Young Justice Invasion: Unanswered Questions and Foreshadowing


There were a lot of unfinished story lines for certain characters that we never got to see in Season 2 and fans are hoping that they would be in Season 3 of Young Justice if it is ever made. In this blog, I’ll probably be using more references to the comic book than I did in my first blog about the series.

Young Justice is a show well-known for the little things that are planted during an episode that leads to bigger events in the series that die-hard fans or anyone with a good eye will take notice of.

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For example, remember Nightwing’s shadowy appearance in Justice League Unlimited “Grudge Match?” Due to ownership rights and other issues, he could not be used in the series so the closest they could get was this. It was more like a blink and you miss kind of thing but hey Nightwing was in JLU that’s good enough for me (sort of…).


Moving on to Season 2, in episode 1 when Nightwing is trying to give Tim a shot at leading a small squad his last words before sending him off were “Just don’t die, ok?”

From a fan’s perspective, I am confident in saying that we all kind of did a girly shriek because as soon as we heard “die” the first thing that came to mind was of course the Robin who followed Dick Grayson: Jason Todd.

A lot of viewers were wondering why Dick would bring up the world “die” unless there was some incident in the past on the Team or with another one of the Bat-family members. We had to wait a few episodes but eventually our suspicions were confirmed!

Jason Todd was the second Robin AND died!!! (Sorry about that but fans know that feeling of excitement when a theory we cooked up in our minds is confirmed to be true in the actual series).

images (3)

Again, we don’t know if it was due to the Joker but we do know that he is dead.

A recurring event in the series (aside from the Maneuver 7 technique) was the League descending down from the sky after the Team had just finished a mission.

images (2)

In Season 1, after the destruction of Cadmus; Kid Flash, Superboy, Robin and Aqualad watched as the League came down from the sky.


Later in “Revelation” they came when the Team was fighting against the Injustice League and their base of command was destroyed by a massive amount of explosive birdarangs by Robin and Miss M.

images (1)

At the end of “Happy New Year” after the Krolotean Zeta Tube platform was destroyed; Robin, Lagoon Boy and Blue Beetle emerged from the water to see the League and Team members coming down from the sky.

images (3)

Finally, in the finale of Season 2 when the League members return from trial it was a nice twist because it was the Team that descended down to meet them. And keeping with the trend of places blowing up, the League was shocked at the Cave’s destruction.


Another interesting foreshadowing moment was right before Kaldur blew up the Cave. Artemis took off her Tigress mask so he could look at her face and give an answer as to whether or not he was sure it was the right thing to do.


Not only that, before the cave exploded the final image we see was Artemis’ hologram in the memorial underneath the Cave. Could that have signified the “death” of Artemis as well? I mean she decided to give up that superhero persona after the “death” of Wally. So to me that scene signified a couple of things:

  1. As I already mentioned the “death” of Artemis because when Wally died, she felt like Artemis (the superhero) died as well because she was Wally’s partner and felt that she needed to distance herself from that
  2. In the comics, she is a villain and if I remember correctly she even dates Icicle Jr. I believe she told Bart after he asked if she was going to tryout Tigress as a hero for her to respond “No, as a blonde.” Sorrow has a way of making people change for the worse especially when love is involved. Similar to how it seemed that Tula’s death pushed Aqualad to the “dark side” with the Light it was believable despite it being a ploy between him Dick, Wally and Artemis. It is possible that Wally’s death might have a negative effect on Artemis/Tigress. Or the show’s way of avoiding that road for Artemis was to have Tigress be a “villain” when she was faking her role as right-hand woman for Kaldur while he was working for Black Manta

In any case, I’d be interested in seeing how she is coping with Wally’s death after the end of Season 2.


Another thing that wasn’t touched on after Season 1 was Zatanna’s relationship with Dr. Fate not to mention her coping with her father not being with her anymore. We see her adjusting to life in the cave but in the finale of Season 1 we see her trying to remove the helmet of Fate to no avail.

images (14)

I know Fate was the one to teach her the proper incantation to release Blue and Green Beetle from the Reach’s control. Of course it was off-screen and only mentioned in “Intervention” but it would have been cool to see the “father/daughter” thing happening.

Something else I wanted to see was when she was inducted into the Justice League along with Rocket. I remember in “Agendas” Dr. Fate was headstrong against her being inducted into the league after he mentioned that Wally and Kaldur were ready. Despite being young, he was once joined with them both. However, he was also joined with Zatanna but when it was brought up about her joining he firmly refused hinting that Zatara was still in there somewhere.

I’d have liked to see the League Induction ceremony and in the back of my mind I have a feeling that it would have been Dr. Fate that handed her the membership/ID card. Those little moments are what really do express a lot about the more “human” part of these characters aside from their superpower abilities.

images (7)


How about when Garfield got his abilities to become Beast Boy? That is something I wish they would have explored on a deeper level and how Miss M. and he became closer after his mom’s death at the hands of Queen Bee.



If there was a Season 3, I wish we got to see Beast Boy when he got older and was able to handle himself better. I’d imagine he’d like to get some revenge on the one responsible for taking the life of his mother. Kind of like Roy going after Lex took his arm. I’d like to see to see how that would turn out.


In “Happy New Year” Clayface no longer vulnerable to electricity but we never find out why.

images (5)

The Terror Twins, wow just wow. Tommy just got ripped he was bigger than Bane in “Darkest” I knew he’d get stronger as he got older but this was a bit too ridiculous for my taste.

images (2)

Did Guy Gardner ever officially become a member of the League?

images (9)

I know in “Agendas” after Flash recommended him to come on as a member as a third Green Lantern for the extra power, John and Hal were adamant in their disapproval saying “No” in unison twice about it.

images (14)

When and how did Ocean Master disgrace himself?

We know the Light replaced him with Black Manta as he disgraced himself and I’d really like to know why. If I had to guess, it would probably be an event that involved Tula somehow leading to her demise. I’d wager she somehow stopped his plan by sacrificing himself. Nightwing told Aqualad that “Aquagirl knew the risks!” to an unknown mission that cost Aquagirl her life.

images (8)

How did Deathstroke plan on taking a seat on the Light?

When Sportsmaster asked Slade why he’d become hired help for Manta and the Light he replied that he planned on taking a seat on the Light. That implies that he might try to cause a coup with the Light in order to become one of the leading 7.

images (8)

Who would win in an all-out fight between Deathstroke and Sportsmaster?

We saw them fight on Black Manta’s sub but it was staged for the most part especially Miss M’s escape while she was working with Chesire and Sportsmaster to keep Artemis’ identity safe. But really in a battle to the finish which one of them would come out on top?


Another thing I’d like to see instead of just in flashbacks was their tag team assault on Ted the Blue Beetle before Jamie.

images (5)

When did Superboy break up with Miss M and when did she get together with Lagoon Boy?

images (7)

We know WHY Conner broke up with her but something I’d like to know is when she decided to use her powers abusively literally “mind raping” her opponents.

I think that Lagoon Boy joined the team after Aqualad left if I remember correctly.

images (9)

Even though it was only in the comics, I wish we would have seen Match return. In the comics, he looks like Tommy Terror having bulked up since we last saw him and he was fighting Batgirl. He was like the Bizarro to Superboy and I really wish we got to see him and Conner fight again.

It would mean Conner would have to use his brain since Match is has ALL the powers of Superman while Conner is limited due to being 50% human and the only reason he beat Match before was because of the shields.


What of the Warworld? I mean both Despero and Mongul are still on it in the prison containers in what looks to be suspended animation. Will they make reappearances if the Light sees them as useful in their future plans?


Something about the Light’s ability to foresee things especially Lex Luthor was astounding. For example, remember how he had planned ahead in case the real Roy Harper came after him? To me that cybernetic arm was as he called it a “gift” I mean it was more powerful than Mercy’s and its probably Lex’s way of saying “Thank you, you’ve served your purpose to Light and I so just take this offering of gratitude and we’ll call it even.”


Now, something that really had me guessing that the Light would betray the Reach is this; notice how the Team infiltrated the place where the Reach beverage was being made and Black Beetle attacked Blue, Impulse, Arsenal and Robin?


Didn’t you find it strange that Arsenal’s cybernetic arm laser was the ONLY weapon that did damage to Black’s armor? Aside from Robin explosive device that blew off most of his armor before he was able to regenerate letting the fans see that his “natural” body looked like a member of the Reach’s race.

To me that signified that Lex and the others were probably going to “use” Arsenal again if necessary to fight the Reach OR he knew that he’d eventually be added onto the Team so the heroes could do the work of defeating the Reach for them.


Also, the being who threw Mongul off his throne and planet…was it Darkseid? If you ask me that is the only “logical” choice in my opinion.


I can see him and Vandal walking around the Warworld and come upon the cell holding him and Despero for Darkseid to mention meeting him somewhere before.

images (6)

With Cyborg now being featured in a lot more of the video games, DC direct to film movies it stands to reason that if there was a Season 3 he’d show up. The same can be said of Starfire just to give fans of the Teen Titans series (the old one not TT Go!) something to enjoy.

images (11)

Wonder if they’d also include Raven somehow…


I don’t know about you but the Injustice League was a nice little plot device. We got to see a good number of formidable villains together fighting against the Team. I’d love to see them do that again in the future!

Well, I guess I’m out of things to talk about because I’ve listed pretty much everything that I can think of off the top of my head in terms of foreshadowing and Easter eggs planted throughout the season.

Let me know your thoughts below because I really enjoy reading the perspectives of other fans and things that they notice in the show!

7 thoughts on “Young Justice Invasion: Unanswered Questions and Foreshadowing

  1. gisdoit says:

    “We know WHY Conner broke up with her but something I’d like to know is when she decided to use her powers abusively literally “mind raping” her opponents.”

    I think the first time was when she destroyed Psimon’s mind -remember when he got all catatonic? He eventually got better, but still.

    • Yeah that’s true I remember in “Identity” when Miss M’s White Form defeated Psimon and put him in that state but Robin, KF and Conner were knocked out when she did it. Well she did that to them so they wouldn’t find out her true form.

      • gisdoit says:

        Yeah, but isn’t that insane? I mean, I get that she was traumatized from being discriminated against in Mars for being a white Martian, but she fried the guy’s brains and wasn’t even sorry about it :/ I do like the writing though, it’s a little more grown up than other superhero based cartoons

  2. Ian says:

    If you think about, the first season, taking place before Jason was Robin. Must mean that at least 1 or 2 months after Dick turned into Night-wing, Batman started training Jason. Jason was stronger than Dick, But he lacked the balance and judgement Dick had. As Soon as Jason Died(Because of a Pole over the phones) Dick was Probably devastated like Batman, because They obviously were friends or brother like in relationship ways. Dick, who later came back as Red hood, always was somewhat or very violent. This where the timeline gets screwy to me. Tim either was Just Starting training or Was Being Trained by Dick for batman, Because In the Movie Batman under the red hood, Nightwing was working with batman, No robin. Meaning Jason(Red Hood) Could Show up in any Future Young Justice Things. Since Superboy 2(Superboy Prime? because of the whole laser my ‘dad’s ‘ symbol in my chest) I wouldn’t be surprised that Final Crisis will be taking part in the Future of Young Justice.

  3. jennybird says:

    Did anyone else see the characters they slipped in some of the episodes? Like Marvin and Wendy, Connor and M ganns friends
    Where based off of Marvin and Wendy from the super friends show?

  4. jennybird says:

    I’m wondering if original Roy and clone Roy ever got to be close or if it was just awkward between them.

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