Dating: Are You Staying In Your League?



by Jeremy Carden

I’ve had friends tell me this on more than one occasion; “Dude, you are trying to date girls that are WAY out of your league.” Has anyone else been in that same boat? It’s hard to define “leagues” in terms of which girls to date and who not to.

My friends are quick to point out when I attempt to date “supermodel looking” girls who are 10’s while they say I should be “starting out” with 5’s or 6’s. To me dating is more about who I am compatible with when compared to what rank people put girls in. I’m not trying to sound like a goody good but that is just the way that I operate.

Some people live by the notion; “I’m too ugly for the people that I want to date but too hot for the people who want to date me.”

Let’s be honest at some point I’m sure in the back of our minds we’ve all thought that at one point or another. We’ve all probably been pursued by someone we were not attracted too at all and thought we deserved better.

Now when it comes to leagues if I thought the way that my friends did I would say sometimes I wouldn’t be trying to pursue girls in a league above me I’d be going after girls playing an entirely different sport!

That’s life I guess you never know until you try. So what do you say about all of this? Do you date according to leagues or just someone you find attractive?

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