentioned that his cells had gotten a taste of his perfect power and stored it away allowing him to once again access it when needed resulting in Super Perfect Cell.

images (26)

When Bills was about to destroy Goku and the earth with his ultimate attack it seemed that all was lost

images (18)

Goku eventually blacked out but similar to his vision fighting Frieza, he thought about his loved ones and friends which gave him the power he needed to temporary turn into a SS God again and absorb the attack

Similar to his temporary use of x20 Kaio-Ken against Frieza

images (99)

It left him in an exhausted state and he had no choice but to surrender the battle. That begs the question as to whether or not he would have ended the match in a draw if he didn’t surrender because remember Bills himself was exhausted

Do I believe this movie will have a sequel?

Yes, given how successful it was in Japan due to promotional tactics and how the fans responded.

I'm a black man that loves chicken and DBZ. Put them together and you have a masterpiece!

I’m a black man that loves chicken and DBZ. Put them together and you have a masterpiece!

Not to mention the way the fight ended left it open to a sequel or the series being revived.

I mean when have we seen Goku lose to a villain and that be the end of it?


I mean the only time I can remember him surrendering during a fight was against Cell because he KNEW he couldn’t win.

images (39)

Even then we soon found out that it was only because he knew that Gohan could handle it.

With his promise that Vegeta would be the next SS God and Bills waking up again in 3 years, there is no reason why there should not be another movie.

images (3)

Not to mention Bills informed Goku of 11 other universes in existence that contain Gods of Destruction as well; according to some sources it is said that Bills is the WEAKEST of the 12 gods and that says a lot about the possibilities of these other gods being introduced in the future.

I’m sure if Goku knows about them there would be not stopping him or Vegeta from going out to fight against stronger opponents.

images (75)

I mean Vegeta is one who never lets Goku gets off on a promise that he makes. Remember when Goku came back from the dead for a day but had to leave the tournament to fight the threat of Majin Buu?

images (76)

Vegeta followed him because he and Goku were matched up to fight in the tounrmanet and Vegeta’s only purpose of entering was to fight Goku.

So, if Goku goes off to the other universes to face these gods then it would not surprise me if Vegeta went along with him.

images (77)

Something else that I’ve always pondered was whether or not Akira came up with the idea of Super Saiyan God BEFORE the events of ScrewAttack’s Death Battle that caused a lot of controversy due to Superman defeating Goku.

Superman Prime; God-Like Status

Superman Prime; God-Like Status

It could be his way of saying; “Top this Superman!!”

According to DB Wiki, during an interview with one of the movie’s character designers; the original concept for Super Saiyan God had the form being more muscular, wearing a cape, and with a hairstyle in-between Super Saiyan 3 and Super Saiyan 4.

Let’s see;

images (73)

Superman has a cape

Inconsistent in muscle size but he is muscular

Inconsistent in muscle size but he is muscular

Superman is muscular

This is what we want!

This is what we want!

And it would be interesting to see Goku with a mid-way hairstyle between the two Super Saiyan forms.

images (78)

Really, I can see how it can be speculated that this was Akira’s “revenge” for the Death Battle results.

images (100)

I must admit that there is one more thing about the Super Saiyan God that makes me both cringe and also gives me hope that Goku will “ascend” to the next level of Super Saiyan God (if there is one) or just reach a higher power in general; Goku did NOT reach Super Saiyan God on his own!


It took the power of 5 other Saiyans to help him reach it. If I remember correctly, when Bills asked him what it felt like being a god, Goku literally just said that it wasn’t satisfying because it was something that he could not reach on his own and it took the power of others to make him ascend.

Maybe Goku will find his own SS God power someday

Maybe Goku will find his own SS God power someday

THIS is the Goku I like just hating to reach a power that he feels is undeserved, I mean when I heard that he used the Dragonballs to learn about how to ascend that just made he hate SS God even more!

images (7)

If you ask me going Super Saiyan was the only time he “needed help” that was when he needed an emotional experience strong enough to help him break the barrier and transform.

images (11)

Seeing Piccolo shot with a Death Beam meant for him

images (6)

images (10)

And finally seeing his best friend (who couldn’t be revived twice) die before his eyes is what made him ascend

images (3)

Going SS2 and SS3 was really more about training and looking deep inside to reach the power to transform; he reached both forms while he did his intense training sessions on Grand Kai’s planet. Seeing him being able to transform to SS2 at will unlike Gohan who needed the right motivation kind of proves that even if Goku DID need the right motivation he was able to control it and just ascend to the form when need while SS3 he told Goten and Trunks was simply looking inside to reach the form.

True, it took emotional factors to help Gohan transform but remember in Goku’s flashback in the Time Chamber, it was due to their 20 hour non-stop training session along with Gohan”s refusal to give up that helped him true Super Saiyan 2.

images (12)

He was only able to hold the form for a few seconds before passing out but if you ask me it was due to him being in such a weakened state that he was unable to fully transform

images (15)

SS4 just needed him to gain control as a Golden Ape; thanks to Pan in order to transform

images (13)

If Super Saiyan God is meant to be a counter to Superman or Superman-Prime then I am a bit disappointed.

images (2)

I mean the Justice League doesn’t have to surround Superman in order for him to gather power


He just needs the sun

images (5)

Goku doesn’t need an outside stimulus to get more powerful; unless you count Super Saiyan 4 because he needs a moon or orbiting planet to gain Blutz Waves in order to hold the form

images (4)

Unlike Vegeta, who needed to rely on a machine because he was scientifically able to re-grow his tail but once his body runs out of Blutz Waves he reverts back to base form and doesn’t have his tail anymore


The only way I’ll find it somewhat acceptable is for Goku to fuse with Vegeta to gain more power instead of needing everyone else to help him


I mean against Kid Buu he REFUSED to fuse because he believed it would not be fair to fight an un-fused being and due to Saiyan Pride he and Vegeta opted to fight alone rather than together

images (14)

I’m sure he felt the same way fighting Bills who was just an un-fused god of great power.


I mean Buuhan was Super Buu fused with his friends and sons, Cell was fused with Androids and all of the Z-Fighter’s DNA samples and Omega Shenron was all 7 Shadow Dragons put together! So getting outside power or fusion was understandable because he was fighting a fused being himself.

images (27)

So, what do you think of my evaluation? Do you think there is some truth behind it or similar to the picture above, do you think it is ridiculous?

In any case, it is always fun to speculate these kinds of subjects about this incredible series.

If Bills DOES get to fight a rematch with Goku do you think he would win?

images (28)

Remember he is out of commission for at least 3 years giving Goku and the others time to train.

Bad boy(s)!

Bad boy(s)!

Can he put a good spanking to these Saiyans who are breaking the boundaries of power ranking among the gods themselves?

images (16)

Hopefully we will learn more about Bills, Wiss, Goku and the Super Saiyan God form in the new Battle of Z game and when the movie finally does comes to the U.S.

Please feel free to leave any thoughts that you have in the comment section along with things that you think I might have missed and would help with figuring out the power and possible advanced stages of the Super Saiyan God.

11 thoughts on “Dragonball Z: My thoughts on Super Saiyan God

  1. Anwar L says:

    That would be a nice feature if those tribal marks are on his body.

    • Indeed, it could be some ancient language on the planet vegeta or something. No matter what, they could really do some interesting things with it considering Goku wore the symbols of his masters; Roshi, Kami, King Kai but with those markings it is like he is FINALLY embracing his Saiyan heritage

  2. Anwar L says:

    To completely negate that awful GT Goku needs to have a daughter.

  3. Yes Bra is her Japanese name but Bulla is her English name

  4. Venithil says:

    Personally I do not think there’s a very strong connection between kaioken and Super Saiyan God; when you see the original design for SSG (SSJ-level muscles, body markings), I believe it looks a bit cooler, but there may be another line Toriyama was drawing here;

    I mean technically our author has shown quite a number of times that the most talented out of the Z-Fighters is Gohan (and the only person with more potential overall that is a Saiyan may be Broly). It would not surprise me if there was a slight connection between Gohan’s “Ultimate/Mistic” form and SSG. As a matter of fact, since I do write stories, I planned out a DBZ continuation/alternate DBGT fic where Gohan does reach something akin to what Goku did in Movie 4, except it’s for SSG rather than SSJ form.

    Come to think of it, Goku should really pass on Kaioken to either Gohan or Piccolo. It would make them more useful now that Gohan can fight at SSJ3 level in what is basically as draining as his natural form.

    • Oh gosh don’t get me started Goku should have taught those techniques like the Instant Transmission, Kaio-Ken to his friends because it would have helped so much in the long run!

  5. Mertyville says:

    that was a pretty good analysis.
    The reason I don’t like the Super Saiyan God transformation (besides the name being cheese and the look for me unoriginal) is that Goku during the whole series was able to become that powerful beast and therefore used to be pretty much above any possible cartoon character.
    He trained with Gods and became more powerful than them. Why do you need to become a good when you can just become more powerful than one and that was what made the Dragon Ball Characters so unique aspecially Goku.
    King Kai, Korin, Kami…they all trained Goku and they are all considered Gods which Goku was able to suppass.
    Not only that, but Goku was able to overcome Demons (which were considered stronger than Gods in the anime like Picollo, Dabra and Buu), powerful dictators feared by the gods (Frieza), Clones and Androids that knew his weaknesses.
    I would have been fine if Goku had fused with Vegeta instead and beat him (not considering that Bills is indeed stronger than Vegito and so on).
    It is confusing that the Kaio Shins which suppost to be the highest rang of gods are even near the rank of a god of destruction (The Nord Kaio Shin the weakest one is not even close to Normal Vegeta’s power and the other 4 were killed by Kid Buu). Apparently they should be opposites to each other that Kais make planets and GoD destroy them.

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