Do You Ever Feel Your Weight?

by Jeremy Carden

Have you ever heard the old expression “You’re only as old as you feel?” Well I think the same applies to weight.

Ever have that feeling when you can’t get that extra notch in your belt like you did 3 days ago? How about huffing and puffing after going up that flight of stairs that you had no problem with last week?

Yeah trust me I’ve been there and sometimes it still happens. Sometimes it’s that extra slice of pizza you ate at lunch or buying a candy bar while you are at the checkout line at a grocery store that makes all of the difference.

I think that it happens when I just lie around the house or the dorm and then finally manage to get out and walk somewhere. Not to mention skipping meals because I’m not hungry or my sleeping pattern is off.

I’ve been learning that I NEED to be consistent in my sleeping pattern, eating habits and not to be lazy when it comes to physical activity.

Even if it is 30 minutes to 1 hour of just moving around doing something it beats just sitting at a computer screen or lying in bed all day.

So, just remember you are only “fat” if you feel “fat” and weight is something that can either motivate you or slow you down.

That is why I usually work out with a Gold’s Gym 20 lb weight vest or 10 lb ankle or wrist weights. I use them as an illustration to myself of how hard it would be to get around if I gained another 10-20 lbs.

Stay strong, stay healthy and stay consistent!

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