Episode of Bardock; was Bardock responsible for starting the Saiyan race and evolving the Tuffle race?

By Jeremy Carden

Before I go into my theory as to why Bardock was possibly the being who started these two races, it is important to go over the history of the Saiyans and Tuffles first.

Keep in mind that King Kai, Baby, Vegeta and Dr. Raichi seem to have different versions of the story regarding the relations between the Saiyans and the Tuffle. Some differences are minor while some seem to reshape the entire story.

images (1)

Vegeta said that the Tuffles used the Saiyans as slaves.


Baby’s story seems to illustrate the Saiyan/Tuffle “war” ending quickly as the Saiyans arrived on the night of a full moon easily taking over the planet.

images (2)

King Kai and Dr. Raichi’s story says the war lasted 10 years with multiple battles taking place with the Tuffles managing to keep the Saiyans from complete domination and only ended with the Saiyans winning after a full moon (which occurs every 8 years) appeared in the sky.

images (12)

Here we go; in King Kai’s story to Goku, he tells him that there were 2 races on Planet Plant the Saiyans and the Tuffles.

images (63)

The Saiyans were a more violent and primitive race that lived in the outskirts of the Tuffle “city” in the caves and wastelands of Planet Plant.

The Tuffles were a much more advanced and peaceful society of beings. However, they were much smaller and fragile in terms of appearance compared to the much bigger and bulkier Saiyan race.

images (3)

It was only due to their weaponry and scientific genius that kept the Saiyans from taking over their city, wiping them out and dominating the planet. Though they were weaker than the Saiyans, they outnumbered them greatly. Until the night of a full moon…


*Note; Remember the Tuffles were the one who developed the Scouter technology. They also had blasters (I’ll get into that more below)*

images (20)

That was when the Tuffles were completely overrun by the Saiyans making them the dominant and only race on the planet. Of course in later series and movies, we learn that the Saiyans killed MOST of the Tuffles but some got away which kind of mirrored how Frieza would blow up Planet Vegeta in the future but some Saiyans survived for one reason or another.

He goes even further explaining that even though the Saiyan race was now the dominate race on the planet, their thirst for battle could not be quenched. The Saiyans yearned to venture out into the stars to find opponents to fight.

However, without the technology to do so they were unable to leave the planet. Or I should say they had the advanced technology of the Tuffles at their disposal but didn’t know how to use it.

At least not until sometime later, when they became more familiar with the technology and less barbaric but still had that desire to fight.

images (10)

It wasn’t until they were approached by the Arcosians were they first brought into the Planet Trade Organization. They were paid with money and technology to go to their planet and clear out the race for the Arcosians.

Why did I mention the Planet Trade Organization when it was the Arcosians who approached the Saiyans and not Frieza or someone else of the Frost Demon Race?

images (13)

Here is my theory; remember that Chilled and his men wore similar hooded cloaks when they arrived on Planet Plant in the past looking for the man (Bardock) who killed the two soldiers who came to the planet before claiming it in the name of Lord Chilled.

images (25)

Also remember that Chilled KNEW about the healing medicine on the planet. That could have been the reason he wanted to conquer the planet.

images (30)

This is similar to Frieza wanting the Kanassan planet due to the rumor of some psychic power.


Don’t you just love how all of this just seems to all come together especially when it involves Bardock?

Another thing to note is the Battle Armor. In King Kai’s tale and in GT, it wasn’t until AFTER they conquered the planet did the Saiyans start to wear the armor.


They probably got it from the Tuffles after the war or like many of Frieza’s men it wasn’t until they were drafted into the Planet Trade organization that they were equipped with the armor.

But in King Kai’s story, there was one Saiyan who shook hands with the Arcosian and he was wearing the armor which was probably given to him by the Arcosian himself either before the Saiyans cleansed the planet for them or after the victory had been won.

images (11)

You’ll notice in this picture, ALL of the Saiyans shown are wearing the armor. Along with the dead native on the Arcosian planet (most likely the race they wanted the Saiyans to destroy in order to cleanse the planet) and damaged buildings in the picture, it kind of shows that it was the Arcosian planet they were on at the time.

My guess is that in order to give extra protection to the Saiyans while fighting to help increase their chances of success, they were given the armor BEFORE the fight just for the advantage.

images (33)

During the war on Planet Plant all of the Great Apes were “bare” supporting that it was not until after the war and their meeting with the Arcosians were they given the armor. Remember that the armor is expandable even in Great Ape form and they didn’t have any on before just the clothes that they looked like they made while living in the wastelands.

Now, it is said that it was about one year after the Saiyans killed off the Tuffles that they were then put into Frieza’s empire for conquering planets. This further supports my theory that the Arcosians were a race that was either linked with the Frost Demons OR mentioned the Saiyans to the Frost Demons or more specifically Frieza.

I’m not sure how galactic gossip gets around but perhaps an Arcosian was talking to a being of another race and that was how the word about the Saiyans got to Frieza and any race that showed potential in expanding his empire was enough to get him to want them on his side.

images (8)

Frieza probably already knew about the Saiyans due to the Super Saiyan legend passed down from Chilled to him.

Getting killed by a Super Saiyan must hurt especially after you were warned about it...

Getting killed by a Super Saiyan must hurt especially after you were warned about it…

However, he probably didn’t think about it being nothing more than a mere rumor and wanted them in his employ; until later on when he discovered the Saiyans were soon growing not only numbers but in power as well.

images (46)

Alright, for anyone reading who is a Christian, I am not trying to disrespect the gospel by bringing it into this discussion; when you think about it Frieza was kind of like the Pharaoh of Egypt, fearful of an uprising due to rumors of a lesser race overpowering his throne.

images (34)

In order to avoid that, he made a decree that all Saiyans must die in order to snuff out the possibly of an uprising and the “deliverer” a Super Saiyan freeing them from the bondage of Frieza.

images (44)

In the Bible, Pharaoh decreed that all new born boys must die in order to prevent the “deliverer” emerging out of the slaves to free them from Pharaoh’s bondage.

images (42)

Also note in both scenarios it was an act put into place by the suggestion of the advisers of the ruler that kind of fueled their own paranoia about the situation.

images (45)

For Pharaoh it was his counselors.

images (36)

For Frieza it was his right hand men; Zarbon and Dodoria.

images (37)

Though later in Frieza’s flashback before transforming into his 2nd form, it seems that Zarbon didn’t think destroying them was necessary but went with it anything saying “Well I suppose you know best…”

Flashbacks can be inconsistent from time to time so I try not to take them that seriously.

images (47)

Of course in Frieza’s case Goku had escaped the wrath of the tyrant by being sent off to Earth before he destroyed the planet.

images (52)

He was AGAIN spared by Cooler who viewed from afar and noted that it was not his problem or job to finish Frieza’s sloppy work.

images (51)

Later on he came to regret his decision as he was being incinerated by the sun…

images (43)

Moses was placed in the river by his mother to avoid being killed.

images (35)

So, it is kind of like that theory of predestination or fate where what is meant to happen will happen no matter what you do or what extremes you go through in order to prevent what is destined to occur.

images (41)utdfgf

In terms of the medicine that was used to heal Bardock, he notes that it is similar to the medicine in the Healing Chambers used by Frieza.

images (21)

Vegeta mentions that the fluid contains synthetic Saiyan DNA.

images (22)

This could hint about the Saiyan influence on the Tuffles, purple aliens and Frieza’s army. The medicine itself is said to heal injuries instantly. Saiyans get stronger after being healed from injuries or near-death experiences due to the Zenkai. This could be a reason why Saiyan DNA is also in the fluid medicine making healing faster and possibly making whatever being in the healing tank stronger than before.

images (16)

In terms of Attack Balls, it is hard to say where they came from. When Chilled’s 2 soldiers arrived on Planet Plant they were in a large ship that Frieza, King Cold and Cooler use in space travel. It seems that Attack Balls were not used by the Frost Demon Empire until after their encounter with the Saiyans.

images (19)

In some flashbacks, the Saiyans arrived on the planet by using these Attack Balls and then wiping out the Tuffles BUT since the Saiyans are barbaric by nature and not as intelligent as the Tuffles in terms of knowing how to use such technology it stands to reason that the Tuffles might have been the ones who invented the Attack Balls.


Well let’s discuss how it is possible that the technology used by Chilled and his men helped advance the people on Planet Plant.

images (39)

The first 2 henchmen used one of the giant spaceships to travel to the planet but were killed by Bardock meaning that their spaceship was still on the planet; before Chilled arrived he was traveling in one of the giant spaceships. It stands to reason that the ship he used to land on Planet Plant was still on the planet after he was blasted into space by Super Saiyan Bardock.

images (40)

I’m sure similar to King Cold finding Frieza in space; some of Chilled’s men tracked him  on radar and went to pick him up in another ship. So, as time went on the people on Planet Plant developed the technology into smaller ships called Attack Balls.

images (27)

From there after Frieza “took in” the Saiyans, he used the ships for his henchmen and opted to use the larger more elaborate spaceships for himself. In a business-sense (because really Frieza and his family are part of a business) it is more cost efficient and easier to make in large numbers as opposed to having a giant spaceship for every man in the army even when broken into smaller groups of the soldiers.

images (53)

How do I feel about the Super Saiyan God who appeared to stop the fighting but failed due to the form’s time limit?

images (54)

Since the new DBZ movie hasn’t been released in the U.S. (yet) all I’ve been able to learn from it is from movie summaries on Youtube or articles on different DragonBall websites, so I don’t know enough about the Super Saiyan God to really go into extreme detail.

images (59)

It stands to reason that there could have been pure-hearted Saiyans during the 10 year war who wanted the violence to stop. If I am right; it takes the energy of 5 pure-hearted Saiyans to make one Saiyan become the Super Saiyan God.


Does it have anything to do with Bardock?

Well I don’t think that Bardock was the Super Saiyan God of legend. Most likely because I think the events of the “Episode of Bardock” happened long before the Saiyan/Tuffle War. I know Saiyans can retain their youth to fight longer but I doubt they can live that long.

images (41)

To go even further, I think our first “look” or hint of a guardian/god who wanted to stop the fighting would have been the one King Kai mentioned in his tale to Goku about a guardian or Kami of the Planet Vegeta/Planet that saw what was going on and disapproved. He summoned a mass of meteors to destroy the planet.

images (32)

This was a HUGE inconsistency when it was finally revealed that it was Frieza himself. There could be 2 reasons why King Kai’s story involved a kami/god or guardian instead of saying that Frieza was the one to destroy the planet;

images (31)

  1. Like Supreme Kai, despite being an overseer of the universe (in King Kai’s case the North quadrant) he isn’t the “god” that his title suggests in that he is able to see all and know all.
  2. Remember how adamant, King Kai was when he told Goku not to fight Frieza and to avoid him at all costs when he was on his way to Namek?

Perhaps his reason for getting his story wrong by not saying that it was Frieza who destroyed the planet was because he didn’t want Goku going after him. I think that would be the only other reason aside from him not knowing about Frieza’s part in Planet Vegeta’s destruction.

images (41)

But wait what does this have to do with Bardock starting the two races?

It pains me to say that Bardock was the one who started Saiyan race because it makes my head hurt thinking about it. If he was really the one to do so, wouldn’t that mean somewhere down the line he was responsible for his own existence in the past?

images (56)

That is why I’m like John Stewart (Green Lantern; Justice League Unlimited) when I say that I HATE time travel because it leaves so many unanswered questions and endless speculation.

Since Bardock was the only Saiyan on the planet, how was he the one to start the race?

images (26)

Here is where genetics, evolution, breeding and your own opinion as to where the Saiyans came from come into play.

Genetics/breeding; now you are probably asking yourself, how did Bardock start the race when the only other race on the planet was those purple beings?


Think about Vegeta’s younger brother Tarble and the alien he married. We don’t know if they have kids so I can’t guarantee that those two can breed. We do know Saiyans can breed with humans thus creating Saiyan/Human hybrids.

You've gotta be kidding me...

You’ve gotta be kidding me…

It stands to reason that there is a possibly that Bardock could breed with those purple aliens.

In another post, I mentioned the possibly of those purple aliens being the ancestors of the Tuffle race. Now here is how I believe that they possibly have some Saiyan genes in them and how they figured out the art of war.


Notice the similarities between the purple aliens and the Tuffles;

  1. Both races are smaller than a Saiyan
  2. They appear to be peace-loving beings when compared to the Saiyans
  3. Both have “advanced” living conditions compared to the caves and wastelands that the Saiyans lived in, true the purple aliens didn’t have the technology of the Tuffles.

images (61)

However, keep in mind that if they were the ancestors of the Tuffles, then it is understandable that they didn’t have the same level as advanced tech and weaponry as the Tuffles in the days of their war with the Saiyans. The fact that they had housing and a civilization was what could have “evolved” into the city that we saw in flashbacks.


Wait, when do the Scouters and blasters that I mentioned before come in?

images (24)

Right now!

I’ve already talked about the healing medicine and the Chilled’s spaceship, so let’s move on to the blasters and Scouters.

images (18)

Remember that Chilled had 2 guys (with Blasters) come to the planet to conquer it but were killed by Bardock.

Bardock likes going for the neck

Bardock likes going for the neck

Then when Chilled himself arrived he had some soldiers with him (also with Blasters). In both cases, the soldiers used the blasters in order to destroy some houses and some of the planet. Bardock killed them all and it stands to reason that the blasters were still intact.

images (4)

After the events of Chilled’s failed assault, it stands to reason that the purple aliens (who were still peace loving) learned about the art of war. This is most likely due to Bardock. True he was their Super Saiyan savior BUT he or the aliens probably realized that they wouldn’t be able to rely on him saving them from threats all of the time.

images (14)

That is why they probably confiscated those blasters and started learning about advanced technology and from there created the Scouters in order to measure the power of their opponents for future battles and more advanced and powerful models of those blasters.

So, we now know the possibilities as to how the purple aliens possibly evolved into the more technically advanced Tuffles based on their encounter with Chilled and the technology brought to their planet.

The one main question is why do the Tuffles look human-like when compared to the purple aliens?

images (6)

My theory; Bardock

Let’s say that he had offspring with one or more of the purple aliens and from there generations passed and the purple aliens took on a more humanoid appearance. True Saiyan/Human hybrids seemed to have a drop in their Saiyan genetics as their offspring continued to reproduce with humans.

images (57)

Gohan was ½ Saiyan, Pan was ¼ Saiyan and Goku Jr. was 1/16 Saiyan. That is because as time went on the Saiyan hybrids had offspring with 100% humans decreasing the Saiyan gene as generations went on.

In terms of the purple aliens and Bardock, it is possible that the hybrids they created had inbreeding going on keeping the Saiyan genetics intact.

images (62)

This could attribute to the purple aliens (who might be the past versions of the Tuffles) taking on a more human/Saiyan like appearance in terms of skin color, hair, etc. yet some of them kept the same genetics in terms of their height being much shorter than an average Saiyan.

images (44)

You are probably scratching your head right now (like Gohan) asking; but wait why don’t the Tuffles have tails like the Saiyans?

images (15)

Well Saiyan tails are a recessive trait and if you remember the Punnet Squares from your middle school science class, you’ll now that detectable features like eye and hair color (or the purple aliens skin color) have around a 25% chance of being passed down from parent(s) to offspring if BOTH parents are a carrier for the trait.

Wait, what?

Wait, what?

Now the fact that Bardock was the ONLY Saiyan on the planet meant he was the only one (carrier) with a tail. If he did breed with one of the female purple aliens, that would theoretically decrease the chances of their child having a tail. It wouldn’t be impossible but very unlikely. The same can be said about the purple alien’s skin color because skin pigment is also a recessive trait like the Saiyan tail.

Which could support the theory as to why the Tuffles outnumbered the Saiyans (which I’ll get to below).

images (14)

Of course 100% pure-blooded Saiyans will have a tail at birth.

images (13)

When you break it down to Saiyan/Humans like Gohan, Trunks and Goten that is when the chances of having a tail begin to decrease as well.

images (10)

True, we never see Goten or Trunks with tails. We see Trunks as a baby but without a tail.

images (12)

We only see Goten as a baby in the ending credits of Bio-Broly but again we don’t see him with a tail.

images (11)

My reasoning behind this is that Trunks and Goten MIGHT have been born with tails because like Gohan (who was born with a tail) they were 50% Saiyan. There is a chance that they had them removed at birth since Bulma, Vegeta and Gohan knew about the Great Apes and probably wanted to avoid a rampaging ape tearing down their houses…(though it is stated that the writers of the show pretty much forgot about the tail by the time the Buu Saga came around).

The Saiyan/purple alien offsprings that had tails probably moved out on their own into the wastelands of Planet Plant while the “normal” Tuffles/Purple Aliens stayed in their city.

images (9)

Perhaps there was some kind of X-Men hatred going on like how Magneto hated humans due to being a mutant but still being a human himself in terms of genetics; he was just gifted with extra attributes.

The same COULD be said of the Tuffles/Saiyans; the more powerful offspring with tails (Saiyans) went off due to being labeled as outcast or something due to being different. This might be something that sparked the bad blood between the two races; resentment for being different.

images (4)

Not only that when you compare the Saiyans to the purple aliens and Tuffles they are scary when you think about it.

They were much larger, stronger and could easily put fear in the hearts of the timid Tuffles.

From there they could have inbreed creating 100% Saiyans since as I mentioned before as generations go on the genetics of one race will eventually diminish.

Going back to the Super Saiyan God legend, in terms of peaceful Saiyans remember that the Tuffles and purple aliens were peace loving beings. Just as the appearance of a Saiyan could have been passed down from their genes so could the personality traits of those aliens.


Also remember that Tarble was banished by King Vegeta because he was a peace-loving Saiyan who was not battle hungry making him a disgrace to the royal bloodline.


This could be another reason the population divided as time went on. Keep in mind that Bardock preferred to stay away from the civilization in favor of isolation in the caves/wastelands of Planet Plant.

Here is another piece of evidence that the purple aliens/Tuffles up and left their old town in favor of their more advanced civilization.

images (23)

Take note of the pictures, one is of the city we see in the Episode of Bardock.

images (1)

The other is the city in King Kai’s story in which the Saiyans inhabit the now deserted city from the one in the episode of Bardock.

images (18)

Notice the similarities in terms of building structure. I’ll wager that once the aliens learned about the technology to upgrade their living arrangements, they left their old city and the Saiyans decided to live there and the area surrounding it of course was desert wasteland.

Some of the offspring of Bardock and the purple aliens or some of those aliens in general could have decided to live in the area of the planet that Bardock inhabited. This could explain why the Saiyans were so few in number when compared to the Tuffles. That made them more barbaric compared to the more civilize purple aliens/Tuffles in the city.

images (60)

Of course, all of this could be proven wrong with this theory; Bardock’s only reason for going back in the past was to begin the Super Saiyan legend and nothing more meaning that the Saiyans didn’t originally come from Planet Plant but indeed came from another planet.

What do you think?

One thought on “Episode of Bardock; was Bardock responsible for starting the Saiyan race and evolving the Tuffle race?

  1. Sequoia Reedwood says:

    Your knowledge of genetics is nothing short of laughable. If the tail is a recessive trait, no human bred with a Saiyan should have it because humans don’t have tails, that’s not a genetic trait of us. If there’s no recessive gene lying dormant the odds of a tail being on a human/Saiyan is 0. Meaning the tail has to be a dominant trait. There’s not even any proof that Trunks or Goten didn’t have a tail either, it’s more than likely Bulma and Chichi just had them removed, you’ll notice Gohan, Vegeta and Goku all gave up on tails. There’s so many more holes but this article is old so.

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