Don’t Respect to Neglect



Do you consider yourself to be what others might call a pushover or a doormat because you seem to let other people walk all over you? Honestly, I’ve been in that category for a long time and sometimes I feel that I still am. Unfortunately that is one of the prices that people pay for being nice and respecting other people’s feelings.

One thing that you should not do is respect everyone else’s feelings if that means neglecting your own. I know what it’s like being someone that it eager to please, but overtime I found that you cannot satisfy everyone and that’s a fact. If you live your life trying to make everyone else happy you’ll just wear yourself out and make yourself miserable.

If a friend is a true friend they will respect your own feelings as well without taking advantage of you just so you can benefit them. Overall, I think one of the most common situations where you respect someone else’s feelings while overlooking your own is in a romantic sense.

Not too long ago, I had to deal with that same type of situation. I knew this girl for over a year, we kept in contact during the summer and fall semester (she went to France to study abroad but we Skyped, chatted on Facebook and mailed each other letters) and she came back just last semester to live on campus again.

However, despite our “relationship” it seemed that she changed in France. She was at a point in her life where she doesn’t know what to do career wise and doesn’t feel a relationship would be best right now. Of course it hurt me deeply because I had to put my feelings aside and respect her wishes. Price of being a “nice guy” I always come up short in those situations.

Though I do not know if there will ever be something more between us like there once was it is uncertain at this time and to be honest though it’s been months since that situation happened I’m still getting over it. So, the point of this blog is to let you know there is nothing wrong with respecting other people’s feelings but don’t do it to the point that you neglect your own wellbeing. 


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