Summertime Health Tips

Well with graduation from Liberty University a thing of the past (last weekend to be precise) summertime has fallen upon me along with the temptation of doing nothing. I’m looking to do graduate school but I’m still torn between going back to Lynchburg or just doing it online (which is a heck of a lot cheaper not having to deal with housing charges) next semester.

In terms of staying healthy, I am pretty much on my own here. There are no large group of friends back where I live inviting me out places, I live in the neck of the woods so walking for a couple of miles would not be a wise choice with wild animals and snakes coming out to “play” in the warmer weather and laziness being something I’m trying to avoid.

My parents are the only ones in the house when I’m at college, so grocery shopping is pretty much a thing of the past; they go to work, get some take out and come back home. So right there leaves me with a few options in how to stay fit. The only stores within 10 minutes of home are a couple of general stores but they don’t really sell “food food” they only sell snacks, ice cream, candy and whatnot. The food they do have like eggs, bacon and other meats are overpriced due to the “convenience” of not having to drive 30 minutes to get something to put in the refrigerator.

That is something I’m REALLY trying to not fall prey; going to those stores to get junk food and soda because there is nothing else to eat.

After I get my paycheck next week from my online job, I’ll drive into town to get some good food like bananas, broccoli and some other substantial food options.

I really hated last summer because I got a taste of what my folks do when they get off of work; tired and worn out from a long day of work they do not feel like cooking so they just get fast food. That put 8 pounds on me and I hated it!

So, this summer I’m going to be more active. I’ve been at home 5 days so far and I’m going outside for an hour to 90 minutes just walking around to get air and keeps the blood flowing. I do not want to be stuck in the house just on my computer or watching TV.

Not to mention sleeping in until noon because being an online employee I can work at my own pace and whatever time I choose.

I’m going to a couple interviews next week to hopefully get a good summer job in town as well just to get out of the house. Hopefully that goes well!!

Basically, staying active and not being too lazy are my keys to having a good and healthy summer.

-Relax; there is nothing wrong with sleeping in sometimes (unless you have a job because then you have to get up early), have fun, go on vacation, but don’t let laziness become a common theme in the months to come

-Stay active; even if you don’t go outside because the weather is in the upper 80s or in the 90s region, do some pushups or something just to stay loose

-Hobbies; to get your mind off work and exercise just to give you something to do besides sleep, eat, stay on the computer, play video games or watch TV. Read a book, writing in a journal, go through old photos or something (I mean photos in albums BEFORE Facebook came along). For me I’m working on new songs and reading some books I bought this semester.

-Don’t eat too much; Cookouts, ice cream, and all the usual summertime food on the menu looks, smells and tastes good but there is nothing wrong with turning it down sometimes or at least moderate how much you eat. I know I cannot resist a rack of ribs, hotdogs or burgers from the grill. Who could? Well if you do eat a lot at least compensate for it by exercising more.

-WATER; to me summertime is the best time to lose weight because you sweat a lot burning more calories. For me personally, sodas just don’t do the trick in hot weather. Water just I don’t know feels good this time of year. It really satisfies my thirst (Kool-Aid on a hot day does the same but you catch my drift)

Have a great and healthy summer guys!

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